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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)



    Paul Coggle andHeiner Schenke





    G E R M A N

    Paul Coggle has taught German to students at all levels from beginner to

    postgraduate. Heiner Schenke is a native speaker of German. He currently

    teaches German at Westminster University.

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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)


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    First published in US 2013 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc..

    Based on some original conversations fromTeach Yourself German Conversation andSpeak German with Confidence.This edition published 2013.

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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)


    1Keep Talking German: Ten Days To Confidence HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD. 2013



    C English words C German words

    zero null

    one einstwo zweithree dreifour vierfive fnfsix sechsseven siebeneight achtnine neunten zehn


    C English words C German words

    Sunday SonntagMonday MontagTuesday DienstagWednesday MittwochThursday DonnerstagFriday FreitagSaturday Samstag


    C English words C German words

    January JanuarFebruary Februar

    March MrzApril AprilMay MaiJune JuniJuly JuliAugust AugustSeptember SeptemberOctober OktoberNovember NovemberDecember Dezember

    TRACK 2

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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)


    2Keep Talking German: Ten Days To Confidence HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD. 2013


    C English words C German words

    Can you repeat that, please? Knnen Sie das bitte wiederholen?Once more, please. Noch einmal, bitte.Slowly, please. Langsam, bitte.

    Do you understand? Verstehen Sie?I understand. Ich verstehe.I dont understand. Ich verstehe nicht.I dont know. Ich wei nicht.Is that right? Ist das richtig?Thats right. Das ist richtig!Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch?I speak German, but not very well. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht sehr gut.What does it cost? Was kostet das?Where is ... ? Wo ist ... ?I am sorry. Es tut mir leid.What time is it? Wie spt ist es?Where are the toilets? Wo sind die Toiletten?

    Renting a carIn this conversation you will learn how to:

    C state your requirements for a car rental

    C reply to a rental agents questions

    Cgive your name and credit card number

    PART 1Here are the key phrases youll hear in the conversation. Listen to the English meaning.

    Then, listen to the German words and phrases and repeat what you hear.

    C English C German

    Id like to rent a car. Ich mchte ein Auto mieten.For how many days? Fr wie viele Tage?

    From tomorrow, Monday till Friday. Von morgen, Montag bis Freitag.What does the Audi cost then? Was kostet denn der Audi?That costs 285 euros ... Der kostet zweihundertfnfundachtzig Euro including fully comprehensive inklusive Vollkaskoversicherung

    insurance and kilometre allowance. und Kilometergeld.Whats your name, please? Wie ist Ihr Name, bitte?My name is Mein Name ist And whats your credit card number? Und wie ist Ihre

    Kreditkartennummer?My Visa credit card number is ... Meine Visa-Kreditkartennummer ist



    Remember to make a clear difference

    in pronunciation between uand in

    words like Nummerand fnf.

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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)


    3Keep Talking German: Ten Days To Confidence HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD. 2013

    PART 2Claudia is at a car rental office. Listen carefully to the conversation between Claudia and the car rental agent.

    Then answer these two questions.

    . What does the car rental agent want to know first of all?

    . How many cars does he offer Claudia?

    PART 3Now listen to the conversation again. Here are some questions

    which youll be asked later.

    . Which car does Claudia decide to hire?

    . What are the last four numbers of her Visa credit card?

    PART 4Now heres the conversation again. Listen carefully because youll be asked some questions about the meanings

    of certain words and phrases afterwards.

    . What does Von morgen, Montag bis Freitagmean?

    . What does the following mean? Gut, dann nehme ich den Audi.

    . When would you use the expression: Meine Kreditkartennummer ist ?

    PART 5Now its time to learn some more numbers. Listen to the English and repeat the German.

    C English numbers C German numbers (in words)

    20, 30, 40 zwanzig, dreiig, vierzig50, 60, 70 fnfzig, sechzig, siebzig80, 90, 100 achtzig, neunzig, hundert21, 22, 23 einundzwanzig, zweiundzwanzig, dreiundzwanzig34, 35, 36 vierunddreiig, fnfunddreiig, sechsunddreiig47, 48, 49 siebenundvierzig, achtundvierzig, neunundvierzig

    126 hundertsechsundzwanzig243 zweihundertdreiundvierzig539 fnfhundertneununddreiig999 neunhundertneunundneunzig

    Now, listen and respond to Claudias question. Remember that the Audi costs euros.

    Claudia: Was kostet denn der Audi?


    Learning plus!MORE LANGUAGE FOR RENTING CARSListen to the English words and repeat the German expressions.

    C English C German

    mobile phone, or cell phone number in American English handynummerWhat is your mobile phone number? Wie ist Ihre Handynummer?My mobile phone number is Meine Handynummer ist ... zero, one, seven, zero ... ... null, eins, sieben, null ... five, forty-six, seventy-five fnf, sechsundvierzig, fnfundsiebzig

    thirty-one. einunddreiig.a child seat einen KindersitzId like a child seat. Ich mchte einen Kindersitz.winter tyres WinterreifenId like winter tyres. Ich mchte Winterreifen.

    TRACK 4

    TRACK 5


    In German, you use Wie?(How?)instead of Was?(What?) when askingsomeones name or number. For

    example: Wie ist Ihr Name?

    TRACK 6

    TRACK 7

    TRACK 8

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  • 8/12/2019 Keep Talking German in 10 Days (Teach Yourself)


    4Keep Talking German: Ten Days To Confidence HODDER & STOUGHTON LTD. 2013

    Now, listen to a customer telling the car rental agent what he would like. Can you get all the details?

    Man: Ich nehme den Volkswagen Golf fr vier Tage, von heute bis Dienstag. Und ich mchte auch einenKindersitz, bitte.


    Conversation scriptC German conversation

    Claudia: Guten Tag. Ich mchte ein Automieten.

    Rental agent: Fr wie viele Tage?

    Claudia: Von morgen, Montag bis Freitag.

    Rental agent: Wir haben einen VW Golf, einenAudi A oder einen BMW d.

    Claudia: Was kostet denn de