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Light and shadow photography project.


  • Project 2-Light and Shadow.

    Daisy Webb.

  • Copy of the Brief.

    The Photographers Gallery is planning an exhibition for Autumn 2012 entitled: The World Around Us. You have been invited to submit 4 final photographs in one of the categories featured below.

    Identity and anonymity

    Light & shadow

    I cant quite see it!

    Slowly disappearing into nothing

    Information overload

    Myself as a photographer

  • 1st written artist analysis. 1st written artist analysis. Title of the photograph-In the dark 2 Date of the photograph-Unknown Name of the photographer-Richard Vantielcke Genre of the photograph-Art Based/Fine Art. This photographer has taken many light and shadow photographs so when leading up to do this light and shadow

    photograph I think the photographer was influenced to take one like this because it was quite different to the other light and shadow photographs he had taken. On many occasions he would have had a light background with objects/people/shadows that were dark and stood out whereas in this photograph he had a different view and did this the opposite way i.e. a dark background with the subject (being the girl) having light, although not her whole body is shown, some is blended in with the background too. Another reason I think the photographer was influenced to take this photograph is because he would crush perspectives with darkness in order to get a graphic and attractive photographs and I think this has worked well with this photograph. Also he focuses on the use of light and shadows to sublimate the everyday, by giving it a touch of mystery and strangeness.

    My own personal opinion on this photograph is that I really like the way it has very little detail but still explains so much. For example its only of a girl next to a dark background but it still links back to why the photographer was influenced to take this photograph. Another positive comment I think about this is that all the body of the girl isnt light, some of it is blended into the darkness in the background and I think that works well. Some of her body parts dont look like its linked to her whole body. I also think though that a part of this photograph could have some brighter bits of light near a part of her body i.e. the face.

  • Initial set of photographs. 6-8 edited initial photographs.

  • Evaluation of initial set of photographs.

    When taking my initial set of light and shadow photographs I thought a lot about what to include in the shots I was taking. For example how much of the models body would be in the shot and what parts of the models body would have more light then other parts. After analysing my 1st artists photograph I considered of what I could do differently in mine and what to improve. So analysing an artists photograph that would be similar to what I was going to do really helped. In my shots I wanted to have more light and more shadow to be shown whereas in the analysis picture it was a solid black background with the model having a dim light on her.

  • 2nd written artist analysis. 2nd written artist analysis.

    Title of the photograph: Conviction.

    Date of the photograph: Unknown.

    Name of the photographer: Arijit Chakraborty.

    Genre of this photograph: Art Based/Portrait.

    I think the artist was influenced to take this shot because of the fact by using light and shadow it can also make patterns onto things. For example it looks like maybe there has been a blind opened into a dark room therefore letting some light in to form the pattern onto the face. I also think that the photographer was influenced into having just a models face in the shot because the light that is shining on to the face to show just some light in this dark room makes the photograph look quite creepy which could be a reason for the photographer doing this. I think another reason that the photographer was influenced in taking this shot is because you can make light and shadow into patterns and therefore it isn't just the fact of having shadows in dark rooms. My personal opinion on this photograph. I really like this photograph because I liked the way by using light and shadow in different ways you can make something completely new by it (patterns) and therefore isn't boring. This is why I was influenced by taking my own shots like this as I thought it would be something different. I also like the way the light looks like it is separating the models face and also how the models angle is. By standing the way he is it is showing one side of his face to have a lot of light shown where the other side is completely dark and we have no view of this. By analysing this photograph it has influenced me to do my photographs like this but to make it a bit different to project patterns onto models faces as well as using colour instead of making it just black and white as I think this would be boring.

  • First developmental set of photographs.

    6-8 developed photographs.

  • Evaluation of first developmental photographs.

    When developing my photographs I wanted to do something similar to my 2nd artist. I liked the way they used light and shadow to make the photograph look like it even has patterns. Therefore I used a projector as well as light and shadow to project things onto my models. I wanted to use unusual patterns and therefore used animal prints. After analysing my 2nd artist analysis photograph I wanted to do something differently and therefore wanted some colour in the shots as well as having just black and white as I thought this would be boring.

    I also thought a lot about how much of the models body to have in the shot and what angles they should be standing at. This is why in some of my shots a lot of the body is shown and in others there may be only the face shown.

  • 3rd written artist analysis. Title of the photograph-Light barrier - no light, no shadows!

    Date of the photograph-Unknown

    Name of the photographer-Bernhard Plank

    Genre of the photograph-Abstract art

  • Second developmental set of photographs.

    6-8 developed photographs (different to the first developed)

  • Evaluation of second developmental photographs.

  • Final Outcomes.

    4 final outcomes different to any photographs already done.

  • Full project evaluation.

    When picking the brief I was going to do for this project I wasnt very sure on ideas and didnt know what to do. But by doing the artist analysis it helped me a lot and gave me ideas of what to do for my photographs and what not to do. It also helped me by what I could improve in mine or what I could do differently as my shots are my own and not nobody else's. When I had ideas of what to do for my photographs I really enjoyed this projects brief and had lots of ideas of what to do. I also liked that I could use different equipment and locations for different briefs. In this brief I liked that I could use the college studios to be different and also when developing my photographs I could use the projectors also.

    Overall I did like this project and glad that I chose this one. I also am happy with my overall photographs that I have shot and think the artists photographs that I analysed definitely helped me with this project.