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S U M M E R C O N C E R T I N T H E P A R K J oin us on Saturday, August 8th, for a summer concert in the park featuring The Mayfield Four. This local quartet will perform classic jazz, modern jazz and bosa nova during an early evening concert overlooking beautiful Mill Pond. This event marks the first concert in the park for Forest Heights residents. We hope this concert will become an annual tradition an evening where friends and neighbors can get together and enjoy a picnic dinner overlooking Mill Pond all while listening to some great local musicians. Date: Saturday, August 8th Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park What to bring: Blankets, low beach chairs and a picnic dinner! The Mayfield Four was formed 10 years ago through a community college jazz improvisa-tion course taught by Cliff Waites. The band began playing outside of class and always at the home of guitarist (and Forest Heights resident) William Langford, who lives on Mayfield Road. Band members include: Mark Carleton (bass), Jay Johnson (saxophone), Randy Johnson (keyboard), Dave Grasser (drums) and William Langford (guitar). The band has played for school auctions (including Forest Park), various local fundraisers and benefits (Portland Chapter of the American Kidney Association and Friends of Trees), a summer concert at Portland Center for the Performing Arts and other venues. The band shares a love for both traditional and new jazz and play a variety of music ranging from bebop and bossa novas from artists such as Kenny Burrell, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. pinnacle press NEWS AT FOREST HEIGHTS AUGUST2010 F E A T U R E D C O L U M N S A S K T H E E X P E R T W o r k e r s a f e t y o n M i l l e r R o a d i s t o p p r i o r i t y . > > r e a d m o r e A R C U P D A T E S T h e A R C h a s n e w s u b m i s s i o n r e q u i r e m e n t s f o r y o u r h o m e i m p r o v e m e n t p r o j e c t s > > r e a d m o r e A S K T H E M A N A G E R M a n a g e r S t e p h e n H e r r a n s w e r s y o u r q u e s t i o n s . > > r e a d m o r e G O G R E E N T h e G o G r e e n c o m m i t t e e p r o v i d e s a n u p d a t e o n t h e c o m m u n i t y s o l a r p r o g r a m . > > r e a d m o r e Summer Concert in the Park 1 Solarize Forest Heights Follow up 2-3 Ask the Manager: Speeding Sign on Miller Rd. 4 4th of July Recap 5 Upcoming Community Events 8 Save the Date: International Fall Festival 9 Ask the Expert: Working Safety on Miller Rd. 10-11 Your Neighbors Voice: Community Garden Task Force 12 Lincoln High School Bus Transportation Update 13 Guest Column: Portland Water Bureau 14 ARC Updates: New Submission Requirements 6-7 Dog Day Afternoon in the Heights 16 COME TO MILL POND PARK ON SATURDAY AUGUST 8TH FOR A FREE CONCERT FEATURING FOREST HEIGHTS OWN MAYFIELD FOUR. BRING YOUR PICNIC DINNER AND ENJOY AN EVENING OF JAZZ RIGHT IN FOREST HEIGHTS. Page 2 Solarize Forest Heights Recap T he Solarize Forest Heights program closed on the 13th of July with 63 enrolled residents. The price per Watt was fixed at $6.85 compared to a market price of $9.00. For a 2 kW system, this drops the price from $18,000 to $13,700 - a discount of $4,300. Solar assessments have already begun with about 12 assessments scheduled per week. You may see the Imagine Solar assessment team on roof-tops on Tuesdays and Thurs-days. The initial set of contracts have been delivered and ARC reviews will likely begin in a week. If you missed out on the program but would like to explore your options, please get in touch with Imagine Energy and make sure you let them know that you are a Forest Heights resident. They will be able to provide you with current pricing for Forest Heights residents. Just as our residents and neighbors were getting ready for their solar assessments, the State of Oregon announced a change in tax credits that affects all solar projects in the state. The tax laws were changed on July 1 and announced on July 15. The new law that went into effect immediately, changes the way credits are computed and affects the Solarize Forest Heights project. Prior to the change, a 2kW system was eligible for $6,000 in state tax credits resulting in a net cost of $1,140 for the system (based on the enrollment of 63 resi-dents). Now, the same system is eligible for $3,570 in tax credits (50% of the amount left after the Federal tax credits and Energy Trust incentives are taken) resulting in a system cost of $3,570. Forest Heights Homeowners Association 2033 NW Miller Road Portland, Oregon 97229 Phone: 503.297.9400 Fax: 503.297.9408 Office Hours: MondayFriday 9:00 am5:00 pm Email: Vision Statement To create and foster excellence in community, environment and quality of life. Board of Directors | 2010 Eric ButterfieldPresident Michael FletcherVice President Sherrill CorbettSecretary Ric BartonTreasurer Stuart Roberts Mark Sanzone Joseph Schutz Association Staff Stephen K. HerrGeneral Manager email: Sharon AigerOffice Administrator email: Molly McManus OliverCompliance Coordinator email: Kimberly MonacoMarketing, Communications & Event Coordinator email: Richard MetzgerMaintenance Supervisor Juan GuerreroMaintenance Team Continued on page 3 Page 3 In order to maximize the state tax credits, one would need to have a system at least 3.36 kW in size at a net cost of $5,598. For residents that were expecting to install the smallest system (2kW), the change now increases the net cost by $2,430; for those that were planning on a system 3.36kW or larger, the prices are not impacted. We hope that the efforts to close the revenue shortfalls do not have a detri-mental effect on the environ-mental goals of the state. For more information on the pricing as a result of the tax credit change, please visit the Imagine Energy/Solarize Forest Heights site at: ~ Devidas Gupta, G2 Committee Chair and Forest Heights Resident ~ Continued from page 2 Specializing in custom stone fabrication from concept to completion, we can bring your vision to reality. We invite you to browse our website and be inspired. For your free estimate, contact us We will be happy to help you realize your dream. Page 4 T he Safety Streetscape and Transportation Committee (SST), under the direction of Chairman Mark Sanzone and Speed Task Force Member Jay McAlonen, worked with the City of Portland to relocate the Speed Reader Board (SRB) from Cornell road to Miller Road. This was accomplished last month with a nominal cost to the association. The SRB is the property of the city and maintained by the City of Portland Department of Transportation. The city is monitoring and evalu-ating the effectiveness of SRBs in several communities. Data is being recorded by this speed device and will be used by the city for future traffic studies. Currently there is no plan to install these SRBs on other Forest Heights streets, however if this one proves effective, the SST Committee may approach the board to allocate funds for additional SRBs to help deter speeding on other streets within our community. Special thanks go out to the City of Portland staff that made this joint project a reality. So watch out speeders your information is being recorded. ASK THE MANAGER I saw the speed sign on Miller Hill and was wondering how I can get a speed sign on my street? Are you curious about things going on in our community? Do you ever wonder about something you see while walking or driving through our neighborhood? Do you have questions about issues that impact Forest Heights? Heres your opportunity to get some answers! Our General Manager, Stephen Herr, will answer your questions about Forest Heights each month in this article. If you are wondering about something, chances are others in our community are curious about the same thing, so do us all a favor and send in your questions. If Manager Herr cant answer the question, hell find someone who can! Please email your questions to with Ask the Manager in the subject line. Questions received by the 10th of each month will be answered in the newsletter the following month. Quote of the Month A sense of curiosity is natures original school of education. - Dr. Smiley Blanton Page 5 A N N U A L 4 T H O F J U L Y C E L E B R A T I O N S T I L L G O I N G S T R O N G A F T E R 1 0 Y E A R S J uly 4th, 2010 marked the 10th year that the Forest Heights community has gathered together to celebrate Independence Day. This annual event, considered one of the hallmarks of living in Forest Heights, has ranged from BBQs and parades to Fun Runs and fireworks shows. While the man-ner in which we celebrate the 4th has changed over the years, the one constant in each years event is the gathering of the Forest Heights community to celebrate together. This years event kicked off with a Parade Across the Stage. Kids dressed up in their favorite 4th of July costumes and paraded themselves across a dance floor for an opportunity to win prizes in the Most Patriotic, Most Creative and Best Dressed categories. Following the Parade Across the Stage were a variety of games for kids and grown-ups alike including gunny sack, boxer shorts and three-legged relays and multiple rounds of tug-of-war. With the assistance of our DJ, many residents learned (or re-learned) popular dances includ-ing the Hustle, the Hand Jive and the Macarena. Desserts and beverages were served, and the evening was capped off by a 15 minute fireworks show over beautiful Mill Pond. The Community Activities Committee would like to thank all who attended and helped make the 4th of July an exceptional day in our community. Special thanks to our volunteers who assisted the HOA staff throughout the night. If you have comments or suggestions about the Annual Fourth of July celebration, please email them to: New Submission Requirements The ARC recently made changes to the submission process for paint color changes and landscape plans. The intent is to provide the committee with enough information so they can make decisions on these applications the first time they are submitted. Paint Color Changes Applications for paint color changes now require the homeowner to paint a 4 x 4 section of all colors used in the project (this includes trim, door color, etc) on a section of the home visible from the street before submitting the application for review. Landscape Plans Applications for landscape plans now require the homeowner to review and then submit a Landscape Plan Checklist along with other required materials. A R C H I T E C T U R A L R E V I E W C O M M I T T E E ( A R C ) U P D A T E S Applications lacking the required elements noted on the checklist will be deemed incomplete and returned to homeowners. Both the ARC application and Landscape Plan Checklist can be found at or in the HOA office. Items Requiring ARC Approval While most residents know a new house plan or whole yard landscaping plan require ARC approval, many homeowners tell us they werent aware they needed approval for other activities. Here are some examples of projects that require ARC approval (many with no fee) prior to implementing: Exterior home repainting, even when using identical colors Re-roofing Replacement of windows Landscape revisions or additions, including minor plant changes Fences Golf putting greens Decking material changes (i.e., moving from wood to compos- ite decking material) Tree removal on your lot, if the tree is six (6) inches in diameter or more at chest height Temporary installation of a portable storage container or dumpster at your property Screening garbage and recycling bins with fence or plant material The ARC meets on an as-needed basis; during the summer months, the committee is meeting every other week. The next meeting is always published on the main page of the FHHOA web-site. Please build-in the ARC approval process into your home project time line. Unsure of whether your project needs ARC approval? Contact Molly Oliver, Compliance/ARC Coordinator by phone at 503-297-9400 or by email for clarification. The Architectural Review Committee announces two new ARC submission requirements that could impact your home improvement projects. Page 6 C O M P L I A N C E C O R N E R continued on page 7 Page 7 reporting streetlight issues to report a streetlight outage or an on/off cycling issue, please email the FHHOA office at: or call 503.297.9400 Many ARC Applications Are Reviewed at No Cost Repainting with identical colors, requesting tree removal on your lot, placing a POD or dumpster on your property or screening trash/recycling bins with fencing or shrubbery are all ARC applications reviewed without a fee. The fee schedule for other appli-cations is found on the ARC applica-tion. Revisions to Approved Plans Once an application has been approved, any changes or revisions to the approved plan need to come before the ARC for approval. There is no fee for bringing the first revision to the ARC; subsequent revisions will incur a separate charge. ARC Approvals Are Valid for One Year If work has not been initiated within a year of ARC approval, plans must be resubmitted to the committee before work can begin (ARC Guide-lines, Section 2, 2.2, CC&Rs, Article VII, 7.10). Did you know? When reporting a street light issue, please provide the FHHOA office with the following information: Nearest address to streetlight pole or the best description possible Confirm whether light is out completely or cycling on and off For ease of identifi-cation, we request that a ribbon be tied to the pole at eye level. This ribbon will be removed and discarded when the streetlight is fixed. Continued from page 6 Page 8Concert in the Park Sunday, August 8th Time: 5:00 pm 7:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park See page 1 Free Landscape Workshop Sponsored by the Portland Water Bureau Tuesday, August 10th Time: 6:30 pm Location: TVFR #27 3130 NW Skyline Blvd. See page 14 Harvest Share Saturday, August 28th Time: 10:00 am 12:00 pm Location: FHHOA Office See this page International Fall Festival Saturday, September 11th Time: 4:30 pm7:30 pm Location: Mill Pond Park See page 9 Upcoming Community Events neighborhood harvest share Did your garden yield too many tomatoes this year? Do you wish you had fresh zucchini for a special meal? If so, come to the FHHOA Neighbor-hood Harvest Fair and exchange your homegrown garden vegetables with your neighbors and friends! Saturday, August 28th 10:00 am 12:00 pm Location: FHHOA Office Page 9 SAVE THE DATE! Date: Saturday, September 11th Time: 11:00 am Location: Mill Pond Park International Fall Festival Save the date for the 3rd Annual International Fall Festival! Enjoy sampling food from around the world while getting to know folks who live in your neighborhood. Food from six different countries, beverages, DJ, dance floor and performances representing a variety of countries! More information to follow in next months newsletter. Brought to you by your FHHOA and the Community Activities Committee. Interested in advertising in the Forest Heights Community Newsletter? When you advertise in the FHHOA Community Newsletter, your ad will appear monthly during your contract period. In addition to your ad, we provide links to your website from the both the monthly e-newsletter and the monthly email blast from which the newsletter is delivered. For ad rates, submission deadlines and general information, please contact Kim Monaco, Marketing, Communications and Event Coordinator, at: or by phone 503.297.9400. T he new radar/speed sign on Miller Road makes me happy. Yes, Im guilty of being a gadget guy at heart and appreciate the high tech reminder to keep my driv-ing speed under control. Of course safety for the members of the community will improve, and maybe a few more months will pass between shrubs getting plowed over by wayward vehi-cles. Mostly though, I love the radar sign because it means that our workers might be a little safer while working in Forest Heights. I wouldnt presume to preach about slowing down and watch-ing out for workers and pedestri-ans. I wont dig up clichs like Give Us a Brake or Speed Kills. I wont bore you with statistics like going just 10 mph over the posted 30 mph nearly doubles most vehicles stop-ping distances. However, working in Forest Heights and dealing with the hazards of Miller Road has greatly im-proved our safety awareness and accident prevention program. Although Willamette Land-scape Services has always been a safe company, prior to 2004, when we started working in Forest Heights, we wore fewer safety vests, had very few orange cones to place around our trucks, and didnt own a single orange Caution road sign. Todays a different story. Our workers don their vests before setting foot in our facility in the morning. Cones are part of every trucks safety inventory, and the big orange signs are always ready and accessible. If youre not familiar with our company culture at Willamette, one thing you must know is that we dont do anything half-way. Coinciding with our con-tract start at FHHOA, we ap-plied with the State of Oregon to be part of an exclusive na-tional safety program called SHARP. SHARP stands for Safety and Health Awareness Recognition Program. Basi-cally, we invited OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ex-amine every relevant detail of our operation and worked with them to help us meet their very highest standards. Most com-panies I know cringe when they know OSHA will be stop-ping by. We invited them in, showed them everything we do, and asked how we could improve. We achieved SHARP Certification in 2005, and went through detailed annual in-spections for the next five years until we graduated from the program this spring. We are the first and only land-scape company in the United States to achieve SHARP Cer-tification and Graduation. Over seven years have gone by without a workers compensa-tion loss time accident. Thats more than 2,500 days and 600,000 man hours! Certainly, weve had injuries as small as debris in a workers eye to the W O R K E R S A F E T Y O N M I L L E R R O A D A S K T H E E X P E R T Page 10 continued on page 11 infrequent back strain. Lacera-tions, muscle pulls, and twisted ankles happen as well. We meet weekly with all members of all crews, sometimes as many as seventy employees during peak season, for safety tailgate discussions and inci-dent reviews. All accidents and injuries are thoroughly investi-gated by our employee driven Safety Committee. It isnt easy or cheap to be safe, but we want all of our employees to go home at night as healthy as they were when they came into work in the morning. Weve been really fortunate that nothing serious has hap-pened, but a vehicle injuring one of our workers is a very real threat and Miller Road is one of the riskier places we work. Those tight corners and hills reduce visibility and reac-tion time. We combat that with long cone lines and the signs to give you warning of whats ahead. We try to schedule large crews with multiple vehi-cles while doing the major pruning work in Forest Heights we want you to come around a corner and really see us. Well also drive a truck with its hazards behind a fast moving crew to clean up curb lines along Miller. Our biggest tool for safety is being visible and being aware, especially working outside the curb. The quickest way to get my adrenaline going is to walk outside the curb line along Miller near Hazeltine while Page 11 L o s t a n d F o u n d Have you ever lost or found an item in Forest Heights? If so, check in with the Forest Heights Homeowners Association office in the Village Center. If youve found an item, please drop it off at the HOA office. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm and if that doesnt work for you, we have a mail slot in our door. If the item fits the 2 x 11 slot, just put it through. If youve lost an item, please send an email message to: describing what youve lost. You never know what might turn up! Continued from page 10 inspecting beds (theres no room there to step inside the curb). That blind corner can be exhilarating!!! Hopefully, the new radar sign will bring some speeds down and make things safer for eve-rybody in Forest Heights. Your Board, Safety Committee and Management Staff deserve a big Thanks! for doing this. ~ Glenn Fritts, Licensed Landscape Contractor, Area Manager, Willamette Landscape Services ~ Page 12 D o you like the idea of growing your own fruits, vegetables and flowers but dont have the space to do it? Do you get a kick out of working the soil, but live in a condo? Do you enjoy tending a garden but find that the property surround-ing your house is too shady or too steep for plants to flourish? If one of these scenarios fits your situation, the solution might be literally right around the corner: a new community garden for residents of Forest Heights. One of the priorities of the board of the Forest Heights Homeowners Association for 2010 is to create a plan to develop a recreational site including a possible community garden in the area between Mill Pond and Forest Heights Crossing. The master plan for this area a 2.22 acre piece of unimproved land (open space known as Tract R) might also include a picnic pavilion and a series of game courts. The site of these possible improvements is the same area that previously had been pro-posed for a community center and swimming pool. Now that those ideas are not currently on the drawing board, the board is interested in expanding the rec-reational amenities in that area. Whatever improvements are made will be part of an overall master plan designed to make the most of the Mill Pond site. Y O U R N E I G H B O R S V O I C E Community Garden Is a Possibility for Forest Heights an email at the following address: The following is a link to the American Community Garden Association; the site contains a wealth of information on community gardens: American Community Gardening Association ~ Debby Rankin Community Garden Task Force Chair ~ Community gardens have long been popular in the Portland area and seem to be an idea whose day has come. Some of the impe-tus comes from the movement to buy only locally grown produce. In the city and the suburbs, many community gardens have long waiting lists. The dedication and enthusiasm of their members are evident in the carefully kept plots often ringed with sunflowers and roses. Now big corporate employers in Oregon are joining the band-wagon. Both Intel and Google, for example, have established communal gardens for their employees. Here in Forest Heights, several studies and surveys conducted in the past demonstrate an interest in estab-lishing a community garden for residents. The G2 Committee, which is in charge of trails, common areas and natural habitats in Forest Heights, has established a task force to explore the creation of a community garden. The task force is eager to get the input of Forest Heights residents. If youd like to share your thoughts about this exciting concept, or are interested in joining the subcommittee, please send us Page 13 SUMMER READING SCHEDULE The G2 committee is looking for a couple of dedicated volunteers who would like to organize a gardening workshop and harvest share events in the community. Volunteering will require one weekend day per month over the summer. If you are interested, please contact G2 Committee chair, Devidas, at: G O G R E E N C O M M I T T E E L O O K I N G F O R V O L U N T E E R S L I N C O L N H I G H S C H O O L B U S T R A N S P O R T A T I O N U P D A T E I heard the Lincoln school bus has been cancelled due to budget cuts? Not true. A number of students at Lincoln High school received notice that their bus stop has been eliminated. In all, 7 of 18 stops on bus route #144 have been cut, affecting an estimated 29 students according to Port-land Public School (PPS) Stu-dent Transportation Routing Manager. The decision was made to cut stops within 1 mile of TriMet busses since all high school students get a TriMet pass. By cutting these and stops on other routes (primarily along highway 30) the PPS District was able to reduce the high school bus service from 6 to 5 busses saving the district approximately $60K per year. The districts expectation is that these students will walk or be taken to a stop on the TriMet Route 50 ( and take the bus to the MAX station, then ride MAX to Lincoln. While FHHOA encourages this there are other options: Walk to a school bus stop which is not being removed. PPS bus drivers will not refuse students (with Lincoln High School ID) from getting on even though it is not there assigned stop. The new PPS district bus route and schedule will be posted on the PPS web site in late August. Get a ride to the MAX station and take the train to Lincoln Take the ECO shuttle to the MAX station. FHHOA considers this as the last option due to capacity concerns with our shuttle bus We welcome your comments or question. Please email us at ~ Mark Sanzone, Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Chair~ Page 14 T his summer Portland Water Bureau staff have assisted Forest Heights residents with making their home irrigation systems more water efficient. To date we have visited four homes all with lovely landscapes and owners who have a keen interest in reducing their water usage. While specific areas for im-provement differ from home to home, here are some general observations that can be applied to any home: Dump the default Irrigation controllers are often preprogrammed with a default schedule for irrigation. These typically set you up to water too much too often. They are also set to start watering in the early morning hours. Look at your schedule and update it to begin watering between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. to help the Portland Water Bureau maintain adequate water pressure and supply for your neighborhood. Set your system to water about one inch of water each week for grass. To measure how much water your sprinkler puts out order a set of watering gauges from the Portland Water Bureau at Separate grass (turf) from shrubs and perennials Grass needs much more water than established shrubs and perennials. Make sure your yard is set up to water them separately. PART FIVE IN A SERIES Guest columnist Sarah Santner, Residential Water Conservation Coordinator with the Portland Water Bureau, continues her series of articles on water issues that impact Forest Heights G U E S T C O L U M N I S T W A T E R A U D I T N O T E S F R O M T H E F I E L D Let the Portland Water bureau help you take control of your irrigation needs Group plants by water needs We have seen a lot of well-established, low-water use shrubs in the yards in your neighbor-hood and there are some great plants in use! However, we have also noticed that gardeners are planting high-water consuming annuals together with the more water-efficient plants. Annuals are quite thirsty - we would recom-mend planting low-water consuming ground covers instead of annuals. Free Irrigation Assessment site visits are still available The goal of the site visit is to help you set your irrigation controller for an optimal watering schedule and identify areas to improve water efficiency. Sign up by calling 503-823-4527 or Tuesday August 10, 6:30 pm To learn more about best practices for irrigation systems and get answers to questions you might have regarding your automatic irrigation system; join the Portland Water Bureau for a free Landscape Irrigation Workshop on Tues-day August 10 from 6:30 pm 7:30pm. The workshop will be held at Fire Station 27 3130 NW Skyline Blvd. Parking is limited and car-pooling is recommended. Please register in advance and direct any questions to (503) 823-4527 or email Free Landscape Workshop! Page 15 WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Are you interested in getting involved in our community? Do you have skills or talents that you want to share for the common good? If you answered yes to either of these ques-tions, why not consider joining one of the many proactive committees here at Forest Heights? To learn more, visit the FHHOA website. And if youre certain youd like to get involved, please download and complete the Committee Volunteer form. Page 16 T his years Dog Day in the Heights event brought numerous new informa-tive groups to Forest Heights including dog surgeons and dog swimming instructors. Many specialty dog vendors attended to show their wares, from collars to cleaners. The day was a scorching 93 degrees but we were prepared with several small kiddy pools, which the dogs enjoyed. Celebrities included Kacey Montoya, KOIN Local 6 Anchor, Matt Brode, KOIN Local 6 Meteorologist, and Deb Woods from the Bonnie L. Hayes Small Animal Shelter. Deb and Matt acted as judges for the dog costume contest. Several people took advantage of the dog wash and the nail trimming booths, while those without dogs sipped on iced coffee (donated by Starbucks) and savored the lunch wraps from Sweet Ambrosia. There were close to 75 items in the silent auction, everything from jewelry to wine tasting. Forest Heights Design Studio donated a beautiful cake plate to the silent auction and Sweet Ambrosia donated gift certifi-cates for brunches and cakes. The item that brought in the most money was a stunning framed Greyhound print, which brought in $500 to help the cause. Mary Beth Bartel set up a flower booth and was selling one dozen roses for only $5. Our DJ kept us in tune with music from the 70s 00s. As the day progressed we all enjoyed scrumptious strawberry cake provided by Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest. Thanks to all of you who came to enjoy the event and those of you who donated to the auction and worked on the event, we couldnt have done it without all of you. ~ Kathy Jones, Forest Heights Resident and Dog Day Event Organizer ~ NEED SOME EXTRA HELP? My name is Nathan VanDomelen, 16 years old. I am a trustworthy and dedicated person. I honor all appointments and always do quality work. Here are a few things I can do: baby-sit, take care of plants, take care of pets (I am good with animals), pull weeds, and clean cars (inside and out.) Please note that I am not limited only to the jobs specified. I am available most weekdays, but prefer weekends due to school. Please dont hesitate to call me (503) 206-6563. Thank you. PET CARE Responsible 12 year old girl who loves to care for your pets. I am available to walk, play with, feed or care for while you are at work or away. All types of animals, birds or fish are acceptable. Please call to schedule your pet care. Manoy 503-203-1787 CERTIFIED READING THERAPIST Private sessions to improve your child's reading skills. Call for information or to schedule an evaluation. Caren 503-327-8046 or BABYSITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE! Call Emilie Jackson @ 503-282-1598 16 years old Attends St. Marys Academy And, lots of experience with kids. TWO BROTHERS PET & PLANT SITTING We are 14 and 16 year old brothers who provide quality care for your pets and plants while youre away. We have over five years of experience caring for pets and plants, indoors and out, from cats and cacti to dogs and dahlias. References available. Gabe and Hayden Henderson, call 503-296-9165 or email NANNY/BABYSITTER My name is Ashley and I am 17 year old., experienced babysitter and Red Cross certified. I love to play games, do arts and crafts, play sports and be active. I have my drivers license and am a good driver with my own car. I am able to drive myself along with others if needed. I am available school nights, weekends and this summer. Please call Ashley at 503-577-6951 or email FUN, RELIABLE, BABYSITTER AVAILABLE Responsible, caring and experienced with kids of all ages! Available on weeknights and weekends to babysit for families, during parties, etc. Call 503-291-1249 or email PET CARE / PLANT WATERING Responsible 13 and 16 year old brothers will provide excellent nurture for your pets and plants. In the last five years we have cared for numerous neighborhood pets, watered an abundance of vegetation and provided many dogs a daily walk. References available. Call Reid or Trent at: 503-203-1491 BABYSITTER Responsible 12 year old girl available for babysitting in the Forest Heights Neighborhood. I am Red Cross-certified and love kids! Call Abby at 503-292-7744. BABYSITTING INFANTS & TODDLERS THROUGH AGE 5 Set your mind at ease with this grandmother babysitting your infant and/or toddler through age 5. Caring, experienced, dependable, actively involved grandmother of five grandchildren and retired professional. I have volunteered at the Childrens Hospital in Seattle, caring for infants when parents were not available. I am Red Cross emergency trained. $15/hour, providing my own transportation. Available most evenings, some days, seven days a week. Short notice OK if Im available. References gladly. Call Linda at 503.522.4397 BABYSITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE! Call Hannah Curtis @ 503-310-0244 17 years old Able to drive Straight-A student And, lots of experience with kids PERSONAL TRAINER Will come to your home in Forest Heights. New Client Special: 3 sessions for $99.00 503.265.8944 DRUM LESSONS Accomplished, studious high school student (junior) offering lessons in home studio; 2 drum sets for teach and follow instruction and recording equipment to monitor progress. Qualifications: 5 years study, numerous instructors, rock & jazz emphasis. Drummer and percussionist in 3 bands: rock, jazz and orchestra. Performance venues include clubs, charity events & private engagements. Rate: $10/half hour; $18/hour. Email:, 503.686.8020 BABYSITTER/PET SERVICES AVAILABLE Hi my name is Haley and I am a freshman in high school. I am offering babysitting and pet services. I am Red Cross certified for CPR. I have been a camp counselor for ages 2-12, and a mothers helper for a 1 year old. My parents are available to drive me anywhere in the neighborhood. I love kids and am very patient with them! I currently charge $10 per hour. My pet services are as follows: Grooming and sitting. Grooming would be available at my own home where a grooming center is available. I have references upon request. I currently charge $15 per groom, $20 per full day/night sitting. Email: or call 503.863.6673 2010 NEW MOMS! I am a new stay at home mom with a 6 month old and my husband and I just moved to Forest Heights. Id like to start or join a mommys group for 2010 born babies. Looking to meet up for coffee/tea, walks, lunch, shopping, an occasional night out, and a playgroup for our little ones. Email: if interested. LOOKING FOR EXTRA HELP? Hi! My name is Jake Marcy and I am 16 years old. I am dedicated to my sports and school. I am a lacrosse player for Lincoln High School and love my sport. I am very motivated and willing to work as hard as you need. I can help with yard work, computer work (Facebook, upload photos, etc.), animal watching and walking, babysitting, house sitting, lacrosse training. I am a hard worker so feel free to call me for any work you might have. Please feel free to call me at 503-297-5921 or 503-407-0846. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER TIRED OF THE CLUTTER? I offer organizing services to help you attain more control over your personal environment and possessionsto bring order and harmony back into your life! For a FREE 1 hour consultation, call Cynthia Fooshe at 503.297.1862. CHINESE TUTORING THIS SUMMER We are two Lincoln High School upperclassmen, Catherine Wu and Minerva Chen. We are native Chinese speakers and are available this summer for tutoring in Cantonese and Mandarin. Flexible rates and locations available. Please contact us at: 503-422-2602 or 503-528-6031, or email us at Also Available upon Request: Piano Lessons and Math Tutoring PLAY DATE 5 year old girl is looking for the girl of same age or older, to arrange regular play dates. Please call Julia at 503.332.8080 or email: My name is Nick Grout and I am an 8th grader at West Sylvan. I am willing to wash cars, feed and bathe pets, house sit, and do yard work. I can come anytime during the week or weekend. Please contact me at 503.292.5440 or PIANO LESSONS Professionally, formally trained pianist, with a degree from Music Conservatory and a degree in Education, with more than 38 years of teaching and performing experience, member of Oregon & National Music Teacher Associations, is offering classical PIANO & vocal lessons. Adults and kids, who have already conquered piano basics and looking to improve their skills. Requirement: have piano at home. 503.332.8080 or email: FOR RENT SKI HOOD -- COLLINS LAKE RESORT -- New sleeps 8 3BR, 2.5BATH, 2CAR garage, pools, spa, hot tub , trails 4 seasonsski, hike, fish, boat, snowmobile. Friends and family rate to FHHOA RES-DENTS mentioning this ad. LOREN HOTCHKISS 503-291-9822 FOR RENT MANZANITA BEACH HOUSE w/great ocean views. Works well for families to share or that winter retreat for the book/bridge club. Sleeps 14, no pets/smoking. Call 503.292.3270 or visit FOR RENT Charming Cannon Beach oceanfront cottage for rent. Sleeps 6. $170/night. Minimum 5 nights. No pets. 503.466.6840 RENTALS PIANO TEACHER/TUTORING Excellent piano teacher and professional tutor (LA, Math, French, Study Skills). Fully certified. Established business 6+ years in Forest Heights. Great references from your neighbors. I make learning fun and I connect personally with my students. I travel to you! Please call Sarah at: 503.533.0993 or mail me: BABYSITTING MUSIC TUTORING BABYSITTER AVAILABLE High school student, Red Cross infant and toddler CPR certified, 3 years experience. Available to babysit Fridays and Saturdays year round. References available. Phone #: 503-841-5989 | Rate: $6/hr PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PET/PLANT CARE MISCELLANEOUS Page 17 DESIGNER COFFEE TABLE Glass and forged metal. Local artist. Tapered Legs. 31 inches by 50 inches. 18 inches high. Paid $1800. For Sale: $675. Call: 503.222.7330 Interested in running a classified ad? The classified ad section of this newsletter is available to Forest Heights residents only. Business classified ads are only $15.00 per month. All other ads are free! For more information, email: 2 3 4 5 6 Community Activities Committee 12:00 pm 7 Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Committee 12:00 pm 8 9 10 11 International Fall Festival 4:30 pm7:30 pm Mill Pond Park 1 GO GREEN Committee 6:00 pm Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Committee 12:00 pm Budget & Finance Committee 6:00 pm 4 GO GREEN Committee 6:00 pm 5 6 7 8 Concert in the Park featuring The Mayfield Four 5:007:00 pm Mill Pond Park 9 Community Activities Committee 12:00 pm Communications Committee 6:00 pm 10 Board of Directors Meeting 6:00 pm Landscape Irrigation Workshop 6:307:30 pm Fire Station #27 11 12 13 14 15 16 Budget & Finance Committee 6:00 pm 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Harvest Share HOA Office 10:00am12:00pm 29 30 31 August September 2010 MARK YOUR CALENDAR Heres a snapshot of FHHOA activities and meetings from AugustSeptember 11th. 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