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"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.-Richard Feynman, 1974Intro QuoteHook: One of my favorite quotes from Richard Feynman

Hi. Im Josh.A creative developer, hungry for knowledgeIntroduce yourself2

I was born and grew up in Rhode Island. I graduated from Cranston High School West in 2008. Im proud of where I came from.Roots: Born in Rhode Island, Cranston High School WestPic

Project tone is based on Commandment IV: Thou shalt tell a story.3

In 2012, I decided that making games for a living was the way to goSo I enrolled at Full Sail.I wound up at Full Sail a few years after graduation and have been studying here ever since

I amIntelligentMy good qualities: Intelligence


I amNatural curiosity is a prerequisite for being a truly good programmer


I amDetermined: After what Ive been through, it takes a hell of a lot to discourage me. with the latest technologies

Unreal 4By Josh Cohen for GravTech GamesExplain a bit about blueprint visual scripting, and maybe what Im doing here8Proficient with the latest technologies

DirectX11By Josh Cohen9Proficient with the latest technologiesBy Josh CohenOpenGL

Specifically, OpenGL ES 2.010I love to play games that let me explore

Kerbal Space Program, screenshot by Josh CohenI like games that let me explore (KSP)I made this space station to support interplanetary missions11games that let me build empires

Im in the empire business (Civ V)Some overlap with KSP herePlaceholder screenshot which I will replace with one of my own

and games that push my abilities to their limitsAnd of course, I enjoy a challenge (Dark Souls) my screenshot, but Ill probably keep it because I dont have time to start a new game and play all the way to this fight again13Im a skilled C++ programmer

Skills: C++14

And a dynamite optimizerSkills: Optimization

15Im a musician

Guitar16And a long distance runner

Running17And after a few years bartending I can make a great gin martini

Skills: Mixology18

Contact me!Email: joshuacohen@fullsail.eduEmail: joshua_cohen@me.comTwitter: @imjoshcohen19ReferencesSlide 1: 2: Photo by Josh CohenSlide 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: By Josh Cohen for GravTech GamesSlide 9: By Josh CohenSlide 10: By Josh CohenSlide 11: Kerbal Space Program, screenshot by Josh CohenSlide 12: 13: Dark Souls, 14: By Josh CohenSlide 15: By Josh CohenSlide 16: 17: 18: 19: Photo by Josh CohenReference slide20