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Pakistani economy is steadily growing owing to consistent policies of government.


<ul><li> New Job Openings May 2014 </li> <li> 1 Position: Teachers Employer: Rawalian College, Talagang Submit CV: 2 Position: Branch Manager, Branch Operations Manager, Credit Officer Employer: Muslim Commercial Bank Submit CV: 3 Position: Office Manager, Media and Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer Employer: Events 4 U Submit CV: 4 Position: Direct Sales Supervisor, Call Center Agents, Team Lead Planning and Reporting Employer: Wi-Tribe Submit CV: </li> <li> 5 Position: Interior Designer, Marketing Agent, Civil Engineer Employer: Al-Khaliq Management Associate Submit CV: 6 Position: Project Manager, Construction Manager Employer: Submit CV: 7 Position: iOS Developers, Graphic Designers Employer: MTBC Submit CV: 8 Position: Medical Rep Employer: City Herbal Labs Submit CV: </li> <li> 9 Position: General Manager, Project Manager, Site Engineer Employer: Submit CV: 10 Position: Manager Marketing and Sales, Sales Engineer Employer: Submit CV: 11 Position: Manager Operations, Marketing Manager Employer: Fatima Medical Labs Submit CV: 12 Position: Sales Professional Employer: DGS Submit CV: </li> <li> 13 Position: Sales Manager, Sales Officer Employer: Allied Group Submit CV: 14 Position: Bus Hostess, Auto Parts Store Keeper, Auto Mechanic Employer: Daewoo Express Submit CV: 15 Position: Graphic Designer Employer: Bahria Town Submit CV: 16 Position: Sr. Report Writer, Rigger, Electrical Technician Employer: COMSATS internet Service Submit CV: </li> <li> 17 Position: Sales Officer, Accountant, Admin Officer Employer: Submit CV: 18 Position: Writers, Editors, Publishers Employer: Punjab Textbook Board Submit CV: 19 Position: Sales Rep, Supervisor, Graphic Designer Employer: Submit CV: 20 Position: Typist Employer: Shifa Foundation Submit CV: </li> <li> 21 Position: Security Supervisor, CPO (SSG) Employer: Submit CV: 22 Position: Head of Internal Audit Employer: Lahore Stock Exchange Ltd. Submit CV: 23 Position: Sales Executives, IT Network Officer, Admin Officer Employer: S Abdullah Home Submit CV: 24 Position: CFO, Director Administration, Project Manager, Managers Employer: Submit CV: </li> <li> Discussion Q: Is Pakistani economy growing? A: Yes. Job openings published in newspapers clearly show psychological confidence of investors and businesspersons. Q: How to choose a best employer? A: One can study Best Pakistani Company at SlideShare. Q: Are these job openings related with the current week of May 2014? A: Yes, however, more jobs can be found in newspapers. Key Credit Sajid Imtiaz: Expert Member CDKN, Member Pakistan Society of Criminology, Member Advertising Age Feedback: </li> </ul>