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Discover what's going on this summer in the Laurel Highlands!


<ul><li><p>2014 SUMMER EvEntS</p><p>June 1 July 132014 NatioNal Road Festival JuRied aRt exhibitioNFrank L. Melega Art Museum, Brownsville724-785-9331</p><p>June 1 August 31associated aRtists oF PittsbuRgh 103rd aNNual exhibitioNWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 1 August 31 (Sundays)imagiNe NatioN studioWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 1 August 31 (Sundays)suNday eveNiNg summeR baNd coNceRtsLigonier Diamond, Ligonier724-238-4200</p><p>June 1 September 1blue staR museumsWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 1 September 28 (Saturdays &amp; Sundays)live music at gReeNdaNce WiNeRyMount Pleasant724-547-6500</p><p>June 1 September 28 (Sundays)FaRmeRs maRketKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566 </p><p>June 2 September 1 (Mondays)live music &amp; beeR tastiNg/PRomotioNsOhiopyle House Caf, Ohiopyle724-329-1122</p><p>June 3 October 21 (Tuesdays)latRobe FaRmeRs maRketLigonier Street, Latrobe724-805-0112 June 4 July 30 (Every other Wednesday)WeekNight WalkaboutLaurel Hill State Park, Somerset814-445-7725</p><p>June 4 August 27 (Wednesdays)liNcolN highWay suPPeRmaRketRoute 30 Eastbound, Latrobe724-879-4241</p><p>June 4 October 4 (Wednesday - Saturdays)sPRiNgs museumSprings Folk Festival Grounds, Springs814-634-1489</p><p>June 4 October 29 (Wednesdays)bikes, bites, &amp; beatsMorguen Toole Company, Meyersdale814-634-9900</p><p>June 5 August 28 (Thursdays)thuRsday eveNiNg auctioNsTouchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington724-329-1370 </p><p>June 5 September 11 (Thursdays)thaNk goodNess its summeR coNceRt seRiesThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>June 5 October 9 (Thursdays)bike NightHistoric Summit Inn Resort, Farmington724-438-8594</p><p>June 6 August 29 (Fridays)movie NightsKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 6 August 29 (Fridays)summeRsouNdsSt. Clair Park, Greensburg724-837-1851</p><p>June 7 September 20 (Saturdays)sPRiNgs FaRmeRs maRketSprings Folk Festival Grounds, Springs240-310-2086</p><p>June 6 December 5 (1st Friday of every month)FiRst FRiday WiNe tastiNgGreen Gables Restaurant, Jennerstown814-629-9201</p><p>June 7 October 4 (Saturdays)ligoNieR couNtRy maRketSpringer Road &amp; W. Main, Ligonier724-858-7894 </p><p>June 7 November 15 (Saturdays)someRset couNty FaRmeRs maRketGeorgian Place, Somerset814-445-7520</p><p>June 13 August 22 (Every other Friday)little leaRNeRs oF lauRel hillLaurel Hill State Park, Somerset814-445-7725</p><p>June 14 August 9 (2nd Saturday of every month)home dePot WoRkshoPKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 15 December 15 (2nd Friday of every month)secoNd FRiday beeR tastiNgGreen Gables Restaurant, Jennerstown814-629-9201</p><p>June 22 August 31 (Sundays)suNday Night summeR coNceRt seRiesConnellsville724-320-6392</p><p>June 23 October 27 (Every 4th Monday of the month)sPRiNgs histoRical society Public PRogRamsFolk Meeting House, Springs814-442-4594</p><p>OnGOInG EvEntS tHROUGHOUt SUMMER</p><p>More event info at</p></li><li><p>JUnE May - OctoberFaRmeRs maRkets &amp; otheR seasoNal</p><p>June 29 July 4aNNual midWay activitiesLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 30 July 3JR. PioNeeR liviNg camPSampson/Clark Toll House, Murrysville724-327-6942 June 30 July 4latRobe 4th oF July celebRatioNLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>July 5 August 2 (1st Saturday of every month)sNaPology (legos)Keystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>July 5 September 6 (Saturdays)FaRmeRs maRketConnellsville724-320-6392</p><p>July 5 September 20 (Saturdays)FaRmeRs maRketPenn Eben Park, Ebensburg814-472-8414</p><p>July 7 September 29 (Mondays)uNioNtoWNs stoRey squaRe summeR coNceRt seRiesStorey Square, Uniontown724-438-4289</p><p>July 14 September 22maRlaNa adele vassaR: NatuRal selectioNTouchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington724-329-1370</p><p>July 24 August 2Fayette couNty FaiRFayette County Fairgrounds, Dunbar724-628-3360</p><p>July 30 August 31PoP-uP exhibitioN: sue PolliNs, doReeN cuRRie &amp; bRiaN lauRichWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 1cheese &amp; WiNe PaiRiNg iN the gaRdeNGreendance Winery, Mount Pleasant724-547-6500</p><p>June 1mammoth FestMammoth Park724-830-3950</p><p>June 1 June 28Rust aNd dust: NeW WoRks by shaRoN massey aNd iaN thomasTouchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington724-329-1370</p><p>June 1 June 24shaRiF bey: Food FoR thoughtTouchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington724-329-1370</p><p>June 4Pablo cRuiseThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>June 4 June 29PoP-uP exhibitioN: the Way aNd the WayFaReRs by aRtists Joshua hogaN, Jay kNaPP aNd kuza-Na oggWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 5FeatheR FuNKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 5 June 8south PaciFicGeyer Performing Arts Center, Scottdale724-887-0887</p><p>June 6huNteRs oF the skyKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 6 June 20 (Every other Friday)eveNiNg eco-PaddleLaurel Hill Trout Farm &amp; Pond, Somerset724-593-2601 </p><p>June 7bRbhs geNeRal meetiNg &amp; lectuReBushy Run Battlefield, Jeannette724-527-5584</p><p>June 7camP escaPe day: cRaFt &amp; cRoP dayCamp Harmony, Hooversville814-798-5885 </p><p>June 7exPloRe the loyalhaNNa!Keystone State Park, Derry 724-668-2566</p><p>June 7FishiNg classes made simPleKeystone State Park, Derry 724-668-2566</p><p>June 7gaRRisoN WeekeNd - FReNch FoRcesFort Ligonier, Ligonier724-238-9701</p><p>June 7level i kayakiNg touRiNgKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 7level ii kayakiNg touRiNgKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 7PRogRessive diNNeRFrank Lloyd Wrights Duncan House at Polymath Park, Acme877-833-7829</p><p>June 7Who let the dogs out?Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 7Wso hat luNcheoNGreensburg Country Club, Jeannette724-837-1850</p><p>June 7 - 8chicagoThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000 </p><p>June 7 - 8lauRel highlaNds gaRdeN PaRtyFaranda Farm, Hollsopple814-479-7109</p><p>June 7 - 8WestmoRelaNd couNty aiRshoWArnold Palmer Regional Airport, Latrobe724-539-8100 </p><p>June 8aNtiques &amp; collectibles maRketHistoric Hannas Town, Greensburg724-532-1935</p><p>June 8PavilioN music seRies - black magic baNdChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424</p></li><li><p>June 9 June 13summeR aRt camP - aNythiNg but PaPeRWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500 June 11oPeN FoRe busiNess golF touRNameNtIndian Lake Golf Club, Central City814-754-4975</p><p>June 12buNNies &amp; beaRsKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 12caRaFes &amp; cRaFtsMorguen Toole Company, Meyersdale814-634-9900</p><p>June 12 June 14NatioNal Road chaiNsaW caRviNg FestivalFike Lane, Addison814-395-3469 June 13a taste oF histoRyFort Ligonier, Ligonier724-238-9701</p><p>June 13aRt oN taP 5.2.7Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 13mammal mix-uPKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 13miNeRs day celebRatioN With lyNN aNdeRsoNThe Arcadia Theater, Windber814-467-9070 June 13 June 15italiaN Festival oF Fayette couNtyFayette County Fairgrounds, Dunbar724-628-3360 </p><p>June 13 June 15miNeRs memoRial day FestivalDowntown Festival Area, Windber814-479-3361 </p><p>June 14aNtiques oN the diamoNdLigonier Diamond, Ligonier724-238-4200 </p><p>June 14coN oN the RuNBushy Run Battlefield, Jeannette724-527-5584</p><p>June 14doN quixoteThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>June 14eveNiNg PaddleKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 14FishiNg classes made simPle at keystoNeKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 14Five alaRm mouNtaiN madNess chili cook-oFFNemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington724-329-8555 </p><p>June 14las vegas theN aNd NoWRockwood Mill Shoppes Opera House, Rockwood814-926-4546</p><p>June 14NatioNal get outdooRs dayLaurel Hill State Park, Somerset814-445-7725</p><p>June 14oPeNiNg celebRatioN 103rd associated aRtists oF PittsbuRgh aNNual exhibitioNWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724- 837-1500</p><p>June 14oRieNteeRiNg 101Keystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 14simeRal squaRe oPeNiNg day celebRatioNSimeral Square, West Newton724-872-0100</p><p>June 14WWWN? bike touR aNd scaveNgeR huNt (WheRe iN the WoRld is West NeWtoN?)Simeral Square, West Newton724-872-0100</p><p>June 15moRgueN toole co. FatheRs day buFFetMorguen Toole Company, Meyersdale 814-634-9900 June 15PavilioN music seRies - shelly mccombieChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424</p><p>June 15stoRy time by the lakeKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 16FoRt kids camP iFort Ligonier, Ligonier724-238-9701 </p><p>June 16 June 20summeR aRt camP - m is FoR ...moNsteRs, modeRN aRt, macaRoNi aNd moReWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 17big Wheels Race oN memoRial dRiveLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 17daNciNg iN the stReet!Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs814-352-7777 </p><p>Rafting, Hiking, Biking &amp; More!ohioPyle state</p><p>More event info at</p></li><li><p>Events All Summer Long!WiNeRy touRs, tastiNgs,eNteRtaiNmeNt &amp; moRe!!</p><p>June 17simPly Nikki daNce studio sPRiNg shoWcaseThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>June 17 29the maRvelous WoNdeRettesMountain Playhouse, Jennerstown814-629-9201</p><p>June 182014 highlaNds hosPital bud muRPhy Race FoR autismHighlands Hospital, Connellsville724-628-1500</p><p>June 18luNch With seRgioGreendance Winery, Mount Pleasant724-547-6500</p><p>June 18PoP-uP studio With Josh hogaNWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 18Ricky hoWsaRe - vegas eNteRtaiNeRRockwood Mill Shoppes Opera House, Rockwood814-926-4546</p><p>June 18Rustic RuNsForbes State Forest724-238-1200</p><p>June 18tiNy WoNdeR time tReesWinnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe724-537-5284 June 19glass sPeakeR seRiesMount Pleasant Glass Museum, Mount Pleasant724-547-5929</p><p>June 19habitat FoR humaNity bbq FuNdRaiseRSavage River Lodge, Frostburg, MD301-689-3200</p><p>June 19 21giaNt Flea maRketSaint Emma Monastery, Greensburg724-834-3060</p><p>June 20Family NatuRe exPeRieNce: PolliNatoR dayWinnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe724-537-5284</p><p>June 20Family stoRy timeWinnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe724-537-5284</p><p>June 20FiNd that cacheForbes State Forest, Jones Mills724-238-1200</p><p>June 20kayakiNgKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 20 21lauRel highlaNds bluegRass Festival44 Firehall Road, Ligonier724-238-8646 June 21beeR &amp; geaR FestivalWilderness Voyageurs, Ohiopyle724-329-1000</p><p>June 21childReNs WeekeNd at comPass iNN museumCompass Inn Museum, Laughlintown724-238-4983</p><p>June 21FishiNg classes made simPle at keystoNe Keystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 21mega demo dayNemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington724-329-8555</p><p>June 21PaRaNoRmal iNvestigatioNBushy Run Battlefield, Jeannette724-527-5584</p><p>June 21PoP-uP studio With RobeRt boWdeNWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>June 21Rescues/caPsize RecoveRiesKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 21RolliNg skills WoRkshoPKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 21summeR lectuRe seRies - stuaRt eNglaNdBushy Run Battlefield, Jeannette724-527-5584</p><p>June 223rd aNNual laveNdeR FestivalChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424 June 22miss 4th oF July PageaNtLatrobe High School Auditorium, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 23 27summeR aRt camP - aNimaNticsWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg 724-837-1500</p><p>June 24big Wheels Race oN memoRial dRiveLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 2610th aNNual Wheels aNd WiNgsDowntown Ebensburg814-472-8414</p><p>June 26PeRRyoPolis biceNteNNialPerryopolis Area Heritage Society, Perryopolis724-812-7143</p><p>June 275 mile RuN/ 2 mile WalkLatrobe Memorial Stadium, Latrobe724-537-8417 June 28goRdoN lightFootThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>June 28iNside ligoNieR ~ a home touRLigonier Valley, Ligonier724-879-4241</p><p>June 28liviNg histoRy &amp; JuNioR RaNgeR dayAllegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site, Gallitzin814-886-6150 </p></li><li><p>JULYJune 28muRdeR mysteRy diNNeR theateRChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424</p><p>June 28summeR eveNiNg aRts iTouchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington724-329-1370</p><p>June 28sPecial day FoR sPecial kidsKeystone State Park, Derry724-668-2566</p><p>June 28summeR lectuRe seRies - JohN locke aNd the gloRi-ous RevolutioNBushy Run Battlefield, Jeannette724-527-5584</p><p>June 28Wild tuRkey distilleRs diNNeRSeven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs814-352-7777</p><p>June 28 2911th aNNual bRaddocks cRossiNg oF the youghConnellsville Area Historical Society, Connellsville724-628-5344</p><p>June 28 29becomiNg a backPackeRLaurel Summit State Park, Rector724-238-6623</p><p>June 28 29coloNial couRt at histoRic haNNas toWNHistoric Hannas Town, Greensburg724-532-1935</p><p>June 28 29seNeca NatioN sPecial eveNtFort Necessity, Farmington724-329-5805</p><p>June 29aNNual bakiNg coNtestLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 29aNNual midWay activitiesLatrobe 4th of July Celebration, Legion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 29cheF seRgio Pasta baRGreendance Winery, Mount Pleasant 724-547-6500</p><p>June 29Fayette couNty iNdePeNdeNce day celebRatioNDowntown Uniontown724-438-4289</p><p>June 29PatRiotic iNteRFaith PRogRamLatrobe Elementary School, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>June 29PavilioN music seRies - abacus JoNesChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424 </p><p>June 29the oRigiNal Wild tuRkey bouRboN shootSeven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs814-352-7777</p><p>Day and Overnight Camps get a Full list oF summeR camPs iN the RegioN!</p><p>July 1move live oN touRThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>July 1 3bug camP FoR 5-6 yeaR oldsWinnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe724-537-5284 July 2 27PoP-uP exhibitioN: steel city lug &amp; JeFF bRuNNeRWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg 724-837-1500</p><p>July 3FiReWoRksSeven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs814-352-7777</p><p>July 3FoRt Necessity 1754 battle aNNiveRsaRyFort Necessity, Farmington724-329-5805</p><p>July 3iNdePeNdeNce day FiReWoRksPatsy Hillman Park, Brownsville724-785-4160</p><p>July 3- 6WestmoRelaNd aRts &amp; heRitage FestivalTwin Lakes Park, Greensburg724-830-3950 July 44th oF July celebRatioNLegion Keener Park, Latrobe724-537-8417</p><p>July 44th oF July FiReWoRks disPlayNemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington724-329-8555</p><p>July 4aRts camP eveNiNg shoWCamp Harmony, Hooversville814-798-5885</p><p>July 4leaRN to kayakLaurel Hill State Park, Somerset814-445-7725</p><p>July 5WestmoRelaNd symPhoNy FRee coNceRt iN the PaRkSt. Clair Park, Greensburg724-837-1850</p><p>July 6PavilioN music seRies - Rightly NotedChristian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill724-439-3424</p><p>More event info at</p></li><li><p>July 7 11FuR &amp; FeatheRs camP FoR 6-8 yeaR oldsWinnie Palmer Nature Reserve, Latrobe724-537-5284 July 7 11PioNeeR liviNg camPSampson/Clark Toll House West Pike St, Murrysville724-327-6942</p><p>July 7 11summeR aRt camP - FuNky FusioNWestmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>July 8 20JosePh aNd the amaziNg techNicoloR dReamcoatMountain Playhouse, Jennerstown814-629-9201 July 9PeteR FamPtoNThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>July 10caRaFes &amp; cRaFtsMorguen Toole Company, Meyersdale814-634-9900</p><p>July 1110,000 maNiacsThe Palace Theatre, Greensburg724-836-8000</p><p>July 11aRt oN taP 5.2.7Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg724-837-1500</p><p>July 12boggliNg bogForbes State Forest, Laughlintown724-238-1200</p><p>July 12camP escaPe day: oN the...</p></li></ul>