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A great community newspaper serving Karns and Hardin Valley


<ul><li><p>10512 Lexington Dr., Ste. 500 37932 (865) 218-WEST (9378)</p><p>news@ShopperNewsNow.comads@ShopperNewsNow.com</p><p>EDITOR Sandra Clark</p><p>sclark426@aol.com</p><p>ADVERTISING SALESDebbie Moss</p><p>mossd@ShopperNewsNow.com</p><p>Shopper-News is a member of KNS Media Group, published weekly at 10512 Lexington Drive, Suite 500, Knoxville, TN, and distributed to 33,237 homes in Farragut, Karns </p><p>and Hardin Valley.</p><p>IN THIS ISSUE</p><p>www.ShopperNewsNow.com | www.facebook.com/ShopperNewsNow | twitter.com/shoppernewsnow</p><p>KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY</p><p>VOL. 6 NO. 14 A great community newspaper April 2, 2012</p><p>Community A2Theresa Edwards A3Government/Politics A4Marvin West A5Jake Mabe A6Faith A7Schools A8-9Community Calendar A10Business A12Health/Lifestyles Sect B</p><p>Index</p><p>The day the King came to town </p><p>Forty years ago, on April 8, 1972, a king named Elvis Pre-sley came to Stokely Athletic Center as the headliner for that years Dogwood Arts Festival. </p><p>Dave Macon, who was the treasurer for the Festival that year, said organizers wanted 72 to be a big year for the still-new event. Who bigger, then, than The King of Rock and Roll? </p><p> See page A-6</p><p>Trae Golden to the foul line </p><p>A longtime fan who follows Tennessee basketball from afar was trying to guess how many times he heard Bob Kes-ling say Trae Golden to the foul line.</p><p>Trae attempted 157 free throws this season.</p><p> See Marvin West on page A-5</p><p>Balloon sculpture wins world award</p><p>Above the Rest team won second place in the medium sculpture design competi-tion at the World Balloon Convention in Dallas with its creation Spring in the Smok-ies. Forty-seven countries competed, with Above the Rest of Knoxville being the only American team to win.</p><p>The design consisted of more than 6,500 balloons. It featured a 4-foot black bear in her native habitat of spring f lowers, dogwoods and pine trees beside a mountain stream. </p><p> See page A-3</p><p>686-5756Audio &amp; Video Conversion Expires 4/7/12Expires 4/7/12</p><p>SN040212SN040212</p><p>Keep Your Memories SAFE!Preserve those old </p><p>reels, slides &amp;vhs tapes today!</p><p>www.DigitizeItNow.com12752 Kingston Pike, Renaissance Farragut, Ste 103, Bldg E</p><p>Bring your VHS, slides, lm and more intothe digital age.</p><p>oPr</p><p>Meeme</p><p>$30 OFF $150 purchaseCoupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount willCoupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount will not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.</p><p>7023 Kingston PikeIn the West Hills Center</p><p>584-3966 www.fostersjewelry.com</p><p>Includes battery &amp; installation</p><p>Expires 4/30/12Must present coupon</p><p>Watch &amp; Jewelry Repair</p><p>Fine JewelryFoster' s</p><p>WATCH BATTERY COUPON</p><p> $5OOOOOONNN</p><p>yyyyyyy</p><p>Find tips for home protec-tion, home decoration, home repair and more in My Place. </p><p> See the special section inside</p><p>Home EditionSpecial Section</p><p>Place</p><p>By Theresa EdwardsHardin Valley Academy invites </p><p>the public to a free Health Expo from 4-8 p.m. Thursday, April 5.</p><p>More than 70 participating ex-hibitors will provide free health screenings, demonstrations, pre-ventive health information and services, nutrition education, plus special attractions for children.</p><p>The free screenings include: Vision and hearing screening Blood pressure checks and </p><p>BMI screenings Oral cancer screenings Bone density screenings Carotid artery screening</p><p>Bring your children for fun at-tractions added this year espe-cially for them: WIVICK the Frog; Jasper, the Tennessee Valley Fair mascot; Chip the Colon; an ambu-lance; and SYM-MAN, a life-size talking robot.</p><p>There will also be an entire section dedicated to summer pro-grams and camps.</p><p>Medic will sponsor a blood drive. Donating just one pint of blood per year to Medic exempts you and your IRS dependents from paying blood collection fees at any hospital in the </p><p>Medic Regional Blood Center will be sponsoring a blood drive at the HVA Health Expo. Susan Hubbard is with Medic.</p><p>Health Expo is Thursday</p><p>Fresh fruits and vegetables promote good health. Nutrition information will be available at the Health Expo. Photos by T. Edwards of TEPHOTOS.com</p><p>Heavy truck traffic on Hickory CreekBy Sandra Clark</p><p>A rural county road in West Knox County is swamped with heavy truck traffi c which residents say is caused by drivers trying to avoid the weigh station on I-40 near Watt Road.</p><p>Steve Murray and Paul Johnson appeared before Knox County Com-mission last week, asking for a gross weight limit of 10,000 pounds on Hickory Creek Road.</p><p>Its a greenway with lots of bik-ers, said Murray, and an ongoing problem.</p><p>Commissioner Brad Anders, who represents the area, said hes contacted the Tennessee Highway Patrol to come look at it.</p><p>Dwight Van de Vate, director of Engineering and Public Works, said state law uses a limit of 80,000 pounds. We would like to help, but havent had good options yet.</p><p>He promised to check into the situation.</p><p>A Shopper-News photographer had no trouble fi nding heavy trucks on Hickory Creek Road. Theresa Edwards just drove over there and watched the parade. Well continue to follow this story.</p><p>Also at County Commission, Dr. Richard Briggs roused up to blast his colleagues for trying to micro-manage the affairs of KaTom, a res-taurant supply company that wants to relocate to property on I-40 at Midway Road currently owned by The Development Corporation.</p><p>Its a no-brainer, Briggs said.TDC was asking the commis-</p><p>sion to approve a 4-year PILOT (payment in lieu of tax) for KaTom, which is currently located in Rus-sellville, just outside of Morristown. Patricia Bible, company president, spoke for her business. KaTom </p><p>wants to invest $6.25 million to build a 55,000-square-foot ware-house. Bible currently employs just over 60 people and expects to grow that to 135 in fi ve years.</p><p>Todd Napier from TDC explained that the PILOT wont cost Knox County money because the land is currently not on the tax rolls.</p><p>Mike Hammond drew a laugh when he said, Lets talk about jobs. If you dont think jobs are important, ask somebody who doesnt have one. I am now among that group. Hammond, the long-time program director for WIVK Radio, was terminated by his cor-porate employer in a move to save money.</p><p>Amy Broyles argued that Bible should look at land in existing busi-ness parks, rather than disrupt a greenfi eld. In the end, the PILOT passed 8-3 with Broyles, Tony Nor-man and Dave Wright voting no.</p><p>The land remains unzoned and tied up in a lawsuit brought by neighbors.</p><p>Commissioner R. Larry Smith and others took TVA to task for its new tree-cutting policies. TVA was defended by Bert Robinson who said the federal power utility has a 75-foot easement on either side of its high wires and the cutting is necessary to ensure the lines are tree-free and in compliance with regulations.</p><p>Commissioner Tony Norman said residents are not concerned with tree height so much as breadth and screening. People want visual borders, and that can be accom-plished.</p><p>Margot Kline, Larry Silverstein, Summer Henry and others spoke for residents who oppose the clear-cutting on the easements.</p><p>Commercial vehicles frequently use Hickory Creek Road to bypass the weigh station on I-40 near Watt Road. Residents have asked Knox County Commission for a weight limit on this rural road. Photo by TEphotos.com</p><p>Steve Murray and Paul Johnson at Knox County Commission.</p><p>Commissioner Brad Andershas called the THP.</p><p>U.S. if a transfusion is needed. For a company, if 30 percent of your ac-tive payroll or membership partici-pates, then your entire organization could receive the benefi t.</p><p>Info: www.hvahealthexpo.com/. </p><p>Commissioner Mike Brown told Henry, If they come on my prop-erty with weapons, they had better be prepared to use them.</p><p>But in the end, Brown and Com-</p><p>missioner Sam McKenzie voted no as 9 commissioners asked TVA to rethink its policy.</p><p>City Council is expected to con-sider a similar resolution this week.</p><p>Summer Camp!</p><p>bring on thesummer fun!</p><p>Call your sales representative today for details! </p><p>This year, were bringing youeven more opportunities to</p><p>922-4136</p></li><li><p>A-2 APRIL 2, 2012 KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY SHOPPER-NEWS </p><p>Halls Powell Fountain CityWest Knoxville Maynardville Luttrell</p><p>www.cbtn.com</p><p>Member FDIC</p><p>Once you get a taste of our Simply The Best checking,you'll never think of regular bank checking the same way ever again.</p><p>That's because our account comes with all the little extra sprinkles like LifeLock I.D. Theft Protection, free checks, a complimentary Prescription Drug Card - plus </p><p>optical discounts and even cash back with over 1200 merchants.For those with tastes beyond vanilla, we're serving up the</p><p>best checking account in town.Nursery &amp; Garden Center</p><p>M-F 8-6 Sat 9-5 Open Sun 1-5 through June</p><p>www.StanleysGreenhouse.com</p><p>573-9591573-95913029 Davenport Road 5 minutes from downtown</p><p>Nursery &amp; Garden CenteNursery &amp; Garden CenteNursery &amp; Garden CentNursery &amp; Garden CentStanleys Greenhouse</p><p>NO SALES TAX ON PLANTS!</p><p>Its Spring Time!</p><p>Come see us, you wont be disappointed!</p><p>All Pansies On Sale!Several Varieties Of DogwoodsGrown On Site Early Vegetables&amp; HerbsSpring Blooming Shrubs &amp; Trees</p><p>SAT., APRIL 710:30am</p><p>with Kathy Brennan,Tennessee Rose Society</p><p>DIRECTIONS:Take I-40 James White Parkway exit. Right on Sevier Ave at end of bridge. 1 mile left on Daven-port, 1 mile Stanleys on right.</p><p>EnglishEnglishRosesRoses</p><p>Seminar Series</p><p>FREE!</p><p>By Theresa EdwardsAbove the Rest team </p><p>won second place in the me-dium sculpture design com-petition at the World Bal-loon Convention in Dallas with their creation Spring in the Smokies. Forty-seven countries competed, with Above the Rest of Knoxville being the only American team to win.</p><p>Rachel worked three or four months in advance creating the design, said Dianna Glandon. The sculp-ture was then built at the convention site. It took a team of 15 people working 12 hours nonstop, totaling 180 work hours, she said.</p><p>The design consisted of more than 6,500 balloons utilizing new balloon sculpt-ing techniques. It featured a 4-foot black bear in her na-tive habitat of spring fl owers, dogwoods and pine trees be-side a mountain stream. </p><p>As experts with extensive worldwide training and ex-perience, the Glandons were designated as Certifi ed Bal-loon Artists (CBAs) in 2010. They love creating unique dcor for special events and celebrations. Their goal is to create the wow response to their unique balloon designs.</p><p>The bear sculpture will be shipped home to Knox-ville sometime soon.</p><p>KARNS NOTES Council of West Knox County Homeowners meets at </p><p>7:15 p.m. each first Tuesday at Peace Lutheran Church, 621 N. Cedar Bluff Road. This months guest speaker will be Debra Van Meter, past-president of CWKCH. Info: www.cwkch.com/.</p><p> Greater Karns Business Association meets at noon each second Thursday at the Karns Community Club building on Oak Ridge Highway. Info: Alisa Pruett, 603-4273, or www.karnsbusiness.com/.</p><p> Karns chapter of American Business Women Associa-tion meets at 6 p.m. each second Monday at Outback Steakhouse on North Peters Road. Info: Alisa Pruett, 603-4273 or apruett@bellsouth.net/.</p><p> Karns Republican Club meets 7 p.m. each first Tuesday at Karns Middle School library. Rick Trott with the Knox County Sheriffs Department will be the guest speaker April 3. Info: Lorraine Coffey, 660-3677. </p><p> West Knox Lions Club meets 7 p.m. each first and third Monday at Shoneys on Lovell Road.</p><p>Local team wins world balloon sculpting award</p><p>Designer Rachel Glandon and business president/owner Dianna Glandon win a world competition award with their balloon sculpture Spring in the Smokies. Photo courtesy of Above the Rest Event Designs</p><p>The Above the Rest team wins this second place award in the me-dium sculpture design competition at the World Balloon Convention held in Dallas. They were the only United States team to win one of the 29 awards. Photo by T. Edwards of TEPHOTOS.com</p><p>This bear will be shipped home to Knoxville soon.</p><p>COMMUNITY CLUBS</p><p> The Knoxville Civil War Roundtable will meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, at Bearden Banquet Hall. Professor and au-thor Thomas Flagel will discuss Messengers of Death: How the </p><p>Press Reported the Civil War. Everyone is invited. Admission to the discussion is $5. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. for $15 ($17 nonmembers). RSVP by 11 a.m. Monday, April 9, by calling 671-9001.</p><p> The Knoxville Writers Guild will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 5, at the Laurel Theater at the corner of Laurel Avenue </p><p>and 16th Street. A $2 donation will be requested at the door. Nationally recognized poets Linda Parsons Marion, Edward Francisco and Blas Falconer will share some of their work. Also coming up, Marilyn Kal-let, creative writing program director for the University of Tennessee, will lead a poetry writing workshop 10 a.m. </p><p>to noon Saturday, April 14, at Church of the Savior, 934 N. Weisgarber Road. Cost is $25 for KWG members, $30 nonmembers. Info: www.knoxvillewritersguild.org.</p><p> Note-Torious, Knoxvilles youth male chorus will hold open auditions for new singers ages 13-25 through Saturday, April 14. Info: Ken Hansen, 470-8622.</p><p>1051</p><p>2 Lex</p><p>ingto</p><p>n Dr., </p><p>Ste. </p><p>500</p><p>218-</p><p>WES</p><p>T</p><p>Saturday, April 78am - 10am</p><p>CHILI'S RESTAURANT 7304 Kingston Pike</p><p>EAT PANCAKES!TO SUPPORT A GREAT TEAM</p><p>$5TICKETSjustCan be purchased </p><p>at the door or in advance</p><p>Ad space donated by</p><p>To help the U12 boys from Karns AYSO No. 275 buy uniforms and pay tournament fees </p><p>for the AYSO National Games in Knoxville </p><p>this summer.</p><p>TEAM</p></li><li><p>KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY SHOPPER-NEWS APRIL 2, 2012 A-3 </p><p>Theresa Edwards</p><p>Financial Focus</p><p>WendySchopp</p><p>Youve got until April 17 to contribute to your Individual Retire-ment Account (IRA) for the 2011 tax year. Thats not a lot of time, but if you have some money available, and you havent completely funded your IRA for 2011, consider doing so before the dead-line. And once youve maxed out on your IRA for last year, why not get a jump on 2012?</p><p>Actually, you could have started con-tributing to your 2012 IRA as early as Jan. 2. In fact, if you can get into the habit of fully funding your IRA each January, youll give your money 15 extra months of growth potential, as opposed to wait-ing until mid-April of the following year. If you factor in all the years youll be con-tributing to your IRA before you retire, those extra months of growth opportuni-ties, repeated over decades, could end up providing you with a fair amount of extra cash when you start tapping into your IRA at retirement.</p><p>Of course, you may not nd it all that easy to come up with the full IRA contri-bution amount at one time. (In 2012, you can put up to $5,000 into a Roth or tradi-tional IRA, or $6,000 if youre 50 or old-er.) But if you look at your entire nancial picture, you may be able to think of some resources. Here are a few suggestions:</p><p> Put your tax refund to work. In 2011, the average tax refund was about $3,000, according to the IRS. If you received that amount in 2012, and you applied it toward your IRA, you would already have met half the contribution </p><p>limit (if you are 50 or older) or more than half (if youre younger than 50).</p><p> Take advanta...</p></li></ul>