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A great community newspaper serving Karns and Hardin Valley


<ul><li><p>IN THIS ISSUE</p><p>www.ShopperNewsNow.com | www.facebook.com/ShopperNewsNow | twitter.com/shoppernewsnow</p><p>KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY</p><p>VOL. 6 NO. 35 A great community newspaper August 27, 2012</p><p>Coff ee BreakMeet Dr. Sam Meisler. </p><p>experienced veterinarian with excellent pet-side manners, and a true friend of my family, says Theresa Edwards.</p><p>Get to know Dr. Meisler over a Coffee Break. </p><p> See page A-2</p><p>Miracle MakerKids who complete the In-</p><p>ternational Baccalaureate (IB) program at West High School might be better equipped to compete in a global economy than any other graduating seniors in Knox County. </p><p>But what is IB?</p><p> See Wendy Smiths story on page A-9</p><p>XXL opener for UTAs big openers go, this is </p><p>size XXL for Derek Dooley, Tyler Bray, the new running attack and the new defense, Marvin West writes.</p><p>Opening games are not all the same. Value fl uctuates.</p><p> See Marvins story on page A-5</p><p>Detectives honored by Elks</p><p>Knox County Detectives of the Month were honored Aug. 21 at a special dinner hosted by Elks Lodge No. 160. </p><p>Captain Jeanette Har-ris of the Family Crisis Unit presented awards to detec-tives Brian Williams and Miranda Spangler for their outstanding service resulting in criminal arrests.</p><p>Detectives Joey Cook and Mark Harvey were honored for their work in apprehend-ing thieves and recovering stolen property including items from the break-in of an unmarked officers vehicle.</p><p>Officer Jeremy McCord also earned the Officer of the Month award.</p><p> See Theresas story on page A-3</p><p>10512 Lexington Dr., Ste. 500 37932 (865) 218-WEST (9378)</p><p>news@ShopperNewsNow.comads@ShopperNewsNow.com</p><p>GENERAL MANAGER Shannon Carey</p><p>shannon@ShopperNewsNow.com</p><p>EDITOR Sandra Clark</p><p>sclark426@aol.com</p><p>COMMUNITY REPORTERTheresa Edwardstephotos@tds.net</p><p>ADVERTISING SALESDebbie Moss</p><p>mossd@ShopperNewsNow.com</p><p>Shopper-News is a member of KNS Media Group, published weekly at 10512 Lexington Drive, Suite 500, Knoxville, TN, and distributed to 33,237 homes in Farragut, Karns </p><p>and Hardin Valley.</p><p>Coff ee Break A2Theresa Edwards A3Government/Politics A4Marvin West A5Malcolm Shell/Jake Mabe A6Faith A7Kids A8Miracle Makers A9Business A11Calendar A12Health/Lifestyles Sect B</p><p>Index</p><p>SALES SERVICE MAINTENANCE</p><p>Family Business Serving You for Over 15 Years 5715 Old Tazewell Pike 687-2520</p><p>SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE</p><p>FaFaFaFaFaFamimimimimilylylylylyy B B B BB Busususususu inininininesesesesesess s ssss SeSeSeSeSeServrvrvrvrvr ininininng g gg YoYoYoYoY uu u u u fofofoffof rr r rr OvOvOvOvOvverererer 1 1 1115 55 55 5 YeYeYeYeeararararaa s s ss 57575757151515 OOOOldldldd TTTT lllllll PiPiPikkk 666687878787 22225252525 0000</p><p>*Restrictions May Apply</p><p>Financing available through TVA Energy Right program*</p><p>Cantrells Cares</p><p>686-5756Audio &amp; Video Conversion Expires 9/1/12Expires 9/1/12</p><p>SN082712SN082712</p><p>Keep Your Memories SAFE!Preserve those old </p><p>reels, slides &amp;vhs tapes today!</p><p>www.DigitizeItNow.com12752 Kingston Pike, Renaissance Farragut, Ste 103, Bldg E</p><p>Bring your VHS, slides, lm and more intothe digital age.</p><p>oPr</p><p>Meeme</p><p>Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.$25 OFF $100 PURCHASE</p><p>Coupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount willCoupon must be presented at time order is dropped off. Discount will not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.not be applied to previous orders or orders that are being processed.</p><p>By Anne HartHeres a novel idea: have the </p><p>criminals themselves rather than law-abiding citizens pay for the online tools that help both law enforcement and un-suspecting neighbors keep track of what crimes have been com-mitted in what areas.</p><p>Thats the case with the two online websites used mutually by the Knox County Sheriffs Office, the Knoxville Police Depart-ment, the UT Police Department and a few adjoining counties.</p><p>Capt. Robert Hubbs, crime analyst and technician with the KCSO, told members of the Council of West Knox County Homeowners that convicted sex offenders are required to regis-ter and pay fees at the Sheriffs Office. It is those fees that pay for the websites that are made available to the public.</p><p>One of the sites is crimere-ports.com. The other is raidson-line.com, which can be accessed through the KCSO website </p><p>knoxsheriff.org. and is both comprehensive and easy to use.</p><p>Not only will it show you a map pinpointing what crimes have occurred in the next county or the next neighborhood, it will show what happened next door.</p><p>The map uses symbols and color-coded f lags to track every-thing from traffic stops to homi-cides, shoplifting, vehicle thefts, breaking and entering, burglary, drug and alcohol violations and much more.</p><p>It can be programmed to show just one category of crime theft of a motor vehicle, for example or it can be programmed to map more than two dozen crimes.</p><p>On the website, citizens can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly alerts within a desig-nated radius of a specific ad-dress home, school or place of business, for instance and can even select what time each day to receive the alert. The site is updated hourly, but alerts are is-sued only once a day.</p><p>Capt. Robert Hubbs of the Knox County Sheriff s Offi ce Photo by A. Hart</p><p>Capt. Hubbs said other advan-tages of entering the raidsonline website through the KCSO site include being able to access news from the department, lists of the inmate population and other in-formation, including recent ar-rests and details concerning ani-</p><p>mal control.The site also allows residents </p><p>to anonymously submit tips to the department concerning ac-tual or suspected criminal or il-legal activity.</p><p>Info: 215-4329 or robert.hubbs@knoxsheriff.org </p><p>Tracking crime</p><p>By Theresa EdwardsKarns Fire Department is ex-</p><p>panding with a new station to serve the Hardin Valley area. Fire Chief Kenneth Marston said the new station should be completed by November and a the date for a community open house will be announced.</p><p>The station is an essential service building, being con-structed to standards far above ordinary buildings. We want our buildings to withstand any disaster or emergency so that the equipment will be able to re-spond, said Marston. The ap-paratus bay is built to withstand earthquakes and tornadoes with up to 125 mph winds.</p><p>The new facility will allow for </p><p>better staffi ng, maintenance and development to service the grow-ing area, he said, with a projected life expectancy of 75 years.</p><p>Karns Fire Department now has three professional paid drivers and engineers who know how to pump and operate the apparatus. That guarantees we will have someone who can drive and operate the truck at every emergency, said Mar-ston. There are also officers at each station to supervise and maintain communications dur-ing fires, Captain Gregory at Station 1 and Captain Oliver at Station 2 (Hardin Valley).</p><p>With the addition of this new station and staff, the response time to the Hardin Valley area is </p><p>Progress continues on the Hardin Valley Station, with walls being built around the apparatus bay (engine room). It will be able to withstand tornadoes and earthquakes, so the equipment will be available for such disasters.</p><p>Fire station comingto Hardin Valley</p><p>This drawing shows the Karns Fire Departments new Station 2, which is being built at the corner of Hardin Valley and Campbell Station roads. Land-scaping will be added. Photo by T. Edwards, Drawing by ar-chitects Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon, Inc. </p><p>decreased by 6-10 minutes. It is a very valuable resource in the area, said Marston. </p><p>Karns Fire Department is a subscription service, provid-ing fire protection, emergency medical first-response, hazard-</p><p>ous materials response, rescue support, non-emergency public assistance and public education for more than 40,000 residents. A benefit of membership is sub-stantial savings on home insur-ance premiums.</p></li><li><p>A-2 AUGUST 27, 2012 KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY SHOPPER-NEWS </p><p>with Sam Meisler</p><p>Coffee Break</p><p>It can be your neighbor, club leader, bridge partner, boss, father, teacher anyone you think would be interesting to Karns/Hardin Valley Shopper-News readers. Email suggestions to Theresa Edwards, tephotos@tds.net. Include contact info if you can.</p><p>Dr. Sam Meisler is a devoted family man, experienced veterinarian with excellent pet-side manners and a true friend of my family.</p><p>Dr. Sam married Julie in Knoxville in the 1990s while he was doing his residency here. They moved to Lake-land, Fla., where he established a successful veterinar-ian hospital. But they moved back to Knoxville in 2004 to have better schooling opportunities for their children, Hunter and Sarah.</p><p>Hunter graduated from Webb School of Knoxville one year ago. He did well academically and in football, be-coming Mr. Tennessee fi nalist for the lineman position. He is now a sophomore at Columbia University in New York where he plays football. </p><p>Sarah, 11, attends public school. She loves swimming, horseback riding and is very interested in becoming a veterinarian, coming to work quite often with her dad.</p><p>Dr. Sam opened My Pets Animal Hospital in January 2005 at 9450 S. Northshore Drive, then an Alcoa location at 3075 Lois Lane in 2006, and Pet Well Clinic at 10549 Kingston Pike in January 2010.</p><p>He has developed a helpful website, www.doghealth-problemsadvice.com, to answer questions about pets health. Dr. Sams family includes Toby, a retriever-chow mix almost 16, and two cats, Minnie and Halloween.</p><p>Sit and have a Coffee Break as you get to know Dr. Sam Meisler:</p><p>What is your favorite quote from TV or a movie?I have a quote from literature, John Donne, No man </p><p>is an island. ... do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.</p><p>What are you guilty of? I am guilty of being a chocolate fi end. </p><p>What is your favorite material possession? Probably my Mini Cooper.</p><p>What are you reading currently? I am reading Poor Economics.</p><p>What was your most embarrassing moment?It probably would be if I forget a clients name or </p><p>something.</p><p>What are the top three things on your bucket list? </p><p>Probably to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, hike the Ap-palachian Trail and get my kids through college.</p><p>What is one word others often use to describe you and why? </p><p>Driven, mainly because Im always thinking I have to be doing something. It really is hard for me to relax on vacations.</p><p>If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?</p><p>If I could be more focused.</p><p>What is your passion?My passion is our two kids, making sure they succeed.</p><p>With whom would you most like to have a long lunch? Nelson Mandela.</p><p>Other than your parents, who has had the biggest infl u-ence on your life and why? </p><p>My wife, Julie. She is basically the foundation of where we are, everything we do. She is defi nitely the enabler.</p><p>I still cant quite get the hang of Being the dad I want to be. Its a balance with work </p><p>and everything.</p><p>What is the best present you ever received in a box? It was sort of a box, I think it was for my birthday. I </p><p>received a pony when I was a kid. The stable was sort of wrapped up. The stall had a ribbon on it. </p><p>What is the best advice your mother ever gave you? My mom gave advice by example. She ran a pottery </p><p>and gift store for over 20 years, and customer service was everything. So, she would give me lots of advice and always good books to read on how to excel in customer service.</p><p>What is your social media of choice? We do all those things, Twitter and Facebook; but bot-</p><p>tom line, it is still face-to-face contact.</p><p>What is the worst job you have ever had? My toughest job not worst, because I still enjoyed </p><p>it and it was vital to my success was probably my fi rst year as a veterinarian. I worked in a mixed animal practice and had mostly Amish clientele which made it immensely fascinating. However, I was working a good 40-50 hours per week of regular hours plus another 20-40 hours on top of that with emergencies and after-hours work. Half the year, I would also be on call and for very little pay. But I really cant say its my worst I look back on those days as sort of a rite-of-passage. </p><p>What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?I grew up in East Africa, so we didnt have TV. In the </p><p>summers, I would visit relatives in New York and, hands down, The Flintstones was my favorite.</p><p>What irritates you?What irritates me, and you can ask my staff, is if I feel </p><p>we didnt do perfect customer service.</p><p>If you could do one impulsive thing, what would it be?Besides eating chocolate? Probably go travel. </p><p>- Theresa Edwards </p><p>W A S HW A S HW A S HAUTOUTOAUTO</p><p>Introducing</p><p>Express Hand Wash</p><p>10500 Kingston Pike Knoxville</p><p>865.297.3403www.synergyautowash.com</p><p>No automated equipment ever comes into contact with your vehicles exterior surfaces. Once your vehicle enters the wash, cleaning agents and soaps are automatically applied. Your automobile is then carefully hand-scrubbed before high-pressure water blasts the grime from wheels, tires and wheel wells. Your vehicle then continues down the automated state-of-the-art blowers before it is carefully hand-dried.</p><p>Helping you maintain the appearance ofyour automobile!</p><p>Condition Leather: $15</p><p>Panels/</p><p>Additional Services: Floor Mats - $2 Each Dash/Door Panels/ Console Protectant: $10 Floor Mats - $2 Each</p><p> Clean &amp; Condition Leather: $15 Buff Wax: $29 Carpet Shampoo: $34</p></li><li><p>KARNS/HARDIN VALLEY SHOPPER-NEWS AUGUST 27, 2012 A-3 </p><p>Theresa Edwards</p><p>Proceeds from donations go to provide scholarships </p><p>to under-privileged children entering college.</p><p>ANNAS ANGELSA Nonpro t Thrift Store</p><p>www.annasangelstn.org</p><p>Open Monday-Saturday 10-6851-90595710 Kingston Pike, Suite BKnoxville, TN 37919</p><p>Please take a few minutes to consider how you can help East TN children who want to go beyond the poverty and violence by making a nancial contribution or by giving items of your choice that can be used to sell in our thrift store. </p><p>All donations are tax deductible.</p><p>Items needed: furniture, dishes, art, jewelry, tools, &amp; linens, etc.Pick-up available.</p><p>CallCall</p><p>Honest, Reliable Service Since 1971</p><p>693-7211</p><p>SSoutheastoutheastTERMITE AND PEST CONTROL</p><p>Get the Facts About Surgical Weight Loss TennovaWeightLoss.com</p><p>1-855-836-6682Space is limited. Call 865-694-9676 to register. </p><p>Tuesday, August 285:30 p.m.Turkey Creek Medical Center Johnson Conference Center10820 Parkside Drive</p><p>257-1672258-9199</p><p>The cleaning network</p><p>HOUSEKEEPINGHOUSEKEEPING</p><p>It was like a Karns reunion with all the hugs, handshakes, laughter and talking going on during the Karns pancake breakfast at Aubreys to benefit KHS basketball team. </p><p>Thanks to everyone who made the pancake breakfast so great, said Mark Larson of the Karns Basketball Club Inc. The funds raised </p><p>KARNS NOTES Council of West Knox </p><p>County Homeowners meets at 7:15 p.m. each first Tuesday at Peace Lutheran Church, 621 N....</p></li></ul>