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<ul><li><p> Angel Beauty Care </p><p>Angel Beauty Care and Spa offers wonderful Bridal makeup in Kottarakara </p><p>Our Company offers wide range of services ranging from bridal </p><p>make up to that of beauty services as a whole. We at Angel </p><p>beauty care and spa regards wedding day as the most </p><p>beautiful occasion for a bride. We with the help of our leading </p><p>experts and beautician try to make it a memorable day for an </p><p>individual. In the wedding day with the help of our beautician </p><p>we try to make the bride look special from every way. With the </p><p>help of our makeup packages we create wonderful effects on a </p><p>bride face at the time of marriage. </p><p>Other than bridal make up we also offer various range of </p><p>beauty service at ladies beauty salon Erumeli. Our main aim </p><p>is to make every women look beautiful with the wide range of beauty services we offer to our customer. Our company is </p><p>developing number of beauty salons all around the state of Karnataka. We try to provide beauty treatment to each of our </p><p>customer at attractive prices so that it is affordable for everyone and every women look beautiful. In addition to this Angel </p><p>Beauty Care in Ranni with the help of professionals offer wide range of beauty treatment to our customer. </p><p>The necessary beauty treatment and services which we offer to </p><p>our client includes those of facial skin care treatment where our </p><p>well trained beautician uses certain range of procedure including </p><p>that of scrubbing, moistening, and application facial mask as well </p><p>as that of massaging. Thus our company takes necessary care of </p><p>an individual by choosing the skin types and treating it in a rightful </p><p>manner. In addition to this we also take care of ones hair with </p><p>wide range of methods and packages we offer to our customer so </p><p>that their hair get full nourishment and all the nutrients properly. </p><p>Oiling as well as removing the split hair end and frizzy hair is done </p><p>by our reputed experts so that your hair stays soft and shiny. Last </p><p>but not the least we also offer hand and foot care massaging </p><p>which gives an individual body a rejuvenating and reenergizing </p><p>experience. </p><p>About the company: Angel Beauty Care and Spa is a leading beauty care center in the state Kerala of India. </p></li></ul>