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    / A beauty message


    A beauty message

    Welcome to KES COLLEGEA beauty message from the largest Beauty College in Cyprus.

    1979 -


    KES COLLEGE 1983: ITEC - (International Beauty Therapy Examination Council) CIDESCO - (Comit International d Esthtique et de Cosmtologie). KES COLLEGE - (...) : 2.563 - 3.417 .




    1979 - todayKES COLLEGE is recognized in Cyprus as the Beauty Industry Specialist College by employers and diploma holders.KES COLLEGE Beauty Therapy course is accredited since 1983 by two international examining bodies in beauty therapy:ITEC U.K. (The International Therapy Examination Council) and CIDESCO - Switzerland (Comit International d Esthtique et de Cosmtologie). The KES COLLEGE Beauty Therapy course is also

    accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation - Accreditation (C.E.E.A) of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.Therefore, by attending KES COLLEGE Beauty Therapy course, you have the outside evidence for quality teaching, training and learning.The Beauty Therapy students are also eligible to sit the international ITEC and CIDESCO exams and, after succeeding, to receive the corresponding international qualifications in addition to KES COLLEGE diplomas.

  • Special Courses in Beauty Therapy - Liberal StudiesAccording to the Curriculum of ITEC - U.K. candidates are allowed to sit the ITEC examinations in as many subjects as they choose.The special workshops in beauty therapy start from 15th October annually and continue until the end of the following May each year, provided there is sufficient number of candidates.

    Open DaysOpen Days are held regularly so that the candidate students may visit the College and find out full details of what is involved in attending any programme.Admission Specialist Advisors give one to one guidance, answer any questions and discuss everything with each candidate.

    - ITEC ITEC . 15 , .

    KES COLLEGE - - (open days), .

    1. Diploma for Beauty Specialists ITEC LEVEL 2

    > Skin Care and Eye Treatments > Make-up > Manicure & Pedicure > Waxing > First Aid > Professional Conduct and Business Awareness

    2. Diploma in Body Treatments - ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Anatomy & Physiology > Electrology > Gymnastics > First Aid > Figure Diagnosis & Body Electrics > Swedish Massage > Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

    3. Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatments - ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Beauty Theory and Practical (Pre-requisite - Beauty Specialist)

    4. Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up - ITEC LEVEL 3

    (Prerequisite - Make-up)

    5. Diploma in Indian Head Massage - ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Anatomy & Physiology > Indian Head Massage > First Aid > Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

    Complementary Therapies1. Diploma in Aromatherapy - ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Anatomy & Physiology > Aromatherapy > First Aid > Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

    2. Diploma in Reflexology - ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Anatomy & Physiology > Reflexology > First Aid > Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

    3. Diploma in Holistic Massage ITEC LEVEL 3

    > Anatomy & Physiology > Swedish Massage > First Aid > Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

    Special Courses in Beauty Therapy


    > Skin Care and Eye Treatments > Facial Make-up > Manicure - Pedicure > Depilatory Waxing > Artificial Nails >

  • Aromatherapy

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    Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that involves using essential oils extracted from various plants to improve the physical and emotional state of a person. It helps to promote good health and vitality by stimulating the body so as to heal and reduce stress that causes many diseases.The essential oils used in this therapy are substances obtained from flowers, leaves, bark, roots and berries by different methods of distillation. Each essential oil has its own therapeutic properties, which are being used through the centuries. The first to use it were the Egyptians 2000 years BC. The Egyptians used essential oils not only for therapeutic but also for religious purposes. Later, the Greeks used essential oils for medical purposes, whereas the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates suggested burning herbs on patients. Finally, the Greeks passed the use of aromatherapy to all over Europe.

    What are the benefits of using essential oils?

    Essential oils enhance and improve our physical condition and also affect our mental attitude. They have therapeutic properties and are well known for their direct action. They can be used for a wide range of ailments, diseases associated with stress and with skin problems. The tiny molecules of oils rapidly penetrate the pores of the skin by acting in the most desirable way to our body systems (immune, digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and urinary).


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  • Reflexology

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    Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy that claims that every part of the human body has a reflex on the feet, palms, ears and other areas of the body. It aims at all levels of the human being - body, mind and spirit. It is a treatment that brings relaxation, balance and harmony, encouraging the body to awaken its self healing forces.

    Principles of Reflexology:

    > In the context of holistic therapy we do not face something specific or special, we do not diagnose and we do not distribute medication or herbal or homeopathic remedies.

    > We do not treat the problematic area. We always treat the reflective area of the region.

    Reflexology has two modes of action:

    1) The direct way is through the physical level based on the fact that all organs and systems are activated and work together through natural and reflexive processes.

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    2) The indirect way, but equally important, is through the electro magnetic field. Like everything, man has an electromagnetic field around him. In reflexology, there is physical contact. There is, therefore, a union of the electromagnetic fields of both persons.

    The trained Reflexologist, through specific pressures and manipulations aims at general improvement of bodily functions for the maintenance, relaxation, prevention and the overall balance of the body. Moreover, the treatment of pathological conditions is applicable only in the places associated with the main problem in order to provide specific stimulus to the body.

  • Make - Up



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    Some of the people who want to become Make-Up Artists believe

    that intuition is just enough in order to succeed and that having a

    talent or artistry is just innate.

    However, formal training in artistry is essential for any artist in order

    to exercise his/her specialty.

    > The Make-Up artists must be a responsible person

    so as to gain the respect of the client.

    > It is also important for the make-up artist to be specialized

    in make-up application.

    > The make-up artist can also be specialized in Fashion, Theatre

    and Media Make-up.

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    Fashion, Theatre and Media Make - up

    With Professional Make-up and Aesthetic Technique of creativity

    talent is enhanced. With the help of imagination and art as well as

    the use of specialized Make-up products, it reaches another

    dimension while giving realistic and spectacular results.

    The creation of Makeup for Theatre, Photography, Television, Film,

    Fashion and Special Effects is the result of Organization, Planning,

    Study and Knowledge which requires Professional Work, Proper

    Planning and Efficient Collaboration with all those involved in

    Professional Make-up customized for any occasion.

    The creation of Three-Dimensional Makeup and Character requires

    Preparation and Knowledge not only of the basic techniques of

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    Make-up application, but also Obtaining Information and the Use of

    Tools, Materials and Cosmetic Products specifically manufactured for

    this purpose.

    The development of knowledge is necessary to create a small

    miracle everytime. The certainty of proper, comprehensive

    knowledge, but also continuous information of Professional Make-up

    leads to a glamorous and unique look that will captivate the


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