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<ol><li> 1. Film Ensemble Goosebumps Columbia Pictures 2015 Ensemble Jurassic World Universal 2015 Ensemble Tomorrowland Disney 2015 Ensemble Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Twentieth-Century Fox 2014 Soloist (humming) Whisper to a roar Appleseed Entertainment 2012 Choral L.A. Choral Lab(Dir. Michael Alfera) Los Angeles, CA 2015-present Metropolitan Master Chorale(Dir. Glenn Carlos) Los Angeles, CA 2013-present 15 Miles West All-male Acappella(founded) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2008-2011 Festival Chorale Oregon(Dir.Solveig Holmquist) Community Salem, OR 2008-2011 WOU Chamber Singers(Dir.Solveig Holmquist) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2003-2010 WOU Solstice Jazz Choir(Dir.Kevin Helppie) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2003-2006 C-notes/ Acappella choir(Dir. Tim Russell) Centennial High Portland, OR 1999-2003 Young Continentals Cam Floria Santa Barbara, CA 1998-1999 Many Church Choirs 1990 -1998 Musicals Songs For a New World (Percussionist) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2007 West Side Story (Percussionist) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2006 Victor/Victoria Chorus (Tenor) Western Oregon Monmouth, OR 2004 Performances (Selected) Michelle Shocked Back up vocals Los Angeles, CA 2015 Susanna Hoffs Backvocals/Beat box Largo Los Angeles, CA 2014 Petra Haden Back up vocals Largo Los Angeles, CA 2014 John Michael Higgins 'OK Chorale' Largo Los Angeles, CA 2014 Allen Toussaint Back up vocals Wester Oregon Monmouth, OR 2011 Carnegie Hall Carmina Burana(dir.Solveig Holmquist) New York, NY 2010 Sonny Turner (the Platters) Back up vocals Colusa Casino Colusa, CA 2009 Lynn Anderson Back up vocals Colusa Casino Colusa, CA 2009 Germany tour Festival Chorale Oregon Germany 2008 110 El Nido Ave, apt. 41, Pasadena, CA, 91107 626.414.7215 Josh Bedlion Vocals </li><li> 2. China tour Chamber singers/North east Asia China 2007 Carnegie Hall B minor Mass(dir.Solveig Holmquist) New York, NY 2007 Sonny Turner (the Platters) Back up vocals Chinook Winds Casino/ Lincoln City, OR 2007 Carnegie Hall Bach Magnificat(dir.Solveig Holmquist) New York, NY 2004 Awards (Selected) Academic showcase Excellence performance Western Oregon 2010 Outstanding Soloist award North Texas Jazz Festival 2006 Baritone solo-awarded top 10 Cenennial High OSAA 2003 Workshops/Seminar Bill Hare/Deke Sharon SouptoNuts Acappella/recording Seminar/Week long 2009 Training Western Oregon University Master of Music in Contemporary Music 2010 || Adjunct Faculty || GTA in Midi lab Western Oregon University Bachelor of Science in Music/Minor in Comp. Science 2008 Founder of 15 Miles West Centennial High School Diploma 2003 Involved in Choir/ Band|| Track and field/cross country || Performing Arts || Keyboarding Voice Teachers Drum Teachers Sight Singing Gerald White Mel Brown Gerald White Solveig Holmquist Bret Cappelutti Kevin Helppie Amy Chisolm Special Skills Vocal Range: Eb2 A5 beatbox, Whistle, vocal gok block sounds, Drums, Percussionist, extraordinary, with vocal blending, acappella arranging, great sight reading. Sports Cross country, Track &amp; Field, Running, Hiking, knee Boarding, Bicycling Repertoire List: Provided upon request... References Kevin Walczyk, D.M.A, Professor of Music, Electronic Music and Composition Studies, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 97361. (503) 838-8274 Solveig Holmquist, D.M.A, Professor of Music, Choral Studies and Conducting, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR, 97361. (503) 363-5884 Byron Bethards, Degree in Master of Science in Education at Western Oregon University in 2010. Teacher, Corvallis School District. (541) 905-1059 Keller Coker, D.M.A, University of Southern California, Professor of Music, Music History and early music performance, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR, 97361. </li><li> 3. (503) 838 8275 Ben Wood, Founded photography business, 'Ben Wood Photography' (971) 570-1059 Recording Studio Engineering | Music Director | Music Studies | Jazz Ensemble | Chamber Choir | Software Specialist | Accounting | Economics | Marketing </li></ol>