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sculpture made in italy


  • 1. Artworks carved on full or lightened stone slabs, respecting the natural essence of materials perfectly integrate with rooms design and style they offer. Every single incision offers everybody stay where it is placed, a link between art, interior design and architecture. Each artwork may be proposed in a unique plate or modular panels that time to time fit, for residential, wellness, retail and hospitality, turning them into exclusive places full of charm and timeless art.Giuseppe Lorenzi stones artist designer

2. Luxury interiorsEmotions on the WallsThe natural beauty of the stone opens to the artistic sign proposingparticular artworks, full of unconscious and archetypal references, todecorate interior and exterior walls with elegance and originality. 3. A perfect blend of art, interior design and architecture. 4. PoolsBody and Gaze RelaxSinuous lines engraved follow water movement and make preciousits context. Grazing lights and reflexes on the stone create anambience of rare beauty. 5. Saunas Stone arabesques and steam spirals Magical ambience where body care is combined with the care of spaces in which the stones of art spread their heat in a delicate inlay. The atmosphere that spreads stone engraved with its embroidery is enhanced by soft lighting and scented candles, while wisps of steamwetting the surface will continually change the color. 6. YachtMagic weaves on the waterExclusive artworks in lighter stone for marine ambiences of high level. Valuable materials madeeven more precious from the artistic process of engraving done on their surface. In ambiences suchas nautical particularly luxurious and furnished with finest materials, using artworks etched onstone, for some specific areas may represent a further boost to the already high quality appearanceof the interior. Using engraved lightened stone eliminates any problem of weight and assembly,maintaining aesthetically intact the typical characteristics of the full stone. 7. ProcessingCrafts and new technologiesArtworks on stone or full lightened slab take shape through a calibrated combination betweenmanual and artistic use of advanced technologies. Chisel, sandblasting, milling, polishingand . Heart change a simple stone in a unique and unrepeatable Artwork. From the initialsketch on paper, artwork slowly takes form through various operational steps untill to reachthe final result that will meet the criteria of high quality, both artistic and of the materialtreated. Application These works of art can be simple ornaments or can be used as bases for fountains, on the edge of swimming pools, or as screens, precious parts of a floor or a wall, or for numerous other uses. 8. MaterialsExcellence at the highest levelArtworks are engraved on natural stone slabs of various kinds favouring those offermore aesthetic results and workmanship. All materials are used in indoorambiences, while only few stones are suitable for exposure to atmospheric agents.For particular ambiences are used lightened stone slabs with certified honeycomboffering lightness, flexibility and resistance to compression. 9. TechnologiesFull and lighter stoneStone slabs used have a minimum thickness of 20 mm and 5 mm if supported byhoneycomb. Can be used any kind of stone, maximum dimensions of the slabscm. 300 x 180. We can create major surfaces by placing a slab to another. Excavationcarried out on lithic surface can vary from 1 mm to 10 mm. Incision depends on itsdepth allows to obtain a clear dark effect of great visual impact, whether we plow signswith the same or variable depth.There arent standard artworks, each incision was created as unique artistic product .