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    grasurfortioPart of the program review process isthe consideration of third-party inputon a programs practices, procedures,and educational outcomes. Memberswi








    estThtionual symposium on dietary supple-mentsThe Conference 2006. TheConference will feature a complementof issue-oriented regulatory, scien-




    Dfothb1ofenthtoEDRiverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606; journal@eatright.org; 312/899-4829; or fax,



    112th concern as to a programs compli- tific, and business-building sessions312/899-4812.

    2 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 2006 by the American Dietetic Associationfrom th


    all for 2007 FNCE Educationalssions Now Openo you have a topic you would like

    ered at the Food & Nutrition Con-ence & Expo (FNCE)? Would youe to present an educational sessionthe national level? The Call for Ed-ational Sessions for 2007 FNCE iniladelphia, PA, is now available on

    ADA Web site at www.eatright-g/fnce. Deadline is noon (Centrale) Wednesday, August 16, 2006.tes for the 2007 FNCE are Septem-r 29-October 2, 2007. The call isen to any individual who would likeplan a session for consideration by

    FNCE Professional Program Ad-ory Committee. For more informa-n, call the ADA Professional Devel-ment Team at 312/899-4867 or mail@eatright.org.ADE Invites Program Accred-tion Inputccredited dietetics education pro-ms are periodically reviewed to en-e they uphold the standards setth by the Commission on Accredita-n for Dietetics Education (CADE).

    DA CALENDAR006 Food & Nutritiononference & Expo

    eptember 16-19, Honolulu, HIe assocce with the standards are encour-ed to forward their comments toDE.

    list of programs under review fortial or renewed accreditation and aresponding site visit schedule isailable at www.eatright.org/Public/82_8477.cfm. The Accreditationndards are located at www.eatright./cade.ny comments on substantive mat-

    s related to the quality of any ofse educational programs must bet 30 days prior to the programseduled site visit or by the desig-

    ted review date to: American Die-ic Association, ATTN: Beverly E.tchell, 120 South Riverside Plaza,ite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606.


    ICR/WCRF International Re-arch Conference on Food, Nu-tion, and Canceruly 13-14, 2006, Omni Shorehamtel, Washington, DC. This Interna-nal Research Conference on Food,trition, and Cancer is sponsored byAmerican Institute for Cancer Re-rch and World Cancer Researchnd International. The latest re-rch and its applications will be re-

    rted, analyzed, and debated. Topicslude: Micronutrients, Lifestyled Cancer Risk, Inflammation andncer Prevention, Epigenetics intrition and Cancer, and ResearchCancer Survivorship. Continuing

    ucation credit is available from theerican Dietetic Association. Forre information and registrationtact the American Institute forncer Research at 202/328-7744,earch@aicr.org, http://www.aicr.org/ference/.ietary Supplement Confer-ceeptember 16-19, 2006, Royal Son-a Hotel Boston, Cambridge, MA.e Council for Responsible Nutri-n (CRN) announces its 2006 an-iationPEOPLE & EVENTSbined with networking opportuni-

    s for dietary supplement leadersd managers. CRN Board Memberhn Venardos, Herbalife Interna-nal of America, Inc, will serve ass years conference chairman. Spe-l registration rates will be avail-le to CRN members and the nightlyup rate at the Royal Sonesta Hotelston will be offered to all attendeestil the room block is full. Early reg-ration is encouraged. For more in-mation about The Conference 2006d other upcoming CRN educationalgrams, please visit http://www.usa.org. For information on theyal Sonesta Hotel Boston, pleaseit http://www.sonesta.com/boston.

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events section ise first of the month, 3 monthsefore the date of the issue (eg, Mayfor the August issue). Publicationan educational event is not andorsement by the Association ofe event of sponsor. Send material: Ryan Lipscomb, Departmentditor, Journal of the Americanietetic Association, 120 S.

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear from

    ou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues:

    E-mailissuesmgmt@eatright.org.Fax 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has been

    eceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAs member home pagend click on Member Issues or visitww.eatright.org/issues.

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    Medallion Award WinnerLouise Irwin Passes

    Louise Irwin, MS, RD, April 2006,was a pioneer in the field of dieteticsand provided leadership that ad-vanced the profession of dietetics formore than 35 years. Irwin received abachelors and masters degree fromPurdue University and completedher dietetic internship at Presbyte-rian Hospital, Columbia UniversityMedical Center in 1940. She was Di-rector of Nutrition and Dietetics for18 years (1961-1978) and AssociateDirector and Dietetic Internship Di-rector of the Department of Nutri-tion and Dietetics in the IndianaUdwtaw

    from Eli Lilly and Co. She worked inthe diabetes clinics with Dr GlennW. Irwin, Jr (not related), a physi-cian who directed the medical careof these patients and subsequentlybecame Dean of the IU School ofMedicine and Chancellor of IndianaUniversity Purdue University at In-dianapolis.

    Irwins was honored in 1976 withthe Medallion award. Specifically,she was recognized for her outstand-ing achievement, leadership, andmeritorious service to the professionof dietetics as a teacher of dieteticinterns, medical students, and nurs-ing students, and for her excellenceas a practitioner of quality food ser-vice and superior administrativeskill, management ability, and ther-apeutic knowledge. After retiring in1996, Irwin served as a mentor forthe Executive Service Corps, an or-ganization of retired executives thatparticipate in community activities.In 2002, she received the PurdueUniversity Hidden Diamond award



    DA Student Member Honoredhristine Schneider, a senior ma-

    ing in Food and Nutrition at Mary-unt College of Fordham UniversityTarrytown, NY, was recognized forr academic achievements by beingmed to the National Deans List for05-2006.


    dia Ylinen, Major (Ret) USmy, RD, April 2006, graduatedm laude from Montana State Col-e in Bozeman with a bachelor ofence degree in Home Economics,joring in Foods and Chemistry,d served her dietetics internship atlter Reed Army Hospital in Wash-ton, DC. She was commissioned in

    US Army at the beginning ofrld War II and served as Chief Di-tian for the European Theater oferations from 1946-1948, for theArmy Surgeon Generals Office inshington, DC, and for William

    aumont Army Hospital in El Paso,, where she eventually retired. Yli-n was a lifetime member of theerican Dietetic Association.

    RATUMthe June 2006 issue of the Journal,89, the publication Topics in Clin-l Nutrition is mistakenly referredas Topics of Clinical Nutrition.

    i: 10.1016/j.jada.2006.06.001niversity (IU) Medical Center, In-ianapolis, for another 18 years. Ir-in was also one of the first dieti-

    ians to develop nutrition guidelinesnd educate patients with diabeteshen insulin first became available

    for her leadership role in advancingthe profession of dietetics and forher continued involvement in in-spiring families, building communi-ties, and making a positive impacton the world.July 2006 Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 1123