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S O L A R I Z E F O R E S T H E I G H T S P R O G R A M E X T E N D E D ! T here has been considerable interest in the Community Solar program that provides Forest Heights residents with the opportunity to go solar at drasti-cally reduced prices. We have received several suggestions to extend the program and to have an information table about the solar program at the July 4th community event. And so the program has been extended with an additional class on July 11. Following are the details of the extension: Solarize Forest Heights enrollment closes on July 13, 2010 Last community solar class to be held on July 11, 2010 10:30 am | Location: TVFR #60, 8585 NW Johnson Road REGISTER HERE How to enroll? Residents can enroll one of two ways: take the class on July 11thorvisit the Imagine Energy website and take a quiz on the Solarize Forest Heights page We now have more than 50 residents enrolled in the program. Please let your neighbors and friends know about the program and the extended enrollment period. The program is also open to all our neighbors in the surrounding ar-eas outside Forest Heights. Here is an interesting quote that we heard from a resident - I used to think about returns and payback period and do all sorts of calculations until I saw the prices through the program. I don't need to do any of those now - these prices make them moot! pinnacle press NEWS AT FOREST HEIGHTS JULY2010 F E A T U R E D C O L U M N S S U M M E R R E A D I N G P R O G R A M M a r k y o u r c a l e n d a r s f o r V i r t u e s i n t h e P a r k . > > r e a d m o r e L O S T A P E T ? C o n s i d e r t h e s e a l t e r n a t i v e s w h e n l o o k i n g f o r y o u r l o s t p e t i n F o r e s t H e i g h t s . > > r e a d m o r e M A N A G E R U P D A T E M a n a g e r S t e p h e n H e r r r e p o r t s o n s e v e r a l F H H O A p r o j e c t s . > > r e a d m o r e 4 T H O F J U L Y J o i n u s a t M i l l P o n d P a r k t h i s S u n d a y f o r t h e a n n u a l 4 t h o f J u l y C e l e b r a t i o n . > > r e a d m o r e continued on page 2 Solarize Forest Heights Program Extended 1-3 Fourth of July Schedule of Events 4 Upcoming Community Events 5 From the Managers Desk: Update on FHHOA projects 6 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter 7 Summer Reading Program: Virtues in the Park 8 Dog Day Afternoon in the Heights 9 Compliance Corner: Lost Pets, Storage of Boats 10-11 Ask the Expert: Hiring the Right Paint Contractor 12-13 Guest Column: Portland Water Bureau 14 Ask the Manager: Whats Going on at Quinns? 15 SOLARIZE FOREST HEIGHTS IS A PROGRAM DESIGNED TO OFFER HOMEOWNERS INCENTIVES FOR GROUP INSTALLATIONS OF ROOFTOP SOLAR SYSTEMS. THE MORE WHO SIGN UP AND INSTALL, THE LOWER THE PRICE FOR EVERYONE. Page 2 Solarizing Forest Heights We held two classes in June (on the 1st and 19th). The following are Q&A from the classes that you may find infor-mative: WHAT IS THE FEED-IN-TARIFF PROGRAM THAT I READ ABOUT IN A RECENT OREGONIAN ARTICLE? Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT) is an alternative "incentive" that is being piloted in Oregon. FIT works in a very different way than the current incentives - with FIT, one does not get the Energy Trust incentive or the State tax credits. Instead, one gets paid a premium to pro-duce the electricity i.e. PGE will buy the electricity from you at a premium. However, you get taxed on the money you earn. You have to choose FIT or not upfront. The fol-lowing are a few salient points about FIT: Resident does not get the Energy Trust incentive or the State tax credit Resident gets paid a pre-mium (likely $0.55 per Kilo-Watt-Hour) for the electricity they produce. This price will be paid for the first 15 years of production; there is no infor-mation on what happens after 15 years. The solar installation is expected to produce electric-ity for 25 to 30 years, if not more Out-Of-Pocket expenses are higher because there is no Energy Trust incentive to reduce the initial expense Total costs are higher be-cause the only tax credit avail-able is the Federal tax credit The money earned every year (from the premium price paid for the electricity) is treated as income and thus may raise your tax bracket The program is currently in a pilot phase with lot of uncer-tainty about the details. continued from page 1 Forest Heights Homeowners Association 2033 NW Miller Road Portland, Oregon 97229 Phone: 503.297.9400 Fax: 503.297.9408 Office Hours: MondayFriday 9:00 am5:00 pm Email: contactus@fhhoa.com Vision Statement To create and foster excellence in community, environment and quality of life. Board of Directors | 2010 Eric ButterfieldPresident Michael FletcherVice President Sherrill CorbettSecretary Ric BartonTreasurer Stuart Roberts Mark Sanzone Joseph Schutz Association Staff Stephen K. HerrGeneral Manager Sharon AigerOffice Administrator Molly McManus OliverCompliance Coordinator Kimberly MonacoMarketing, Communications & Event Coordinator Richard MetzgerMaintenance Supervisor Juan GuerreroMaintenance Team Page 3 Our Solarize partner, Imagine Energy, has put together two tables, for two system sizes, that compare FIT with the tra-ditional incentives. The 3.5 KiloWatt system is a smaller system and represents a resi-dential installation. The 8 Kilo-Watt system is a large system. Typical residential installations are usually 2 to 4 KiloWatts in size. In order to estimate the value of the payments provided to the resident for generating power, the Net Present Value (NPV) is usedthis is a stan-dard financial measure that places a value on a future stream of payments. Our NPV calculations assume a 10% discount rate. As can be seen from the table, the net cost to the resident is higher with FIT. FIT starts making sense for larger sys-tems. Another consideration with FIT is the income gener-ated from FIT and the effect it might have on the tax rate for a resident. As always, please con-sult your professional tax advi-sor for an analysis customized for your situation. WHAT HAPPENS TO MY TAX CREDITS IF I SELL MY HOME? The Oregon tax credits amounting to $6000 is taken over 4 years ($1500 each year). As long as you are a resident, you can avail of this credit. You can pass on the credit (sell the credit) to any Oregon resident and so one option is to sell the credit to the buyer of your home. WILL THE SOLAR INSTALLATION AFFECT MY HOMEOWNER'S INSUR-ANCE? We have found that the solar installation does not affect the homeowner's insurance. You may want to check with your insurance provider to ensure that no changes are needed to your insurance policy. ~ Devidas Gupta, G2 Committee Chair and Forest Heights Resident ~ 3.5 KiloWatt System 8 KiloWatt System Without FIT With FIT Without FIT With FIT Cost/Watt $7 $7 $7 $7 Total System Cost $24,500 $24,500 $56,000 $56,000 Energy Trust Incentive $6,125 $0 $14,000 $0 Upfront Cost $18,375 $24,500 $42,000 $56,000 Federal Tax Credit $5,513 $7,350 $12,600 $16,800 Oregon Tax Credit $6,000 $ - $6,000 $ - Income from FIT - NPV, 15 years, 10% Discount $ - $14,711 $ - $33,625 Taxes paid on income from FIT (30% - OR + Fed) $ - $4,413 $ - $10,088 Effective income from FIT $ - $10,298 $ - $23,538 Net Cost $6,863 $6,852 $23,400 $15,663 Page 4 S C H E D U L E O F E V E N T S T H o f Event Kick Off Come enjoy an assortment of desserts including Red, White and Blue Shortcakes, Decadent Chocolate Brownies and Cookies, Domestic Cheese & Gourmet Crackers, Wine, Beer and Assorted Beverages Parade Across the Stage A great activity for kids and grownups alike! Dress up for your chance to win some great prizes, including Family Night at the Portland Beavers. Judges will be looking for Most Patriotic, Most Creative and Best Dressed participants. Games, games and more games Gunny Sack Race Boxer Shorts Relay Red Light/ Green Light Three-legged race Tug-O-War Dancing, DJ and Music Last call on alcoholic beverages Fireworks show! Do you need extra tickets for guests for the 4th of July Celebration? Tickets can be purchased at the HOA office or at the gate on the evening of the 4th. Adults: $10.00 Children: $5.00 Adult drinks: $3.00 Page 5 4th of July Celebration Sunday, July 4th Time: 7:00 pm10:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Community Solar Class Saturday, July 11th Time: 13:00 amNoon Location: TVFR #60 off Cornell Rd. 8585 NW Johnson Road REGISTER HERE Stories in the Park July 14th, 21st and 28th Time: 11:00 am Location: Mill Pond Park Dog Day Afternoon in the Heights Saturday, July 24th Time: 1:00 pm4:00 pm Location: Village Center The G2 committee is looking for a couple of dedicated volunteers who would like to organize a gardening workshop and harvest share events in the community. Volunteering will require one weekend day per month over the summer. If you are interested, please contact the G2 Committee chair, Devidas, at: devidas_gupta@yahoo.com G O G R E E N C O M M I T T E E L O O K I N G F O R V O L U N T E E R S Upcoming Community Events Page 6 IMPROVEMENT OF LOT 265 Due to prolonged periods of spring rain, the landscape re-construction of lot 265 has been delayed. Initial ground preparation has started, however final completion has been delayed until later this month. Ad-ditionally a wet area and possible spring was located on the lot, requiring our contractor to install a soaker trench to carry the water to the bottom of the lot. We are also discussing improving the rough grass strip that parallels the private drive. These landscaping improvements will professionally finish off the entire common area enhancing our passive park. MILL POND RESTORATION To dredge or redesign the pond is now the question. As reported last month the board is investigating other restoration options and costs for the restoration of Mill Pond. Originally the dredging cost esti-mates ranged from $200,000 to $300,000. When preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and establishing agency permit costs, the estimated range increased from $500,000 to $600,000 doubling the dredging costs. The cost increase stems largely from new regulations, the amount of silt that needs to be removed, and the cost to transport that silt to a fill area. Based upon these findings and escalated dredg-ing costs the board decided to ex-plore other options, including pos-sibly converting the pond into natural wetlands (or hybrid) as sug-gested by prior professional studies. Management went to work to prepare a preliminary cost analysis on the wetlands option for the June Board of Directors meeting. Professional consultants reviewed the costs factor to convert our pond into natural wetlands and determined that converting would cost approximately the same as dredging the pond. However, there are still several factors of the wet-lands option that need further investigation. Your board will be reviewing these restoration options as future infor-mation becomes available. The de-cision to dredge or redesign the pond is complicated. The board will be evaluating construction and continued maintenance costs, com-munity aesthetics, regulatory differ-ences and the impact on property and recreational values. The board appreciates your pa-tience and understanding during this process. We welcome your comments. MILL POND OPEN SPACE Beside Mill Pond the association owns 2.1 acres of open space (originally part of Tract R parcel 2 of the Village Center). Over the next several months the association will be exploring recreational opportunities for this open space which might include a community garden, picnic pavilion and game area. The board would like to evaluate this open space in con-junction with their decision on Mill Pond. This comprehensive approach will establish a long range plan for the most valued rec-reational asset in our community. SOCIAL MEDIA The association has increased its social media presence through Facebook and Twitter and encour-ages you to follow the FHHOA via these communication resources (see page 7). Should you have specific interests or concerns please e-mail the asso-ciation at contactus@fhhoa.com. Until next month, ~ Stephen Herr FHHOA General Manager ~ H O A M A N A G E R U P D A T E N E W S F R O M T H E M A N A G E R S D E S K Stay on top of the latest updates, events, and announcements about the Forest Heights Homeowners Association through Facebook and Twitter. Click on the icons below to find and follow us on these two popular social media sites. In the 1970s, a very popular brand of organic shampoo, Faberge, ran a series of ads with the tag line I told two friends. And they told two friends. And so on, and so on, and so on.. Forty plus years later, social media websites have banked on that same thought process: we tend to trust communication more when it comes from our friends, family or through our own validated sources. Who better to inform and engage us than those we know and who have our best interests at heart? To that end, your FHHOA has its own social media presence through the two most widely used social media websites: Facebook and Twitter. Through these two sites, well be able to communicate with our friends, i.e., all of you, in a quick and timely manner regarding issues, reminders, events, and other HOA related matters. So come find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and invite your friend and neighbors to do the same! F O L L O W U S O N F A C E B O O K A N D T W I T T E R Page 7 Page 8 summer reading program T he Virtues in the Park Summer Reading Program provides opportunities for young children to be read to during three consecu-tive events. At each event, 3 books will be read that focus on a chosen virtue, followed by a discussion and the singing of songs related to that virtue. A vir-tue related game will conclude the reading session. Readings will be held at beautiful Mill Pond Park, with time for questions and discussion after each reading. Each event will start at 11:00 am and will last for ap-proximately 30 to 60 minutes. Light snacks and water will be provided. Suitable for children up to 10 years of age. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE VIRTUES IN THE PARK SUMMER READING PROGRAM JULY 14TH 11:00 AM Local childrens author David Michael Slater will kick off our summer reading program on July 14th, reading from his popular titles. David will also be leading a discussion of his reading with attendees, with books available for sale after the reading. See Davids bio below. JULY 21ST 11:00 AM Virtue of Cooperation Cooperation is working to-gether and sharing the load. When we cooperate, we join with others to do things that cannot be done alone. We are willing to follow the rules which keep everyone safe and happy. Together we can accomplish great things. JULY 28TH 11:00 AM Virtue of Friendliness Friendliness is being a friend, through good times and bad. You take an interest in other people and make them feel welcome. You share your belongings, your time and yourself. Friendliness is the best cure for loneliness. David Michael Slater is the author of sixteen picture books, including Cheese Louise; Jaques & Spock (a Children's Book-of- the-Month Alternative Selection); and Flour Girl (a 2008 Mom's Choice Award winner). His six-part teen fantasy series, Sacred Books, was lauded by Margie Boule. Volume I, The Book of Nonsense, was a finalist for the Association of Booksellers for Children's Best of 2008 list and Cybil Award nominee. Volume II is The Book of Knowledge. Volume III, The Book of Maps, will be released in October. David teaches Writing at Beaverton's Health Science High School. He lives in Hillsdale with his wife and son. Learn more about David at: www.davidmichaelslater.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR SUMMER READING SCHEDULE Page 9 For information, please contact Kathy Jones at: kathyrose97229@comcast.net Page 10 L O S T P E T S A N D S I G N A G E W I T H I N F O R E S T H E I G H T S C O M P L I A N C E C O R N E R Use these community resources to help you find your lost or missing pet W ithin the past month, signs alerting the neighborhood to be on the look-out for lost pets have begun popping up. Hav-ing a family pet go missing is frightening and causes distress and emotional pain. Many pet owners think that posting signs around the neighborhood is an effective way to bring their lost pet home. Most of the lost pet signs we encounter are immediately dis-figured or ruined by the rain. Almost all of them have print that is too small to read from a passing car. We find them on light poles, trail head markers and bus shelters. Almost all of them are affixed with duct tape, which permanently dam-ages whatever it is adhered to by removing the paint when it is removed. A quick review of most of the lamp poles along Miller Road shows how signage tape has degraded the poles. Portland City code also states that it is illegal to post signs, bills, advertisements, or other notices on City-owned street light poles. For these reasons, when HOA staff see these signs, we take them down. Unattended outside pets are not particularly safe in Forest Heights. The adjacent forest is habitat for wildlife, including coyotes, which are good hunt-ers and prey on domestic ani-mals. To help keep your pet from going lost, we strongly encourage you to keep your dogs on leash when outside your yard and keep your cats as indoor pets. Make sure your pet wears a collar with identifi-cation so you can be contacted if your pet is found, and con-sider microchipping your pet. Should your pet go missing, please consider these alterna-tive ideas to get the word out: Immediately notify your neighbors and neighbor-hood Use the association community bulletin board located next to Starbucks. Bring your 8.5 x 5.5 flyer to the association office for us to post as space allows Post a notice inside Starbucks on their bulletin board (ask permission first) Email your friends in Forest Heights and/or use other forms of social media If you have any questions, please contact Molly Oliver, Compliance Coordinator, at 503-297-9400 or by email: moliver@fhhoa.com. Page 11 WEEKEND WARRIORS PLEASE STORE YOUR BOATS AND RVS AS PER HOA REGULATIONS AFTER VIEWING SEVERAL BOATS AND MOTORHOMES PARKED IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, ITS TIME FOR A FRIENDLY REMINDER FROM YOUR HOA Please remember that parking of boats, trailers, motorcycles, trucks, truck campers, or other recreational vehicles (or equipment) in excess of 8000 pounds gross vehicle weight is not allowed on any of the streets or in driveways within Forest Heights. We do allow owners time to load and unload boats, trailers and RVs. We appreciate a courtesy call to the HOA office before you begin your loading and unloading process. However, overnight or extended parking is not allowed. Storage of these vehicles is allowed within Forest Heights only within an enclosed garage, or within a screened area. Screening needs to be approved in advance by the Architectural Review Committee and conform to city and county ordinances. If you have any questions, please contact Molly Oliver, Compliance Coordinator, at 503-297-9400 or by email: moliver@fhhoa.com. R E M I N D E R : S E M I - A N N U A L D U E S By now you should have received your July 2010 semi-annual assessment invoice. The semi-annual assessment is $288.00 and is due January 1st and July 1st each year. You can pay your assessment one of three ways: Mail Mail a check along with your invoice to: Forest Heights HOA M/S 14 PO Box 4100 Portland, OR 97208 Online Bill Pay Set up payment through your bank. For those using an online bill paying service, please enter our office address in the payee section: 2033 NW Miller Road Portland, Oregon 97229 Automatic Withdrawl We handle your payment for you automatically. Complete and send FHHOA this form http://www.fhhoa.com/web/docs/forms.asp and we handle the payment for you! The association offers a 30 day grace period following the due date. A late charge of $50 is assessed to accounts 30 days or more past due. A finance charge of .75% per month is assessed to accounts 30 days or more past due. NO: Parking RVs outside homes. Keep in garage or behind ARC approved screening NO: Parking boats in street, other than to load and unload ASK FOR REFERRALS Ask people you know and trust for contractor referrals, such as: Family Friends and neighbors Your local paint retailer CHECK CREDENTIALS When you speak to contrac-tors you're interested in hir-ing, ask them these ques-tions: 1. Are you a member of the local Better Business Bureau or Angies List? 2. Are you a member of any local or national painting contractors' associations? 3. How long have you been in business? 4. Do you subcontract your work or perform it yourself? 5. Do you have insurance and bonding? 6. Can you provide refer-ences? CHECK REFERENCES Be sure to get at least three references from past custom-ers. Speak to references directly and conduct site visits to de-termine how paint has held up over time. H I R E T H E R I G H T P A I N T C O N T R A C T O R A S K T H E E X P E R T PAY ATTENTION Pay attention to the follow-ing signs and behaviors when speaking to potential contractors: Does the contractor pro-ject a sense of professional-ism and experience? Is the contractor courte-ous and business-like? Is the contractor busy? Good ones usually are. Does the contractor re-turn phone calls and pro-vide estimates in a timely manner? Is the contractor on time for appointments? KNOW WHAT YOU WANT The more specific and clear you are about your project, the more precise your con-tractor's estimate will be. Its a good idea to walk your property with each potential contractor and to discuss your needs as well as any aspects of your project that could affect the price. For example, let your paint con-tractor know exactly which surfaces should be painted (clapboards, windows, trims, eaves, facia, etc.) and which colors and finishes you want used. Be sure that your contrac-tor's estimate includes the types of paints and stains youll need for the success of your project. GET AT LEAST THREE ESTIMATES When you receive contractor estimates, they should fall roughly within the same price range. If estimates are widely different from one another, be wary of contrac-tors who bid too high or too low. Ask about what is not being done, and where cor-ners are being cut. REVIEW YOUR CONTRACT Take time to review your contract, and be sure to ask questions about any details for which you need clarifica-tion. Be sure to ask about: The specifics on what is to be painted (house, trim, shutters, etc.) Details on preparation and cleanup Paint and primer brands and colors that will be used How many coats of paint will be applied How your contractor will protect plants, patios, and other items How much time the pro-ject will take, from start to end. When and how the contractor will be paid Once you have followed the above tips, youll be ready to hire the right paint contrac-tor and enjoy your newly painted home! ~ With thanks to the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America ~ Hiring a paint contractor is perhaps the most important decision you can make in any home improvement project. To hire the best contractor for your needs, follow the tips below: Page 12 Page 13 recommended contractors the FHHOA has a list of recommended contractors you can choose from for many of your home repair and maintenance projects This list contains contractors that FHHOA staff has personally worked with, or who have been recommended to us by FHHOA residents or other trusted contractors. We suggest that you always check references of contractors before hiring them. You can check the Oregon Construction Contractors Board at: www.oregon.gov/ccb and click on the Check a Contractors License link. Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning Arborists Backflow Device Testing Barkdust Decks/Fences Geotechnical Contractors Gutter Cleaning & Repair Handyman/Repairs Homebuilders Home Inspector HVAC/Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair Landscape Maintenance Contractors Landscape Installation Contractors Landscape Designers Painting Contractors Pest Control Plumbers Restoration Service Roofing Contractors Siding, Windows & Construction Waterproofing Consultants Looking for a contractor? Below are the types of contractors that are featured on the FHHOA Recommended Contractors List. Click here to view and download the full list. Have you got a contractor to recommend? Residents are welcome to suggest contractors for addition to the Recommended Contractors List by emailing: contactus@fhhoa.com. Page 14 E ven with a wet spring, managing summer irriga-tion is important in your neighborhood. Due to its higher elevation, drinking water in Forest Heights requires intensive pumping to reach your homes. Over the last few years the Portland Water Bureau has found that the summer demand for water triples between 3 am and 8 am with the onset of early morning irrigation. Here are three ways that you can help reduce the impact of summer watering on the water supply: 1) If you have an automatic irrigation controller, update the schedule to start watering around 9:00 pm. This start time will avoid the 3 am and 8 am peak water demand window. 2) With our late-spring this year, you may just be get-ting around to turning on your irrigation system. We recommend that you turn on your system and do a walk through, making sure there are no broken heads PART FOUR IN A SERIES Guest columnist Sarah Santner, Residential Water Conservation Coordinator with the Portland Water Bureau, continues her series of articles on water issues that impact Forest Heights G U E S T C O L U M N I S T B E S T I R R I G A T I O N P R A C T I C E S F O R F O R E S T H E I G H T S R E S I D E N T S Let the Portland Water bureau help you take control of your irrigation system! or misaligned nozzles. Spending a little time fine-tuning the system every year can save you a lot of money and water. 3) Flowers and shrubs generally need less water than turf grass, so keep that in mind as you plan your irri-gation schedules. If your controller allows, set them on different programs that water different amounts each week. If you want specific information about how much water your plants need, you can sign up to receive the Weekly Watering Number from our partners the Regional Water Providers Consortium, at www.conserveh2o.org. To learn more about these best practices and to get answers to any questions you might have regarding your automatic irrigation system join the Portland Wa-ter Bureau for a free Landscape Irrigation Workshop. Workshop dates: Tuesday, July 13th 6:30 pm 7:30pm August 10th 6:30 pm 7:30pm Workshop location: Fire Station 273130 NW Skyline Blvd. Parking is limited and carpooling is recommended. Please RSVP or direct any questions to (503) 823-4527 or email: conserve@portlandoregon.gov. B E S T I R R I G A T I O N P R A C T I C E S F O R F O R E S T H E I G H T S R E S I D E N T S C O L U M N : A S K T H E M A N A G E R Page 15 T here have been many rumors circulating through-out the community about the changes taking place at the Village Center. To date, the Village Center own-ers have not leased the space that was previously occupied by Quinns Prime and Vine. The association and community can only hope that a viable business will lease the space benefiting our community, and that this business will bring added value to the Village Center. I have talked to residents who feel the community should have a say in the type of business that enters the Village Center. From my perspective, a potential busi-ness owner would do their home-work (marketing analysis of the community) prior to leasing the space. Done right, this business should be successful if they pro-vide good customer service and reinvent themselves periodically based on customer input. Bottom line, getting the right business in this location is the key to the suc-cess of all parties, including the community. Should the association hear about a legitimate tenant, an announcement will be placed in the FHHOA newsletter and a new tenant profile article will be published. Until then, an opportunity waits. ASK THE MANAGER WHATS GOING ON AT QUINNS? I KNOW THEY MOVED OUT WEEKS AGO AND HEARD A MINI-MARKET WAS MOVING IN. Are you curious about things going on in our community? Do you ever wonder about something you see while walking or driving through our neighborhood? Do you have questions about issues that impact Forest Heights? Heres your opportunity to get some answers! Our General Manager, Stephen Herr, will answer your questions about Forest Heights each month in this article. If you are wondering about something, chances are others in our community are curious about the same thing, so do us all a favor and send in your questions. If Manager Herr cant answer the question, hell find someone who can! Please email your questions to contactus@fhhoa.com with Ask the Manager in the subject line. Questions received by the 10th of each month will be answered in the newsletter the following month. Quote of the Month A sense of curiosity is natures original school of education. - Dr. Smiley Blanton Page 16 WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Are you interested in getting involved in our community? Do you have skills or talents that you want to share for the common good? If you answered yes to either of these ques-tions, why not consider joining one of the many proactive committees here at Forest Heights? To learn more, visit the FHHOA website. And if youre certain youd like to get involved, please download and complete the Committee Volunteer form. NEED SOME EXTRA HELP? My name is Nathan VanDomelen, 16 years old. I am a trustworthy and dedicated person. I honor all appointments and always do quality work. Here are a few things I can do: baby-sit, take care of plants, take care of pets (I am good with animals), pull weeds, and clean cars (inside and out.) Please note that I am not limited only to the jobs specified. I am available most weekdays, but prefer weekends due to school. Please dont hesitate to call me (503) 206-6563. Thank you. PET CARE Responsible 12 year old girl who loves to care for your pets. I am available to walk, play with, feed or care for while you are at work or away. All types of animals, birds or fish are acceptable. Please call to schedule your pet care. Manoy 503-203-1787 CERTIFIED READING THERAPIST Private sessions to improve your child's reading skills. Call for information or to schedule an evaluation. Caren 503-327-8046 or cbcohen@hotmail.com BABYSITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE! Call Emilie Jackson @ 503-282-1598 16 years old Attends St. Marys Academy And, lots of experience with kids. TWO BROTHERS PET & PLANT SITTING We are 14 and 16 year old brothers who provide quality care for your pets and plants while youre away. We have over five years of experience caring for pets and plants, indoors and out, from cats and cacti to dogs and dahlias. References available. Gabe and Hayden Henderson, call 503-296-9165 or email gabehend@gmail.com NANNY/BABYSITTER My name is Ashley and I am 17 year old., experienced babysitter and Red Cross certified. I love to play games, do arts and crafts, play sports and be active. I have my drivers license and am a good driver with my own car. I am able to drive myself along with others if needed. I am available school nights, weekends and this summer. Please call Ashley at 503-577-6951 or email ktmarcy@yahoo.com. PIANO LESSONS Experienced, young, fun, great with kids. Open to all skill levels, looking for motivated young musicians! Located in Forest Heights. Flexible hours. Email Elizabeth at eaflick@gmail.com for more information. FUN, RELIABLE, BABYSITTER AVAILABLE Responsible, caring and experienced with kids of all ages! Available on weeknights and weekends to babysit for families, during parties, etc. Call 503-291-1249 or email juliarenner@comcast.net PET CARE / PLANT WATERING Responsible 12 year old FH resident will provide caring, experienced nurture for your pets and plants. For the last four years we have cared for numerous neighborhood pets, watered an abun-dance of vegetation and provided many dogs a daily walk. Thank you to all our repeat custom-ers. BABYSITTER Responsible 12 year old girl available for babysitting in the Forest Heights Neighborhood. I am Red Cross-certified and love kids! Call Abby at 503-292-7744. BABYSITTING INFANTS & TODDLERS THROUGH AGE 5 Set your mind at ease with this grandmother babysitting your infant and/or toddler through age 5. Caring, experienced, dependable, actively involved grandmother of five grandchildren and retired professional. I have volunteered at the Childrens Hospital in Seattle, caring for infants when parents were not available. I am Red Cross emergency trained. $15/hour, providing my own transportation. Available most evenings, some days, seven days a week. Short notice OK if Im available. References gladly. Call Linda at 503.522.4397 BABYSITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE! Call Hannah Curtis @ 503-310-0244 17 years old Able to drive Straight-A student And, lots of experience with kids GERMAN SESSIONS/TUROTING (PRESCHOOL TO ADULT) Experienced licensed teacher for German. Native speaker. Located in Forest Heights. My home or yours. Flexible hours, reasonable rates. Please e-mail for information or to schedule an evalua-tion: tonie.weiss@yahoo.com PIANO STUDIO-ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS Forest Heights Piano Studio now accepting new students. I specialize in beginning students. Walking distance from Forest Park elementary. Give your child the gift of music. $20.00 per 1/2 hour or $30.00 for one hour. Please call 503.804.1172 or email lakresl@gmail.com PERSONAL TRAINER Will come to your home in Forest Heights. New Client Special: 3 sessions for $129.00 www.fitnessbybobbi.com 503.265.8944 DRUM LESSONS Accomplished, studious high school student (junior) offering lessons in home studio; 2 drum sets for teach and follow instruction and recording equipment to monitor progress. Qualifications: 5 years study, numerous instructors, rock & jazz emphasis. Drummer and percussionist in 3 bands: rock, jazz and orchestra. Performance venues include clubs, charity events & private engagements. Rate: $10/half hour; $18/hour. Email: jeremyk23@yahoo.com, 503.686.8020 www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C24mJgNyP8 BABYSITTER/PET SERVICES AVAILABLE Hi my name is Haley and I am a freshman in high school. I am offering babysitting and pet services. I am Red Cross certified for CPR. I have been a camp counselor for ages 2-12, and a mothers helper for a 1 year old. My parents are available to drive me anywhere in the neighborhood. I love kids and am very patient with them! I currently charge $10 per hour. My pet services are as follows: Grooming and sitting. Grooming would be available at my own home where a grooming center is available. I have references upon request. I currently charge $15 per groom, $20 per full day/night sitting. Email: sunrisepetcare@hotmail.com or call 503.863.6673 MATURE HOUSESITTER Single, responsible retiree living in Forest Heights willing to offer full service house sitting, including pet care, plant care, mail collection and monitoring of home security. Can sleep over or drop by on a regular basis, depending on your needs. $25 per day basic charge. Call Wendy at 503.810.8248 or 503.297.2402 LOOKING FOR EXTRA HELP? Hi! My name is Jake Marcy and I am 16 years old. I am dedicated to my sports and school. I am a lacrosse player for Lincoln High School and love my sport. I am very motivated and willing to work as hard as you need. I can help with yard work, computer work (Facebook, upload photos, etc.), animal watching and walking, babysitting, house sitting, lacrosse training. I am a hard worker so feel free to call me for any work you might have. Please feel free to call me at 503-297-5921 or 503-407-0846. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER TIRED OF THE CLUTTER? I offer organizing services to help you attain more control over your personal environment and possessionsto bring order and harmony back into your life! For a FREE 1 hour consultation, call Cynthia Fooshe at 503.297.1862. CHINESE TUTORING THIS SUMMER We are two Lincoln High School upperclassmen, Catherine Wu and Minerva Chen. We are native Chinese speakers and are available this summer for tutoring in Cantonese and Mandarin. Flexible rates and locations available. Please contact us at: 503-422-2602 or 503-528-6031, or email us at catherineyinwu@gmail.com Also Available upon Request: Piano Lessons and Math Tutoring PLAY DATE 5 year old girl is looking for the girl of same age or older, to arrange regular play dates. Please call Julia at 503.332.8080 or email: juliabreda@comcast.net My name is Nick Grout and I am an 8th grader at West Sylvan. I am willing to wash cars, feed and bathe pets, house sit, and do yard work. I can come anytime during the week or weekend. Please contact me at 503.292.5440 or njgrout@gmail.com PIANO LESSONS Professionally, formally trained pianist, with a degree from Music Conservatory and a degree in Education, with more than 38 years of teaching and performing experience, member of Oregon & National Music Teacher Associations, is offering classical PIANO & vocal lessons. Adults and kids, who have already conquered piano basics and looking to improve their skills. Requirement: have piano at home. 503.332.8080 or email: 555goldfish@gmail.com FOR RENT SKI HOOD -- COLLINS LAKE RESORT -- New sleeps 8 3BR, 2.5BATH, 2CAR garage, pools, spa, hot tub , trails 4 seasonsski, hike, fish, boat, snowmobile. Friends and family rate to FHHOA RES-DENTS mentioning this ad. LOREN HOTCHKISS 503-291-9822 lorenhotchkiss9821@msn.com RIVERWILD BEND VACATION HOME Beautifully appointed/well-equipped. 3 bdrms, 2 baths. Sleeps 6-8. Great location off Century Drive just 17 minutes to Mt. Bachelor and 2 minutes Old Mill District and all the wonderful Bend restaurants! Forest Heights Residents receive 10% off our published rates!Visit our Vacation Rental by Owner Website: www.vrbo.com/204838 for rates/availability. FOR RENT MANZANITA BEACH HOUSE w/great ocean views. Works well for families to share or that winter retreat for the book/bridge club. Sleeps 14, no pets/smoking. Call 503.292.3270 or visit www.bellavistavacation.com FOR LEASE Spectacular Ocean Views. Multi-Year Lease available; option to purchase. Great value, half the cost of mortgage. Telecommute or vacation; new 2200 sq ft upscale home in Oceanside, OR. $1250 per month. Pets negotiable. 503-475-1406. For pictures see http://oceansideoregoncondo.com FOR RENT Charming Cannon Beach oceanfront cottage for rent. Sleeps 6. $170/night. Minimum 5 nights. No pets. 503.466.6840 RENTALS PIANO TEACHER/TUTORING Excellent piano teacher and professional tutor (LA, Math, French, Study Skills). Fully certified. Established business 6+ years in Forest Heights. Great references from your neighbors. I travel to you! Please call Sarah at: 503.533.0993. BABYSITTING MUSIC TUTORING BABYSITTER AVAILABLE High school student, Red Cross infant and toddler CPR certified, 3 years experience. Available to babysit Fridays and Saturdays year round. References available. Phone #: 503-841-5989 | Rate: $6/hr PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PET/PLANT CARE MISCELLANEOUS Page 17 5 6 7 1 2 3 Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Committee 12:00 pm 4 GO GREEN Committee 6:00 pm 8 9 Community Activities Committee 12:00 pm Communications Committee 6:00 pm 10 Board of Directors Meeting 6:00 pm 11 12 13 14 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Architectural Review Committee 9:00 am 2 3 4 4th of July Celebration 7:0010:00 pm Mill Pond Park 5 6 Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Committee 12:00 pm 7 GO GREEN Committee 6:00 pm 8 9 10 11 Community Solar Class 10:30 am TFVR#60 12 Community Activities Committee 12:00 pm 13 Board of Directors Meeting 6:00 pm 14 Stories in the Park 11:00 am Mill Pond Park 15 16 17 18 19 Budget & Finance Committee 6:00 pm 20 21 Stories in the Park 11:00 am Mill Pond Park 22 23 24 Dog Day Afternoon in the Heights 1:00 pm4:00 pm Village Center 25 26 272 28 Stories in the Park 11:00 am Mill Pond Park 29 30 31 July 2010 August 2010 MARK YOUR CALENDAR Heres a snapshot of FHHOA activities and meetings from JulyAugust 14th. Print and keep this calendar in a handy spot so youll have access to whats happening in your community.