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2. "You failed? Congratulations! Surprised? people are never successful by birth. Whomsoever is a Tycoon in their domains has come across innumerable failures but they never gave up. They overcame those failures. So if u fail? Congratulations. You are in the right track" 3. "Failure is not the end. Remember this daily in everything that you do". 4. "We can learn more about ourselves when we fail. So don't be afraid of failure. Failure is one of the step in the process of success. People who do not fail are those who do nothing". 5. "Nothing can change past. But our future is in our hands. Don't be afraid of failure. Failure will only change certain things and gives us new opportunity". 6. "Failures are the pillars of success. Keep trying again and again. One day failure will be fed up of you and then success will be replaced by failure". 7. "Obstacles are only opportunities to Success or failure. How we handle them determines what will happen". 8. "All who go through the difficult situations will learn the art of finding the solutions". 9. "Failure can never overtake you if your determination to get success is strong enough". 10. "Mistakes make Masters". 11. "Create a path where failure fear to walk with you. Dont post pone your work because tomorrow is the day reserved for failure. If you postpone then the failure may succeed and you may fail. Act now because success will not wait. If you delay, you will be lost forever". 12. Thank you BAPI REDDY