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  • After 70 years of colours and success, Layla Cosmetics launches a new selective and professional brand of make-up and nail polish. With this choice Layla is now able to cover the 100% of the market requests.

    Layla Pro is an exclusive Nail & Make Up range conceived to embrace the most high expectations. Forged with and unmistakeble Italian fashion style and upmost quality. Designed and formulated to be a partner for the most trend setting make up artists.

    Produced to satisfy the higher quality requests of the professional and selective market, and wrapped in a an elegant packaging. The needs of both the professional and selective markets have been addressed in the formulations and merchandising materials.

    An avantgarde make up, fused with a high percentage of active principles as tripeptide GHK (a mascara additive with lenghtening properties) and Physalis Angulata (an anti oxidant present in the majority of Layla Pro face products) and exceptional, pure pigments.Formulations that in the hands of the most advanced make up professionals will produce incredibly natural to outrages scenographic results.

    Nails are a must in this new project.

    Layla Pro presented in an 17ml exclusive format and moulded glass. The highest quality and purest pigments ever presented on the nail make up market. Trendy fashionable colours for every feminine demand and all 5 Big Free, never staining nails yellow and eliminating any need to use a base coat.

    We are excited to introduce for the first time ever the new Layla Pro Nail and Make-Up line during the Make Up Show in New York, and our first Spring Summer Collection.

    Summerdream... a colourful collection of golden primers, purple grape and pink shadows and ready to be kissed- lips.

    A new Layla Project.

    LaylaPro... where professional meets retail.


    A light texture, a creamy finish and a comfortable long lasting are combined in this multiple properties lipstick. Soft and easy to apply. The unique formulation of Colour & Volume Lipstick will give your lips a soft and sensual effect and thanks to its emollient note you will experience a fresh feeling. In addition, thanks to the UVA-UVB filter, the skin will never dry out and will remain remains elastic and protected.APPLICATIONAfter using the lip pencil apply the product with a lip brush (preferably syn-thetic) starting from the center to the edge. For a pure color effect apply the product directly with the stick from the center, outwards.


    Brightness, color and shine. A concentrate of technology and creativity. Glossy mirror effect to reflect in all its brilliance. The texture glides incredi-bly well on the lips and it fixes in a gentle way. A shiny lipstick-gloss, formu-lated in light and soft shades to highlight the fullness of the lips. A lively combination of ingredients gives the lips softness and comfort. 12 colors able to accompany you in your every day moment and in all your adventures.APPLICATIONAfter applying the lip pencil use the product with a lip brush (preferably syn-thetic) leaving a consistent amount in the central part of the lips. Very suitable to create a spot light due to its brilliant formulation. It can also be applied directly from the stick.

    Ref. PRO 3000

    Ref. 2233R24


    Two stunningly effects, Shine & Gloss, in one new lipgloss. This LaylaPro formulation illuminates the lips with high gloss layers and a variety of shades. For women who are looking for the absolute perfection of gloss and lasting! Sensual Volume Gloss transcends all forms of splendor. Amazing nuances for all occasions. Creamy Gloss that lies with extreme ease. Can also be used as a top coat for Colour & Volume Lipstick. APPLICATIONThe application of the lip pencil is optional when using Sensual Volume Gloss. Spread the gloss evenly on all the lips respecting the contours. For an extra volume make a second application of the product only at the center of the lips.Sensual Gloss can also be used as a top coat on Colour & Volume Lipstick.


    A pencil formulated to provide shape, outline and lip filling. The Lip Pencil Waterproof LaylaPro has a creamy and smooth texture, perfect to enhance the lips and cover them with color. The addition of active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil and Cottonseed Oil provides antioxidant and moisturizing actions to your lips. Lip Pencil Waterproof is longlasting being waterproof, available in a wide selection of colors perfectly blendable to one another. They apply in a fluid way, adhere immediately and are able to define your lips instantly with a rich color saturation. Its formulation is free of preservatives, mineral oils nor paraffin transforming the 8 shades in a safe and controlled range.APPLICATIONOutline the lip contour from the center of the upper lip to the side. Outline the contour of the lower lip from the center to the corners. To acheive a volumizing effect we rec-ommend the application of the pencil even in the corners of the labial mucosa blending the product towards the center of the lips with the help of a brush (preferably synthetic).

    Ref. PRO3001

    Ref. PRO2007


    Long lasting lipstick with spectacular mat, shiny and satin finish. An imitable LaylaPro range able to offer a surprising aesthetic effect with an flawless result. The formulation includes a high percentage of sophisticated natural waxes which grant flexibility, a very long lasting effect and an excellent adherence to the lips. A wise and skillful dosage of these ingredients tran-sforms VINTAGE LIPSTICK in an unique and precious products ready to wrap your lips is a comfortable harmonies.


    Coloured and water resistant Liquid eyeliner. Its water-based formula creates a polymer resistant film, extra-bright color, no-transfer and highly covering effect. Its light and smooth texture dries quickly and adheres to the eyelid, without fading and without delaminating. The soft felt, conical shaped applicator , makes the application particularly comfortable, simple and perfectly calibrated for thin and thick lines.The long handle ensures the maximum control granting impeccable looks. My Best Eyeliner is available in 6 vibrant shades.APPLICATIONDraw a line from the outer corner of the eye holding the eyelid upward in order not to modify the natural course. Extend the line to the outside of the eye for a more fashionable effect.

    Ref. 1973R16

    2P1P 4P3P 5P 6P


    To acheive the right look you need the right product, thats the reason Layl-aPro presents the new MICROEYELINER INTRACIGLIARE. MicroEyeliner easily outlines the eye giving depth to your glance. The ultra thin lead will help you to achieve professional lines. Ultra-durable and easy to use beauty tool, Microeyeliner will transform itself in a beauty essential. Presented in 6 colors.APPLICATIONThe microeyeliners thin tip does not need a pencil sharpener. For a basic makeup it is recommended to draw a line in between the lashes from the outer corner of the upper eyelid inwards by exerting a light pressure with the fingers on the eye, outwards, in order to facilitate the natural direction of the line. Moreover proceed on the lower lid from the outside towards the inner corner of the eye. To perform a more elaborated make-up thicken the line at least 2mm.

    Ref. 1958R16


    A miraculous product. 3 in 1 for a complete eye makeup. The Smoky pencil has the ability to create a complete eye look. In addition, its creamy and velvety texture is waterproof and provides a duration of 24 hours. Its soft pay off is ex-cellent for a kajal use. Smoky boasts an advanced paraffin, preservatives and cyclometiconi volatile (D4, D5, D6) FREE formulation. The applicator supplied with the pencil allows you to create infinite blendings.

    APPLICATIONUsed as eye-liner the product is applied by drawing A line on the base of the eyelashes exerting a slight outwardstretch of the eye overstepping the eyes boundries for a won-derful 50s effect. If you want to use it as an eyeshadow apply the product starting from the upper lash redesigning the crescent of the eyelid to form a triangle. Fade out the quantity of product with the applicator or with a medium eye brush creating a shadow. For a smoky makeup apply a substantial amount of product on the upper and lower eyelids following the natural shape of the eye. Blur the product with the aid of a medium eye brush filling the entire upper eyelid and lower eyelid. As kajal apply the product inside the eyelid of the eye from the outside and vice versa for an oriental and exotic look and repeat the application until you reach the desired intensity.

    Ref. PRO2008



    The importance of eyebrows in the make-up is sometimes underestimated. They are the accent to enhance the look and make all the makeup more defined and intense. Professional Eyebrow Pencil is a highly professional tool to achieve a perfect result. A fine tip to create fine and precise lines, a waterproof formula to ensure excellent durability without smudging risks. 4 shades that combine with all complexions and all hair colors. Chocolate, cinnamon, ebony are the notes that accompany this color line. Warm colors that will fade with your eyebrows outlining them to perfection. This type of pencil matic dows not need the use of a sharpener. Professional Eyebrow Pencil will be always ready to use.APPLICATIONDraw small marks on t