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<ul><li><p>VOL. 9 NO. 2 January 14, 2015www.ShopperNewsNow.com | www.facebook.com/ShopperNewsNow</p><p>To page A-3</p><p>10512 Lexington Dr., Ste. 500 37932 (865) 218-WEST (9378)</p><p>NEWS </p><p>news@ShopperNewsNow.comSherri Gardner Howell | Nancy Anderson</p><p>ADVERTISING SALESads@ShopperNewsNow.com </p><p>Patty Fecco | Tony CranmoreWendy ODell | Sara Whittle</p><p>Cantrells Cares</p><p>SALES SERVICE MAINTENANCE</p><p>*Restrictions May Apply</p><p>Financing available through TVA Energy Right program*</p><p>Family Business for Over 20 Years 5715 Old Tazewell Pike</p><p>687-2520</p><p>686-5756Audio &amp; Video Conversion</p><p>www.DigitizeItNow.com12752 Kingston Pike, Renaissance Farragut, Ste 103, Bldg E</p><p>Bring your VHS, slides, lm and more intothe digital age. Coupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount willCoupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount will </p><p>not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.</p><p>20% OFF Entire Purchase!20% OFF Entire Purchase!Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.</p><p>SNSN011415011415Expires 1/20/15Expires 1/20/15</p><p>HAPPY NEW YEAR!Preserve those old </p><p>reels, slides &amp;vhs tapes today!</p><p>By Sandra ClarkThe District 6 Demo-</p><p>cratic committee helped stir up a crowd when Presi-dent Obama, Vice Presi-dent Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, visited Hardin Valley last week.</p><p>Everyone had a great time, very upbeat and pos-itive, said Janice Spoone. We love President Obama. WBIR as well as other lo-cal stations interviewed supporters all day. We re-ceived unbelievable cover-age. We were very success-ful and had a great time.</p><p>Spoone and Clay Mul-ford are co-chairs of the District 6 Democrats. Pho-tographer Frank Schingle was there snapping pic-</p><p>By Sara BarrettKarns Middle School special </p><p>education teacher Brittany Lae-them and Hardin Valley Academy foreign language department head Beth Howe have already had some wishes granted for 2015. Literally.</p><p>Knox County Schools and Great Schools Partnership have given more than $63,000 in funding to a handful of teachers through the TeacherPreneur Grant Program. More than 45 proposals were re-ceived, and six teachers requests were approved, including those of Howe and Laethem.</p><p>The name TeacherPreneur was coined to represent the con-</p><p>Student success granted for 2015</p><p>Perched on the new ball chairs in a classroom at Karns Middle School are, from left, Zakira Cole, Larry McDaniel and Rebecca Beach. At back are Mikey Curtis, Bruce Cutshaw, special education teacher Brittany Laethem, Ruth Winters and Ethan Dela Rosa. Photos by S. Barrett</p><p>nection between teachers and entrepreneurs. In a press release, Great Schools Partnership Presi-dent Buzz Thomas said Teacher-Preneurs are to education what entrepreneurs are to business. </p><p>They innovate. They have vision. They continually fi nd ways to im-prove, said Thomas. Through the grant program, we just wanted to give them a chance to shine, and they didnt disappoint.</p><p>Hardin Valley Academy foreign lan-guage department head and French teacher Beth Howe displays a pur-chase order for student headsets.</p><p>Howe received $13,040 for a mobile foreign language lab. She said HVA students couldnt be more excited. In the past, theyve </p><p>To page A-3</p><p>ByBy SSSananddrdraa lClClararkkk</p><p>Democrats welcome Obama, BidensKristina McLean holds a Biden sign while Christopher Ball holds an Amer-ican fl ag. They were among those gathered on Pellissippi Parkway to see the presidential motorcade. Ball is a student at Carson-Newman Uni-versity. Photos by Frank Schingle</p><p>tures. Knox County Com-mission District 6 covers Karns and Hardin Valley and is represented on the commission by Republican Brad Anders.</p><p>Kristina McLean held a sign calling Joe Biden her spirit animal.</p><p>Spoone said McLean would not be able to get </p><p>By Sandra ClarkKnox County Schools will be giv-</p><p>ing a state-mandated writing as-sessment to children in grades 3-11 in February. The mom of a third-grader contacted Shopper-News.</p><p>A great day to stay home</p><p>AnalysisThe tests will be given on com-</p><p>puter, and third-graders will be required to type their answers, she said. The teacher wrote: This is an online assessment, which means they will read two articles online and then TYPE their 5 paragraph response.</p><p>The kids will have an hour and a half to complete the test with a 30-minute break in between, ac-cording to the teacher. </p><p>Dr. Elizabeth Alves, chief aca-demic offi cer for Knox County Schools, said this is the fi rst year the test will be administered in grades 3-11. In the past, it was only given in grades 5, 8 and 11. The test was piloted across the state last year. Our teachers opted not to participate in the pilot.</p><p>Alves said the writing test for grades 5, 8 and 11 was adminis-tered by computer last year and grades 8 and 11 have been tested </p><p>on computer for two years.She said student performance </p><p>will be reported, but it will not count for teacher evaluation or system accountability purposes.</p><p>My fi nal question: In what grade are children taught to type and expected to be profi cient in the skill?</p><p>Alves said: Instruction in the use of technology and typing varies from school to school. Currently, there is no curriculum from the state for teaching typing at the el-ementary levels; however, there are state standards at each grade level that identify performance expecta-</p><p>tions. Elementary students are not graded on profi ciency in typing.</p><p>The parent who contacted Shop-per-News is concerned that her 8-year-old will be typing a fi ve-paragraph response in a timed for-mat. She said her kid visits the tech lab every six days, hardly enough to become profi cient at keyboarding.</p><p>The teacher who contacted her said typing practice at home would be helpful because, Capi-talization, punctuation and inden-tions will be taken into consider-ation on their assessment grade. </p><p>This might be a good day to keep your 8-year-old at home. </p><p>Military hero to headline meeting</p><p>U.S. Naval and Marine hero Edgar Harrell will speak at the </p><p>next meeting of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) at noon Tuesday, Jan. 20, at the DoubleTree Hotel, 215 S. Illinois Ave. in </p><p>Oak Ridge. Everyone is invited.Harrell survived the sinking </p><p>of the Heavy Cruiser U.S.S. Indianapolis by a Japanese torpedo weeks before the end of World War II. He jumped into shark-infested waters of the Pacifi c Ocean and was rescued fi ve days later. </p><p>At the meeting, Harrell will sell and sign copies of his book, Out of the Depths. All proceeds will be given to the National Memorial in Indianapolis dedicated to the crewmen who perished and to the memory of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.</p><p>Registration begins at noon, a hot lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m. and Harrell will begin at 1 p.m. Reservations are required. </p><p>Cost of lunch is $14 and includes dessert, tax and tip. Info: 482-4625 or 938-4532.</p><p>Ed Harrell</p><p>IN THIS ISSUE</p><p>Building brains!This isnt a childrens show, </p><p>said Charlene Ellis, although it is fun to watch. </p><p>The Knoxville guru of baby brain development was fl at on her back with legs kicking in the air, as were the 30 other children and adults in the room.</p><p> Read Nancy Anderson on page A-3</p><p>NEIGHBORHOOD BUZZ</p><p>American SniperDirector Clint Eastwood </p><p>knows war movies. His Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima are two of the best in recent years.</p><p>American Sniper had the potential to make it a trifecta, but Eastwood cant fi gure out what kind of war movie hes trying to make.</p><p> Read Betsy Pickle on page A-10</p><p>Mary Boyce TempleAlong with Lizzie Crozier </p><p>French, Mary Boyce Temple organized the Ossoli Circle in 1885 and was elected its fi rst president.</p><p>Ossoli is the Souths oldest federated womens club.</p><p> Read Jim Tumblin on page B-2</p></li><li><p>A-2 JANUARY 14, 2015 Shopper news </p><p>2014 Charter Communications, Inc. Offer good through 3/31/15; valid to qualied residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and have no outstanding obligation to Charter. *Bundle price is $89.97/mo. yr 1 &amp; $109.97/mo. yr 2; standard rates apply after 2 years; qualifying bundle includes Charter TV Select, Internet and Unlimited Voice. 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Let NATURALLY CLEAN RESIDENTIAL SERVICES take the stress out of your housework! Licensed, Bonded &amp; Insured, free est. 207-6440207-6440</p><p>Student success From page A-1had to take tests at Webb School of Knoxville or Pellissippi State because HVA doesnt have the prop-er audio equipment to re-cord answers given orally. Testing already anxious stu-dents on unfamiliar equip-ment in an unfamiliar en-vironment leaves room for error. </p><p>Every year, theres been an issue, said Howe of stu-dents hitting the wrong but-ton, or missing the prompt to record an answer. With the mobile lab, each student will be able to use a mini iPad and headset beginning their freshman year, and they will be able to build a portfolio throughout high </p><p>Nancy Anderson</p><p>This isnt a childrens show, said Charlene Ellis, although it is fun to watch. </p><p>The Knoxville guru of baby brain development was fl at on her back with legs kicking in the air, as were the 30 other children and adults in the room. </p><p>It may look like childs play, but building better brains is serious business that starts early, explained Ellis, who does programs at </p><p>Carile Houk, age 3, joined more than a dozen other youngsters to sing and clap to the Hello Song for Children. </p><p>Eleven-month-old Arya Wallace is all bright eyes and giggles asshe explores the play mat during Saturday Stories and Songswith Charlene Ellis at Cedar Bluff Branch Library Saturday, Jan.10. Photos by Nancy Anderson</p><p>Lauren Jordan brought her 6-months-old son, Thomas, to play and sing with the other kids. Hes really bright, she said. His little eyes just take in everything around him; hes constantly watching whats going on.</p><p>Baby guru Charlene Ellis gets on baby level for some playtime. I think this program is good for me, too, she said. I get a little exercise time in. </p><p>This isnt a childrens</p><p>Baby guru helps children build better brains</p><p>Obama, Bidens From page A-1</p><p>health insurance because of a pre-existing condition if not for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).</p><p>Former state Rep. Glo-ria Johnson posted on Facebook that she and Democratic state commit-tee members Sylvia Woods and Cameron Brooks met and spoke with President Obama while he was at Pellissippi State. Brooks drove a vehicle in the mo-torcade.</p><p>Katie Dossett Butler posted it was bittersweet </p><p>the public library and other venues and has been called The Baby Whisperer.</p><p>We want the emphasis to be on starting early, said Ellis. And the wonderful thing is, you can just see the babies eyes brightening and smiling as their caregivers sing, smile and stimulate movement. </p><p>Ellis, who helped start the fi rst Mother Goose Pro-gram at Helen Ross McNabb Center in Knoxville nearly a decade ago, said her class is also for the parents. I want caregivers to learn these techniques and apply them at home. The earlier, the better, although its never too late to start. </p><p>Ellis told the group that </p><p>any child, no matter his or her circumstances, can benefi t from activities that get them singing, seeing and moving. The kinds of things were doing encour-age tactile stimulation and cross-lateral movement so both sides of the brain can work together. It may sound like Row, Row, Row Your Boat now, but it will be-come critical reading and reasoning skills later on, said Ellis. </p><p>Ashley Wallace brought her daughter, Arya, so they could have mother-daugh-ter time together. Arya is in day care while I work, so I spend as much time as possible with her singing, playing and doing things </p><p>that are going to encourage her. She loves to read, and she loves music. This is go-ing to be a blast for her, for us both, said Wallace. </p><p>school and submit the fi n-ished product with their college application. </p><p>Statistics show that for every class of 35 students, each child gets 11-12 sec-onds of speaking time per day with their teacher, said Howe, explaining the convenience that having an on-site mobile lab brings for students and faculty. </p><p>A lot of students take a foreign language but cant </p><p>say anything in it, said Howe. Thats what makes them most nervous is hav-ing to speak.</p><p>Before teaching special education at Karns Middle School, Laethem taught at a school near Chicago where a teacher used exercise balls for student chairs. </p><p>For students who are fi dgety, this is a positive way to channel that energy, said Laethem. She said physical </p><p>to see the president and motorcade at the same in-tersection where her young brother, Eddie, was killed in an automobile accident. They were going too fast to get a close-up picture, but I saw President Obama from 15 feet away. My day is made!</p><p>Spoone estimated 100 to 110 people gathered in freezing temperatures on the west side of Pellissippi Parkway plus another 40 to 50 on the east side. We had many banners so people who did not have their own sign could hold a greeting to the president. Of course, there were people along </p><p>Melton Hill Lake and Clin-ton routes as well.</p><p>Knox County Democratic Party chair Linda Haney worked a...</p></li></ul>