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TEAM MEETINGSMANAGEMENTwww.interquestgroup.comCOMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING; KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS; WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS Henry Fordwww.interquestgroup.comAny good leader knows how to structure a meeting so to ensure clarity, purpose and productivity.A well organised meeting plays a vital part in any team communication and efficiency. CEDIM NEWSwww.interquestgroup.comTHIS IS HOW TO DO ITwww.interquestgroup.com01OUTLINE THE PURPOSEGive everyone attending a clear idea of the objectives so they have a clear idea before the meeting.Set the agenda, send out an email so everyone knows why theyre there and what is expected of them. www.interquestgroup.com02When covering a topic that a team member is more knowledgeable on, it makes sense to delegate.Allowing a team member to lead means the discussion will stay as relevant as possible and shows trust in their abilities.DELEGATE LEADERSHIPwww.interquestgroup.com03Invite everyone in the meeting to contribute ideas, a good manager does not dominate discussion.Some team members may be shy. Structure the meeting to encourage ALL attendees to contribute to the discussion.ENCOURAGE DISCUSSIONhttp://www.interquestgroup.com04It is vital for a manager to be prepared to step in when the discussion is going off topic.Setting a clear agenda in a meeting will discourage going off topic. Dont be afraid to interject.KEEP IT ON TRACKhttp://www.interquestgroup.com05After a discussion, everyone must be clear on what the next step or action is and whos responsibility it is. It is also vital to be aware of the deadlines and timeframes for the task.Push for closure to ensure the meeting has clear outcomes and everyone has moved forwards.ARRIVE AT ACTION POINTSwww.interquestgroup.com06In long meetings it is easy to lose of track of what was said and by whom. By taking notes it means everyone can have a clear understanding.Circulate the minutes via email after the meeting, that way everyone has a written record of who, what, where and why. TAKE NOTESwww.interquestgroup.comINTERQUEST GROUPWHERE OPPORTUNITY CONNECTS WITH TALENTInterQuest is a niche recruitment group divided into expert specialist disciplines. We provide contract and permanent recruitment services and support the career ambitions of those working in the new digital economy. Each of the Groups businesses is aligned to market sectors including Finance, Retail, Public Sector and Not for Profit or focused specifically on an area of technology such as testing, analytics, ERP or digital.For more tips on professional development and to see all of our latest jobs, connect with the InterQuest Group.GO TO INTERQUESTGROUP.COMwww.interquestgroup.com


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