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These are the slides I used at my first talk on KDE at school, last year.


  • 1. KDE

2. What is KDE?Desktop Environment Crossplattform Community Free as in Freedom 3. HistoryMathias Ettrich 1996 October Kool Desktop Environment 4. Community 13 years old 35 40 Mio. People 5. KDE ApplicationsOffice (Koffice, KOrganizer) Astronomy (KStars) Education (Kturtle, Parley) Multimedia ( Amarok, Kaffeine, Dragonplayer) Internet(Konqueror, Kopete) 6. KWin Pretty Window effectsUsefull More choice 7. Plasma Desktop itself Advanced graphical interfaceWidgets! 8. Semantic Desktop Network services integrated Twitter,Facebook,Wikipedia,Google Tag, Search , Rate , View 9. KDE everywhere KDE is avaiable on: BSD LINUX Windows Apple Mac ReactOS The list continues 10. Areas you can join! There is allways a lot todo! TranslationDevelopmentDesignGraphicsIdeasHelping others in the forums 11. What about freedom? Licensed under GPL Help and Feedback is welcome Improvements and Ideas Everybody can join! 12. So long! And thanks for the fish!Questions?