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<ul><li> 1. BUILDING A Software Development Team KHURRAM VIRANI JAKE HIRSCH-ALLEN </li></ul> <p> 2. KHURRAM VIRANI @viranik PARTNER Functional Imperative @func_i INSTRUCTOR Bitmaker Labs @bitmakerlabs 3. JAKE HIRSCH- ALLEN @jakehirschallen PARTNER Functional Imperative @func_i DIRECTOR BD - OODA Technologies @oodatech SPM Incentives for Global Health @HealthImpact 4. DEMAND 5. INDEED.COM Job Trends 6. "Software Is Eating The WorldMarc Andreessen, Aug 2011 Buy A 10x Software Developer: Its The Best Investment You Can Make Venkatesh Rao, April 2016 7. TORONTO 8. TORONTO IS #8 Top 20 Startup Ecosystems Startup Genome Report 2012 9. SR. DEVELOPER 80K 100K TORONTO: SALARIES JR. DEVELOPER (NEW CS GRAD) 50K 60K 10. The Struggle 11. SFOYYZ 12. AND DETERMINING FIT HIRING 13. THE GENERALIST THE SPECIALIST 14. FRAMEWORK Developer APPLICATION Developer VS 15. "Should I hire a Rails developer for my Django project?" Depends... Q: 16. "Finding Great Developers"Joel Spolsky, 2006 17. Great developers already have jobs Go where they hang out 18. INTERVIEWING (MOSTLY TECHNICAL) 19. Real World Example: Transcript Online Portfolio (apps, twitter, blog, github) 30m technical phone screen Code challenge (1-2hr homework) 3h on-site technical interview Pair programming with Sr. Dev (on-site half-day session) INTERVIEWING JUNIORS / NEW GRADS 20. Jr. Ruby on Rails Developer: TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 21. WHITEBOARD: FIZZ BUZZ WHY CAN'T PROGRAMMERS.. PROGRAM? program.html FIZZ BUZZ TEST Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print fizz instead of the number and for the multiples of five print buzz. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print fizzbuzz. 22. Have more of your Sr.Devs interview them Conversational approach. More focus on past experience than writing FizzBuzz Discuss design patterns they like and solve architecture problems, instead of SQL statements INTERVIEWING SR. DEVELOPER 23. COMMON QUESTIONS But no one on my team (yet) is technical enough to conduct a technical interview What then? Should I hire a developer that knows language/framework X when we use language/framework Y? Eg: Python/Django Ruby/Rails 24. MORE THAN JUST A FOOSBALL TABLE CULTURE 25. DEVELOPERS ARE CREATIVE Artists don't work 9 to 5 26. DEVELOPERS AS PRODUCT DRIVERS esp. when the company IS the product 27. lunch together LUNCH TOGETHER 28. REMOTE TALENT NO, NOT OFFSHORING 29. "Stop whining and start hiring remote workers" "Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely" 30. Don't want to relocate Don't need to relocate "My spouse is going to med school" Productivity: "most of our remote developers work longer hours than our in-office devs." Collaborative workspaces Forces better communication Not widely adopted (yet) WHY? 31. Works super well with collaborative workspaces. Search online for remote full time positions today and you won't find much. ... But in a few years almost everyone will be doing it and it will be a no brainer.* REMOTE TALENT 32. REMOTE TALE How? 33. EQUITY FOR WHEN $$ IS JUST NOT ENOUGH 34. EQUITY Very heavily debated topic. Fairness &gt; % Vesting Slices Shotgun clause Equity ! = Currency Dilution / Valuation !%#&amp; 35. CONCLUSION High Demand: YYZ losing talent to SFO Remote talent &amp; distributed teams =&gt; Future! Startups: seek generalists Established companies: seek both generalists &amp; specialists Technical interviews are very important Go where the talent is Culture is important to attract and retain talent Give vesting equity to your founding team 36. REFERENCES Further Reading you-can-make/ valley-tel-aviv-l-a-lead-the-way/ ownership-fairly/23326#23326 37. REFERENCES Further Reading 38. QUESTIONS? FIN. </p>