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  • 1. The Business of APIs Conference: Info 2.0 API Strategy David Boloker CTO, Emerging Technologies Group Lauren Cooney Program Director, Info 2.0 Community March 17, 2008
  • 2. What is Info 2.0 All About? PAGE Web 2.0 is about connecting people , and making technology efficient for collaboration, re-use, and end-use. Web 1.0 was about connecting computers and making technology more efficient for computers. Info 2.0 changes how a business professional can utilize the data assets of an enterprise and make them remixable Info 2.0 dramatically improves organizational competitiveness by revolutionizing information access and enabling situational applications
  • 3. InfoSphere MashupHub Why it Matters * Release schedule TBD
    • Ability to Web 2.0 enable existing systems
    • Advanced Transformation & Mixing
    • Connectors for Core Enterprise Systems
    • Enterprise-class Security and Governance
    • Scalability, Reliability, Performance & IBM Support
  • 4. Info 2.0 Overview Discover & Unlock Assemble & Use Discover & Unlock Core to Info 2.0 is InfoSphere MashupHub, a new-style web 2.0 catalog that links to Enterprise and external information sources and converts them to RSS, Atom and XML feeds. InfoSphere MashupHub has a master catalog for these sources, and provides Web 2.0-style tagging, user ratings and other community elements common in social computing environments as well as security, metering, monitoring and governance. Transform & Mix
  • 5. Info 2.0 Overview Discover & Unlock Assemble & Use Transform & Mix Transform & Mix Many of the information sources initially stored in InfoSphere MashupHub will be altered before being used in an Info 2.0 Mashup. This is done by DAMIA, IBM technology which allows information sources to be further merged, filtered, transformed, annotated or published in new formats, before being saved back into Mash-up Hub. For many customers this is the most significant and powerful aspect of Info 2.0 because it enables content remixing before the mash-up is created simplifying and focusing the eventual mash-up user interface.
  • 6. Info 2.0 Overview Discover & Unlock Assemble & Use Assemble & Use Once assets have been accessed and prepared, they are assembled in the third step into a mash-up with QED Wiki, Lotus Mashups, Portals, Web applications or even desktop applications like Excel. Users combine and remix assets located in Mash-up Hub linking them together in powerful ways to exploit new business opportunities. For example, many companies have databases that they want to make mashable in order to efficiently share data with their business partners. Transform & Mix
  • 7. InfoSphere MashupHub Architecture MashupHub has a modular architecture that provides a comprehensive set of Enterprise capabilities for information discovery, transformation, mixing and management. Each module performs a distinct function, and each module can be invoked via open APIs Source Management Hub Services Security Transform & Mix Feed / Widget Catalog
  • 8. Info 2.0 MashupHub API Strategy
    • MashupHub Catalogue
      • Based on Atom Publishing Protocol (APP)
      • Entire catalogue is exposed as an ATOM feed
        • DAMIA (middle layer) can transform ATOM feeds into RSS or XML docs
    • Plug-in API Architecture
      • Goal to support creation of feeds from other data sources (key to MashupHub)
      • Any developer can create a plug-in which codes to MashupHub API
        • Example: IBM IMS team is currently writing an IMS plug-in for MashupHub
      • Widgets included (currently planning one for iWidgets)
    • Focus on REST as API mechanism
      • Decision because REST is Feed and Atom oriented
      • But not opposed to Web Services
  • 9. MashupHub Programming Interfaces
    • Catalog API
      • Register feeds, upload widgets, edit metadata, delete
    • Metrics API
      • Obtain Widget and feed usage metrics
    • Search API
      • OpenSearch
      • Find feeds or widgets
      • Includes predefined searches for recent, popular, tags, etc.
    • Administrative API
      • Basic administrative functions (being defined)
    • Plug-in design API
      • Editor
      • Execution
      • Community/Search