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  • DipIt Into Shape, its not too late. By: Kayla Gunn

  • To DipIt- DipIt Good.


    CEO of DipIt - Kayla Gunn

    Website -

    Contact Info: (555)555-5555

    Email -

    Operation Hours: 12:00pm - 10:00pm Monday - Thursday

    12:00pm - 2:00am Friday - Sunday

  • What is DipIt?

    DipIt is the new and improved way of enjoying Americas favorite classic ice-cream known as Dippin Dots. Although only strictly sold in certain locations in the past, Dippin Dots will now be available at anyones doorsteps just in the matter of clicking a button. DipIt is a new application for both iPhone and Android that allows its users to select from a menu of flavors and within minutes after ordering, receive their ice cream at their desired location. This idea sprouted from the fact that although Dippin Dots is the ice cream of choice for most individuals, its nearly impossible to find Dippin Dots sold anywhere and the heartache of this needs to go on no longer. Now, thanks to DipIt people everywhere can enjoy this delicacy dessert anytime just by downloading the app.

  • Customer Profile #1 Stacey Fisher

    Demographics: Twenty-Five, Female, Graphic Designer, Medium Income, Single, No kids, Palm Harbor, Fl.

    Psychographics: Seems fairly positive, always traveling. Hangs out on the beach a lot (assuming Clearwater Beach due to location of living) and

    seems very social.

    Buying Habits: Social media shows that she tends to frequently spend money on nights going out: bars, restaurants, etc.

    Content & Messaging: Prime targeted audience due to location, lifestyle choices, and schedule. Most users who order DipIt are suspected to be

    those who are in their twenties who will come home after going out on a night of the town and would be excited to order Dippin Dots at 12:00am

    with their friends.

  • Customer Profile #2Marissa Jennings

    Demographics: Thirty-Two, Female, RN Nurse , Medium Income, Married and has one kid. Lives in Wesley Chapel.

    Psychographics: Seems like a hard worker, values her family and friends, content with working and hanging out with her son on the weekends,

    loves to read.

    Buying Habits: Just purchased a brand new home in location adjacent to Tampa, Fl. Has openly admitted on social media she has already started

    saving for her kids college and goes to the movies frequently.

    Content & Messaging: Secondary targeted audience based on location and values - she is currently located in an area that doesn't have much

    and values her kids happiness. Our hopes with customers with similar profiles will take advantage of the delivery aspect to DipIt and will enjoy

    the time the app brings.

  • Customer Profile #3 MiKayla Collum

    Demographics: Eleven years old, female and is in middle School. Does chores around the house to make money for the week. Lives with her

    parents and her brother who is nine years old in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Psychographics: Very happy girl loves hanging out with her cheerleading friends, has a very strong relationship with her parents and loves

    watching movies.

    Buying Habits: She does has a Facebook and it shows that she spends a lot of time with her cheerleading friends where they spend money on

    trips for competitions.

    Content & Messaging: Third group of targeted audiences for their inability to drive but their passion for hanging out with friends and

    having a good time. We are hoping that a big portion of our customers are those in fact young in age who can enjoy the benefit of having something

    without being able to get it on their own.

  • DipIts Goal:

    DipIts primary goal is to raise brand awareness. Since DipIt is a brand new company and has yet to receive a customer for it hasn't launched yet, the first main goal needs to be to get the Brands name out there. In order to do this we need to

    attract those that we already know will take interest in the services at DipIt. Once this occurs we can then move to our secondary goal which is to get others involved by word of mouth. Turn this act of buying delivered Dippin Dots into a trend like

    performance making it so that those who wouldn't originally think this was a good idea now thinks of it as being a fantastic new app.

  • How To Commit:

    In order to embellish brand awareness we need to announce the idea in a big way by abiding by an interesting press release and then later attracting famous food

    bloggers to comment on the new app. When searching on past unique press releases I found that the best thing a company will decide to do is to ensure that the opening line to any and all press releases are truly amazing and unique so that it stands out. Thinking of the company nameDipIt I thought it best to clash it with the iconic

    song Whip It therefore it reads DipIt, DipIt into shape, Its not too late, to DipIt! This will be the first that the public hears of the brand so it does in fact need to make for catchy statement and by combining this song it defiantly will. After this has be released, a few days later the company then needs to approach food bloggers

    but also journalist that can cover the new app and release articles online.

  • How To Connect:

    Once the public has heard news of this new app, we suspect then a lot of users all over will be downloading the app to their smartphones. Although downloads and sign ups are free for all to use, it will however ask you to submit a working email address and a request for subscription. Then going forward, when a user orders anything they will automatically get sent a receipt but also this opens doors to allowing us to send them weekly deals, new flavors, etc. Users will literally be

    allowing us access to them 24/7 and they wont even realize it which is why we have this done during sign up so that its not a hassle for users to accept and its not

    us being annoying or bothersome.

  • Social Media:

    Facebook - We will let users have 20% off their next delivery by posting a photo of themselves enjoying Dippin Dots but tagging their home as the location and hash tagging DipIt. This will allow

    other users to be reminded that you can not enjoy this favorable dessert at home.

    Instagram - We will run a free delivery charge to any group of friends that post a photo with the caption stating We all want to DipIt - DipIt good along with the hashtag DipIt. This will get

    users excited to do their own group photo with their friends and will also make as a comical post with the ridiculous caption with it. This is also a good deal, if you have so many people wanting

    Dippin Dots this allows them to get it without the extra charge.

    Twitter - If you retweet any of DipIts posts on twitter you will be sent the coupon of the week, which means that users can only qualify for one coupon a week but have every week to

    earn something new. This is so easily done most people will use this as a way to get a deal and DipIts will be seen all over Twitter.

    In order to help embellish brand awareness we need to connect with users upon these three frequently used

    social medias: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In orderto do this we will push the following different campaigns:

  • Measuring Involvement

    To see if our social media campaigns are working, we will keep track of which site holds more responses and why. Meaning, we will keep track of how many people

    are checking in on Facebook, how many users are posting group photos on Instagram, and how many tweets are being retweeted. In order to do this we need to

    advise to a simple way of recording this but that is why the use of Hashtags are great - not only do they work in a word to word concept way but also all store in the

    same database tables within a social media. For example, if the rules are that you need to post a group photo with a hashtag, all we really need to do in order of

    seeing who completed the task is search the used hashtag and seeing how many hashtags there are. If it says there is 15,000 and weve only pushed 30 of those, we

    know that 14970 users have involved themselves in this campaign.

  • Competitor #1Uber Eats is DipIts biggest competing business for not only do they fall under the same services but they offer more of a selection whereas DipIt is just Dippin Dots. They are a threat not because users will use them to receive Dippin Dots but because users will

    turn to them if they are not set on this exact dessert. We are in use of the same social medias so we need to ensure that we aren't just pushing for more followers and likes but that our content overcomes theres and that we constantly are striving to get more


    Social Medias: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

    Content: Current Events Related posts & Fun Facts.

    Facebook Stats: 224,693 LikesTwitter Stats:

    14.7k Likes, 39k followers, & 5798 tweets. Instagram Stats: 74.6k followers

    Engagement: From San Francisco all the way to Florida.

  • Competitor #2GrubHub is our second largest competitor and though it acts just like Uber Eats, it differentiates itself by being the most established food

    delivery service due to its length of time of being open and it sometimes offers a better delivery rate fee for the fees are pushed by the restaurants not the app. Although GrubHub is the most established food service the reasoning as to why Uber Eats is our biggest threat is

    because more and more users are turning to them instead due to the frequent amount of cars available to deliver.