late antiquity: monasticism

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Late Antiquity: Monasticism. Isabel Webb and Brianne Kendall. Monasticism. Monasteries Abbots/Abbesses Separation from urban life Places of charitable works Ascetism “Physical self-denial”. Ascetism. Luxuries Greater self-deprivation. Melania. Elder/younger Ascetism/good works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Late Antiquity: Monasticism

Isabel Webb and Brianne KendallLate Antiquity: MonasticismMonasticismMonasteriesAbbots/AbbessesSeparation from urban lifePlaces of charitable worksAscetismPhysical self-denial

AscetismLuxuriesGreater self-deprivation

MelaniaElder/youngerAscetism/good worksPilgrimageArrestedconversions

MonksWho are they?Solitary3rd Century EgyptiansMonasteriesBishop/Monk relationship

V.S.Martin of Tours

Conversion and arrestmonkBishop of Tours

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