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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.-Richard Feynman, 1974Intro QuoteHook: One of my favorite quotes from Richard Feynman</p> <p>Hi. Im Josh.A creative developer, hungry for knowledgeIntroduce yourself2</p> <p>I was born and grew up in Rhode Island. I graduated from Cranston High School West in 2008. Im proud of where I came from.Roots: Born in Rhode Island, Cranston High School WestPic</p> <p>Project tone is based on Commandment IV: Thou shalt tell a story.3</p> <p>In 2012, I decided that making games for a living was the way to goSo I enrolled at Full Sail.I wound up at Full Sail a few years after graduation and have been studying here ever since</p> <p>I amIntelligentMy good qualities: Intelligence</p> <p>5Curious</p> <p>I amNatural curiosity is a prerequisite for being a truly good programmer</p> <p>6Determined</p> <p>I amDetermined: After what Ive been through, it takes a hell of a lot to discourage me. with the latest technologies</p> <p>Unreal 4By Josh Cohen for GravTech GamesExplain a bit about blueprint visual scripting, and maybe what Im doing here8Proficient with the latest technologies</p> <p>DirectX11By Josh Cohen9Proficient with the latest technologiesBy Josh CohenOpenGL</p> <p>Specifically, OpenGL ES 2.010I love to play games that let me explore</p> <p>Kerbal Space Program, screenshot by Josh CohenI like games that let me explore (KSP)I made this space station to support interplanetary missions11games that let me build empires</p> <p>Im in the empire business (Civ V)Some overlap with KSP herePlaceholder screenshot which I will replace with one of my own</p> <p>and games that push my abilities to their limitsAnd of course, I enjoy a challenge (Dark Souls) my screenshot, but Ill probably keep it because I dont have time to start a new game and play all the way to this fight again13Im a skilled C++ programmer</p> <p>Skills: C++14</p> <p>And a dynamite optimizerSkills: Optimization</p> <p>15Im a musician</p> <p>Guitar16And a long distance runner</p> <p>Running17And after a few years bartending I can make a great gin martini</p> <p>Skills: Mixology18</p> <p>Contact me!Email: joshuacohen@fullsail.eduEmail: joshua_cohen@me.comTwitter: @imjoshcohen19ReferencesSlide 1: 2: Photo by Josh CohenSlide 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: By Josh Cohen for GravTech GamesSlide 9: By Josh CohenSlide 10: By Josh CohenSlide 11: Kerbal Space Program, screenshot by Josh CohenSlide 12: 13: Dark Souls, 14: By Josh CohenSlide 15: By Josh CohenSlide 16: 17: 18: 19: Photo by Josh CohenReference slide20</p>