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Short slide show on landslides, their causes and some pictures.


  • 1. Landslides Objective: Define landslides and identify how they change the land quicklyMoira Whitehouse PhD

2. What is a Landslide?

  • A landslide takes place when soil, pebbles, rocks or boulders slide down slope such as a mountain or a hill.

3. The soil and rocksin a landslide are pulled down the hill or mountain by gravity. Landslides can be caused by many things. Heavy rain often adds weight to the soil on theside of a hill causing it to slide down. Earthquakes can also cause landslides. 4. After a heavy rain, soil slid down a hill on to a town. 5. 6. Another heavy rain causes this soil to slide down a mountain. 7. 8. In the next three slides you will see rocks that slid down mountains. 9. 10. 11. So, Landslides are caused by: Soil or rocks being pulled downward by gravity. The soil/rocks may have been loosened by heavy rains or by earthquakes. Landslides can do great damage and change the land very quickly.Open the following URL sand selectlandslide animationin the middle of the page:http://