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1. Presentation onPresentation on Latest Trends InLatest Trends In AdvertisementAdvertisement 2. ADVERTISINGADVERTISING The word Advertising has its origin from a LatinThe word Advertising has its origin from a Latin word Adventure which means to turn to.word Adventure which means to turn to. Advertising is non personal communication toAdvertising is non personal communication to promote an idea ,goods and services intended topromote an idea ,goods and services intended to persuade an audience to take some actionpersuade an audience to take some action In business world the terms in mainly used withIn business world the terms in mainly used with reference to selling the product of the concernreference to selling the product of the concern.. 3. Different Types of AdvertisingDifferent Types of Advertising Print Advertising Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures,Print Advertising Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, FliersFliers Outdoor Advertising Billboards, Kiosks, TradeshowsOutdoor Advertising Billboards, Kiosks, Tradeshows and Eventsand Events Broadcast advertising Television, Radio and theBroadcast advertising Television, Radio and the InternetInternet Covert Advertising Advertising in MoviesCovert Advertising Advertising in Movies Surrogate Advertising Advertising IndirectlySurrogate Advertising Advertising Indirectly Public Service Advertising Advertising for SocialPublic Service Advertising Advertising for Social CausesCauses Celebrity AdvertisementCelebrity Advertisement 4. Trends in Advertisement-Trends in Advertisement- Niche magazinesNiche magazines Emphasis on Direct marketingEmphasis on Direct marketing Satellite TVSatellite TV Movie channels and pay channelsMovie channels and pay channels FM RadioFM Radio Emphasis on Brand EquityEmphasis on Brand Equity Internationalization of AdvertisingInternationalization of Advertising Consumer Tracking and Satisfaction studiesConsumer Tracking and Satisfaction studies 5. Modern technological trendsModern technological trends Internationalization of domestic agenciesInternationalization of domestic agencies Net AdvertisingNet Advertising The role of the advertising agency changing to that of aThe role of the advertising agency changing to that of a marketing consultantmarketing consultant 6. Four Pillars in AdvertisementFour Pillars in Advertisement TrendsTrends AttentionAttention CreativityCreativity MeasurementMeasurement Advertising InventoriesAdvertising Inventories 7. Marketing To Teens AdvertisingMarketing To Teens Advertising StrategiesStrategies Ideal kids,families,family funIdeal kids,families,family fun Star powerStar power Facts and figuresFacts and figures RepetitionRepetition Heart stringsHeart strings Sound goodsSound goods Cartoon charactersCartoon characters Weasel words, omissionWeasel words, omission Are you cool enough?Are you cool enough? 8. Examples Of SomeExamples Of Some Creative AdvertisementsCreative Advertisements 9. FedEx Kinkos office ProductsFedEx Kinkos office Products 10. 3M Security Glass3M Security Glass 11. WWFWWF save the world with a save the world with a few coinsfew coins 12. Mr. HOT PEPPER- Hot sauces andMr. HOT PEPPER- Hot sauces and spicy foodspicy food 13. McDonaldsMcDonalds 14. BibliographyBibliography pictures) pictures) 15. Tushar BansalTushar Bansal Sagar OgraSagar Ogra Sahil JindalSahil Jindal SainathSainath