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  • 8/12/2019 Knox Bulletin, Sunday, July 27, 2014


    UPCOMING EVENTSA couple of exciting fundraisers are being planned for the fall and wewant everyone to know about them. If you are able to help with eitherof these events, please let the office know.

    Wednesday, September 17 Rib & auerkraut dinner!tickets will be pre"sold and are priced at #$% per person Note change of date for this dinnerSaturday, October ! Ali 'atthews (oncert

    )e are thrilled to be planning these fundraisers and will share moreinformation soon.

    "MP#IT#E"T$E UP%"TE*he first phase of repair in the amphitheatre is now completed. )eare collecting a number of +uotes related to (hurch refurbishment andwill have a decision item for the congregation in early fall.

    IN&O$M"TION &O$ 'U() * "UGUSTRev. 'ark is away until August and then again from August -- to $./uring the summer, 'ark will be leading worship August -% and 0-.*he Rev. 1ohn 2enderson on August 0 and -3 and the Rev. 'ervyn*ubb on August $. 4mergency pastoral care is provided by the Rev.

    Andrew 5ullerton !1uly $6 " August and August --"$.

    MISSION MOMENTS + $E"T#ING NEW (I&E INTO MINIST$)7nox, (ampbellton and t. 8uke9s, :athurst in ;ew :runswick arefacing the same issues as many churches in rural areas< an agingpopulation, changing demographics, increasing operating costs anddecreasing revenue. In $%-0, with support from Presbyterians Sharing,the Rev. =len ampson was appointed as a full"time minister to helpthese congregations become vibrant ministries in their communities. A

    renewed focus on outreach is breathing new life into both churches.4ach congregation is working hard to raise its community profile, withmembers finding ways to witness outside the walls of their buildingsand become involved in mission locally, regionally, nationally andglobally. )orking together in service for others has strengthened theirfaith as they support one another and their wider community.

    Presbyterians Sharing transforms communities

    M-n-ster. Rev. 'ark =edcke >-?">>"66-or by email at

    %-rector o/ Mus-c. uanne trahanO//-ce "dm-n-strator. 7athy :aker

    Treasurer. hannon ArcherO//-ce. !10+71+272

    O&&ICE #OU$S 0am+ 1pm Tuesday t3rou43 &r-day
  • 8/12/2019 Knox Bulletin, Sunday, July 27, 2014


    5NO6 P$ES)TE$I"N C#U$C#'uy 7, 18 1.2 am

    =uest 'inister< Rev. /r :ryan 8apier'usic /irector uanne trahan

    P$EP"$"TION &O$ WO$S#IP" Brayer, 'editation and Cisiting

    P$E(U%E. As the /eer 'artin ;ystrom, arr. /.4. )agner


    C"(( TO WO$S#IP.'inister< All who love =od, draw near.". We 9- trust -n t3e stead/ast o:e o/ God, /ore:er and

    e:er;'inister< All who love our =od, draw near.". We 9- t3an< God /ore:er, because o/ 93at t3e m-43ty One 3as done;'inister< All who love our =od, draw near to worship.

    ". In t3e presence o/ t3e /a-t3/u, 9e 9- proca-m God=sname, /or -t -s 4ood;

    P$")E$ O& "PP$O"C#!unison8oving =od, whose promise is our hope, hear our prayers. ome dayswe feel strong and vibrant, ready to praise your name in Doy. Etherdays we are so overcome with weakness of spirit that we cannot evenlift our voices to you. Remind us that, whatever the day brings, you see

    our hearts3 in our darkest times and deepest sadness, you hear ourunvoiced pleas. In the face of an uncertain future, direct our thoughtsto (hrist, who gives us victory. 2elp us to bear witness to the promiseof your presence and the hope that transcends despair, fear, andheartache.In the name of the one who proved your love for us, (hrist 1esus, Fouron and our 8ord. Amen.

  • 8/12/2019 Knox Bulletin, Sunday, July 27, 2014


    OPENING #)MN. G$?- Thou Whose Almighty Word

    P$")E$ O& CON&ESSION. !in unison=od of grace, we live in a world that rewards the strong and violates

    the weak. 5orgive us for the ways in which we have adopted thevalues of this world and trusted in human strength, only to be trippedup by our weakness. *each us to welcome our weakness asopportunities to rest in your pirit. *each us to be still enough to findthe powerful hope that lies in your love, shown to us in the life, death,and resurrection of 1esus. Amen

    "SSU$"NCE O& EMPOWE$MENT.!minister*he =od who challenges usIs also the =od who encourages us.*he =od who confronts, is also the =od who accepts us.:e assured that =od is with us even now,

    Accepting, guiding, and forgiving.


    8eader< *he Beace of (hrist be with youCongregation: And also with you.

    SO(O. 2ow 8ovely Are *hy /wellings amuel 8iddle4lmer /redge, soloist

    C#I(%$EN=S #)MN. G0-? Wherever I May Wander

    C#I(%$EN=S TIME

    SC$IPTU$E $E"%INGS.Bhilippians 3 0"06 Love and victory in esus Christ

    SE$MON.Handling Lifes Challenges

    #)MN. GH6> !o" #irm a #oundation


    O&&E$TO$). Fou Are 'y All In All /ennis 1ernigan,arr. /.4. )agner

  • 8/12/2019 Knox Bulletin, Sunday, July 27, 2014


    O&&E$TO$) P$"ISE. G$> We $raise you% & 'od!verse -

    P$")E$ O& %E%IC"TION!together

    Receive these offerings as a prayer of gratitude for the hope thatsustains us in even our most difficult times. Fou have called us to bethe very presence of (hrist in this hurting world. )e offer these gifts toyou as symbols of our willingness to spend our time, energy, andmaterial resources to continue (hrist9s ministry of sacrificial love.=uide us in using all that we have and all that we are to make knownthe great, world"changing truth that nothing in all creation can separateus from your love in (hrist 1esus our 8ord. Amen.

    #)MN. G? Lord% Listen to (our Children Praying

    P$")E$S O& T#E PEOP(E "N% T#E (O$%=S P$")E$Eur 5ather, in heaven, hallowed be your name.Four 7ingdom come, Four will be done on earth as it is in heaven.=ive us today our daily bread. 5orgive us our sins,as we forgive those who sin against us.

    ave us from the time of trial, and deliver us from evil.5or the kingdom, the power and the glory, are Foursnow and forever. Amen !G>H *he :ook of Braise

    C(OSING #)MN. G Will (our Anchor !old


    POST(U%E. *he 8ost (hord Arthur ullivan

    C3urc3 open-n4 t3e mont3. 8aird (hristieUs3ers t3-s 9eet 9ee