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What if your library media center could be as engaging and addictive as Candy Crush or Minecraft? In this workshop, discover how to flip the media program and make “fun the new responsible” by applying game mechanics to non-game processes in your media program. We will explore how we can use game mechanics to facilitate more engaging and inspiring learning experiences for our students. Learn how to design tasks, stimulate and retain interest, monitor positive attitudes and provide a nurturing environment. View successful example implementations of gamification in a media center program and discuss outcomes. During this hands-on session we will employ game mechanics so that the participants may engage in a gamified experience. Learn your game personality and create engagement to develop “the strongest players on the server,” the autonomous learner.


  • 1. Level OneAll the World is a Game!

2. @VandyTuneeliterateandlevelingup.com#FAME14 3. Satisfaction is the new expectation,and delight ought to be the goal.--Stephen Anderson 4. In the 1970s we toldeveryone that theycould make choicesabout what theyreceive.Apple offered us choices.Told us to customizeeverything.Our students now viewthemselves as customersfocused on experience. 5. Fun ovation! 6. Play is the highest form of research--EinsteinGame players regularly exhibit persistence, risk taking, attention to detail, andproblem solving. All behaviors that ideally would be regularly demonstrated inschool. --The Education Arcade at MITConceive Develop Test ImplementAnalyze 7. Games are unnecessaryobstacles that we volunteerto tackle.--Jane McGonigal 8. HEROFeels like HOMEThey choose to be ENGAGEDFind RESPECTLeave feeling OPTIMISTIC 9. Welcome tomy land, theLand of Media!Join me in the throne room! 10. By Royal Decree,We have just received word of your bravery andintelligence. We are considering you forknighthood, but before you can be knighted, youllneed to hang your Coat of Arms on thetournament wall. Youll also need to complete atreacherous journey, but well get to that in aminute.Your Queen 11. Key TermsGame-based LearningTips, techniques, and toolsthat apply the principles ofgame design to the learningprocess -- a dynamic way toengage learners and helpeducators assess learning.GamificationA system of design thatincorporates game thinkingand mechanics to motivateand engage learners. Learningis not the goal, behaviormodification is. 12. The goal of the game is to track Carmen'svillains around the world, arrest them andultimately arrest Carmen herself. The playerbegins the game by first going to the countrywhere the crime took place and then obtaininghints from various sources on where the thiefwent next, leading to a chase around the worldto find the thief before time runs out.The original game was designed to teach schoolchildren about the realities of 19th centurypioneer life on the Oregon Trail. The playerassumes the role of a wagon leader guiding hisor her party of settlers from Independence,Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley on theOregon Trail via a covered wagon in 1848.Quest to Learns unique standards-based integratedcurriculum mimics the action and design principles ofgames by generating a compelling need to know in theclassroom. Each trimester students encounter a series ofincreasingly complex, narrative challenges, games orquests, where learning, knowledge sharing, feedback,reflection and next steps emerge as a natural function ofplay. For instance, in the integrated science and mathlearning domain, The Way Things Work, over thecourse of one trimester, sixth graders help a shrunkenmad scientist, lost inside the human body, navigate thesystems he encounters and report back to his researchlab. 13. A dynamic way to engage learnersand help educators assess learning.To see more examples, including examples ofGame Based Learning in the library, please visitwww.eliterateandlevelingup.com 14. BBOOM!!Enemies attack the kingdom! Thegoose is dead! Find the golden eggand sit on it. 15. BADGES!You are awesome!!! 16. What just happened?Was it fun? 17. Games are unnecessaryobstacles that we volunteerto tackle.--Jane McGonigal 18. An app that allows users tocheck in to places they visit,become the major throughrepeat visits, and earn rewardsThe Ninja Program is a free program forstudents and educators to learn how touse Google Apps for Education in a funand social way. Study, take tests, earnbadges, and become a Ninja Master Recruit a party of adventurersfrom your household or office,and whenever one of youcompletes a chore, you can logit and claim XP. 19. My Story 20. Harsh Reality 21. Enter the Land of Reading 22. Finding the pathGoals:1. Increase participation in SSYRA.2. Increase circulation.3. Decrease damage and lost books. 23. SSYRA Reading ProgramYear 1System: Bought 5 to 7 copies of each book. Created a special display for each book. Introduced the books to the students through video onmorning announcements and 15 minute (1 minute perbook) book talk. Charted usage with the program tracking charts. Everyone was invited to join book club and go to BookFestival. 24. SSYRA Reading ProgramYear 2Added to the System Read a book and receive a charm. Books completed will be tracked on a chart onthe wall. Students who read 4 or more books areinvited to join book club. Students who read 7 or more books areinvited to go to Battle of the Books. Students who read all 15 books are enteredinto a drawing for a Kindle.Chart from Rebecca Brownslibrary. 25. SSYRA Reading ProgramYear Three--Creating the experience.Patrons are brought into the experience with astory line.Added to the System: QuestYou are on a quest to become a knightand join the battle of the books. ChallengesLessons that add to the back story,i.e. heraldry lesson, medieval knights lesson,dubbing ceremony lesson Celebrations of receiving rewards i.e. grantedby the king, knighting ceremony, fanfare, andperks. 26. Summary of GrowthSSYRA ParticipationLooks like a Game40 readers 10 participants in club 6 to book festivalFeels like a Game123 readers 21 participants in club 13 to book festivalExperience300 readers 48 participants in club with 3 teachers 42 to book festivalYear 1Year 2Year 3 27. Lessons Learned Game goal is not a learning goal. Experiences, not stuff make people happy.Craft a good experience. Gamification cannot fix a bad product! Musthave a good product and concept. Theme isonly a lure. Start small. 28. BBOOM!!It is time to practice your targetingskills. Create a matched set with apartner: a bow and an arrow. 29. BADGES!You are awesome!!! 30. Goal 2 Increase CirculationBookmark RewardsSimple System (Looks Like a Game) Book talks with classes once a month Each checkout cycle, a choice of two different bookmarksthat match the theme or the programming of the month ifthe student checks out a book. No checkout, no bookmark. 31. Bookmark RewardsAdd to the System (Feels like a Game) Only receive choice bookmark once during class checkout. Special bookmark for checking out a book from a specialdisplay. Receive bookmarks that are offered during special programs. 32. Bookmarksthe ExperienceAdd to the System Display of bookmarks on a window. Formed the Bookmark Society, a club for collectors. Bookmark creation contest, club are the judges. Club designs bookmarks for special programs. Designers receive special notebook and bookmark collectingpages. 33. Lesson Learned Use spreadsheet to control values in the system! Purchase far in advance. 34. The next session will start in00 03 012345110123456789 35. The next session will start in00 02 012345110123456789 36. The next session will start in00 01 012345110123456789 37. The next session will start in00 00 0012345110123456789 38. The next session is ready to startThe next session will start in00 00 00 39. Building a Gamified SystemStep 1Know your objective and goal.Step 2Looks like a Game. Environment, Theme.Step 3Feels like a Game. Onboarding, How will I know I am playing?Step 4Focus on the Experience. 40. Start with a narrative.Why should we play yourgame? Give a story that providescontext for highermeaning. Incorporate a worldmission. 41. Engagement Loop Customize ShareHelp Compete Save Task MissionGameQuiz Fun Delight Trust Pride Curiosity Points StatsAwardsMessagesVisibleProgress/RewardMotivatingEmotionSocial (Call toAction)PlayerEngagement 42. Autonomy Ownership, blissful productivity, serendipityMastery Points, progression, leveling up, set completionPurpose Epic meaning, quest, discovery, justice, saving the world 43. Dont over do it.Sometimes, a full system is not necessary. 44. ChallengesMapped out in such a way to engage the user tocomplete a task independently.LimitedlessOpportunities. Approachable Fun Match Ability 45. Challenge ExamplesBibliography challenge Student views a series oftutorials. Completes steps to createannotated bibliography. Earns badge.CNN iReport Student views exampleireport. Investigates possible topics. Creates report. Submits electronically. Earns badge. 46. Introducing Challenges1st Challenge (Option 1) Scavenger Huntduring a class visit (Option 2) Center ChallengeContinuing Challenges Centers Announcements Posted on Website Found as Part of Display VCR box challenge 47. VHS boxes todisplay Challengesthroughout thecollection.(I shelf them like abook and studentsmust find them.) 48. BBOOM!!Challenge: Brainstorm VHS boxchallenges with your partner! 49. BADGES!You are awesome!!! 50. RewardsThe Reason We Play. 51. HEROReward EARLYReward OFTENCelebrate RewardsDont be Negative 52. Not all users want to progress.Interest, Enthusiasm, Time Commitment,Social Sharing, Suggestions 53. Types of RewardsWhat do I reward? 54. Earned LunchUsers know exactly what to doto get the reward.Exa. Receive a bookmark atcheckout of a book. 55. Mystery BoxI dont know the prize, but Iknow what I am expected todo to get it.Everyone who uses ID tocheckout receives a rewardwhile supplies last. 56. Easter EggUnadvertised rewardVoucher for blank hidden inbooks that I would like to seecirculate. 57. Rolling RewardLottery chancesComplete an activity for achance to enter. Slim chanceof winning but reward issubstantial.One ticket per point for passed ARquiz on nonfiction reading. 58. Social TreasureUser is rewarded for gifting.Reward student forrecommending books to othersin Destiny. 59. Rights ofCitizenshipPrivileges received afterleveling up.Exa. Judge a bookmarkcontest. 60. SergeantRights of a leader.Exa. Computer safety patrol.Student who has earned theright to say no tounacceptable computer usage. 61. Collection SetCollect all the pieces to earnreward.Exa. Badges given for differentactivities in Destiny. When all areearned, then the patron levels up. 62. Vanity