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Assitent Account Executive


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    Manifesto Resume

    LOral Brandstorm Weir Family Exhibit

    Under ArmourBYU Direct Mail

    New Grains

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  • 5I get my straightforwardness, good taste and realism from my mom; they can be talents or curses. When asked for

    advice we will answer immediately and cant help but be the devils advocate. She taught me that it is better to be over

    dressed then under dressed,. We both only truly enjoy a movie if it is a believable story.

    She brought me up to dream as big as the Dallas sky.

    On my own I have learned that I love to see the view around me. When I say I am going

    running I find myself walking most of the time. I dont like being left alone, so I bring people around my

    table by good food. Food is the one thing I will not skimp on.

    Being the youngest in the family of all girls I have learned how to become an excellent peacemaker (especially if it is a

    dispute over clothes) and I was born talking loud.

    When I get really excited I start to talk louder and faster. I cant help but tell people the things I find

    interesting or am passionate about.

    My house is always under construction because I am al-ways rearranging, organizing, painting, or who knows what else. I always see room for improvement and love change.


  • 6Exper ience

    BYU AdLab Provo, UT Current Account Manager Manage teams of student planners and creatives Help set client objectives Write briefs and conference reports

    BYU S.A.S. Creative Services Provo, UT CurrentReceptionist Help designers with ad layout and content Keep office running smoothly and project files organized Make sure all cost are accounted for

    BYU Communications Internship Office Provo, UT Dec. 2010 - Aug. 2011Assistant to Internship Director Organized and input forms for over 100 students each semester Acted as an informational resource for all students

    Invitations Etc. Provo, Ut Augst 2009 - Dec. 2010 Manager Liaison between store and owner Created employees schedules and payment Placed orders based on retail demand

    Leadgenix Provo, UT Summer 2010Intern Learned Search Engine Optimization Developed skills to maintain social media presence Implemented advertising for some clients

    Develop timelines and ensure deadlines are met Present to clients

    Orchestrate gathering of ad approvals Deliver final projects

    Created and managed Employer Database

    Recorded monthly profit reports Acted as contact person for vendors

  • Awards Campus Finalist for Loreal Brandstrom 2012

    Member of American Advertising Federation at BYU

    Sk i l l s Adobe Suite Qualtrics SPSS Media Planning Interviewing Microsoft Office

    Educat ion

    Brigham Young UniversityGraduating June 2012

    Communications B.A. Emphasis in Advertising Business Management Minor

    Related Courses Research Methods Media Planning Creative Concepts Account Planning Account Management

    Contact 214.454.0240 ingunn

    Object ive Assistant Account Executive

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  • 9LOral Brandstorm 2012Problem

    Be creative and imagine the new iconic and innovative product or product range of The Body Shop, respecting the brands Values.

    TacticsAnalyze the current beauty market and position of The Body Shop.

    Insight 135 million women are seeking a facial hair solution; yet there are very

    few comfortable or natural solutions..

    Lemon (a free trade ingredient) has the power to naturalize skin and odor, which would solve two main problems of facial hair removers.

    Women go to blogs more then ever for beauty advice.

    What I Did

    With my team I was able


    research, and analyze th

    e market. I

    was also able to brain

    storm ideas for

    product, packaging an

    d a marketing

    plan. A two-year plan w

    as made from

    my ideas on which ma

    rkets would be

    best. I learned how to e

    xpress my

    ideas to an art direct, a


    collaborate with a team.

    Campus Finals Case Study

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    Solution We proposed Bare with Lemon. A two-step solution for womens facial hair; first a comfortable hair remover, and second a daily hair abetment to slow facial hair growth. These products would have never-seen-before, touch free applicators.

    The remover would dry as a peel to reduce mess, and the abetment would go on the same as a lotion stick as part of a daily beauty regimen.

    The two-year plan would include sending bloggers free samples of Bare with Lemon and ask them to try it and review it on their blog with a generous

    coupon incentive. There would be special window displays in store highlighting the new free trade ingredient, lemons, as well as a mirror with a

    natural light simulator for women to check for facial hair. By the end of 2014 Bare with Lemon would be in all The Body shop stores around the world.

    11 Creative by Mariam Blanco Blogger Package Micro-Website

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    Weir Family Exhibit

    Problem The exhibit wanted to have a social media presence.

    Insight If students and other patrons of the museum knew the background of

    the Weir family they would be more likely to go see the exhibit.

    SolutionNot only have an information page for the exhibit, but create a page for

    the main artist, Julian Alden Weir. On his page, he made posts taken directly from things he had written while he studied in Europe.

    What I Did

    I was the account mana

    ger for the

    social media campaign

    . I worked with

    multiple people from t

    he museum to

    gather information and

    deciding how

    long the campaign would

    last. I learned

    how to handle clie

    nt conflicts like no


    being able to reach peo

    ple and

    making sure all the mate

    rial was

    ready to go on the page


    BYUs Museum of Art opened an exhibit called The Weir Family, 1820-1920: Expanding the Traditions of American Art

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    Under Armour Problem

    To rebrand Under Armour SoccerInsight

    Under Armour is an American brand and to be accepted all over the world they need something all soccer players can rally around.

    SolutionLike America, they will start a revolution a soccer revolution. The ads

    looked completely different then other soccer campaigns, and incorporated the propaganda feel. A key part is having stickers made so

    that soccer players can put them everywhere and spread the idea of an Under Armours Soccer Revolution.

    What I Did

    Acted as an account ma

    nager in

    a team with two creative

    s. I made

    sure we were sticking w

    ith the

    strategy we had set dow

    n. With

    this project I learned how


    brainstorm with creatives


    stay involved with the


    Final Project for a Creative Concepts Class


    Print Ads Stickers Outdoor

    Creative by James Taylor and Rob Witt

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    BYU Direct Mail Problem

    BYU Administrative wanted to know if it would cut costs to decrease the amount of direct mail they sent out. We were asked to focus on the mail sent to professors. The

    school has a strict email policy that had to be worked around.

    Tactics.Had 7 professors collect mail for a month and then interviewed them.

    Interviews were conducted with on-campus entities that send out direct mail.

    Insight Go through mail quickly

    Check mailbox infrequently

    Feel like businesses on campus are for students Perceive the bookstore as not having good deals

    Are more likely to open something if their name is on it Tend to prefer email

    Feel guilty about how much paper is wasted

    SolutionWe made three recommendations: limit advertising, change perspective of

    professors on direct mail, and to improve marketing for on-campus entities. This last suggestion would involve taking away the broad approach. They need to

    know they cant send the same things to professors that they send to students. Retail stores would need to know what professors are buying as well. With the Bookstore and Creamery they can track what is purchased using their

    signature card that gives them a discount.

    What I Did

    I was the account mana

    ger in the

    BYU Adlab for this proje

    ct. I lead

    a team of students an

    d helped set a

    timeline. We all did prima

    ry and

    secondary research. I w

    as able to

    present our recommend

    ations, with two

    other students, to

    a BYU Committe


    From this I learned how

    to set an

    objective when the client

    is very

    vague about what they n


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    New Grains

    Problem Find out who the target market is for their gluten-free products and how they

    compare to similar brands.

    TacticsA survey was sent out and had 142 respondents. The survey divided people into

    three groups: those who were gluten-free, those who live with someone who is gluten-free and those who just live a healthy lifestyle. Respondents were asked a

    series of questions to help us compare other gluten-free brands. The survey was then analyzed using SPSS.


    The target audience would include:Women ages 18 to 34

    They are married but do not necessarily have children

    By comparing g