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The Corporate Lineage Invert Sugar India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the

year 1997. The first plant for producing Invert Sugar Syrup with

the state of art Combined Cycle Technology , developed in-house, was established in Malanpur Industrial Area, Gwalior & commercial production started in the year 2001. Madhya Pradesh being centrally located ; facilities timely deliveries to our Esteemed Customers having multi location manufacturing facilities in various States and need just in time supplies of important Raw Materials such as Invert Sugar .


NS-EN-ISO 22000:2005/ ISO 22000:2005 Food safety Management system Certificate

OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

NS-EN-ISO 14001:2004/ ISO 14001:2004 Enviorment Management System Certificate

NS-EN-ISO 9001:2000/ ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate

Certifications Contd Contd ISO

9001:2000 Certification from Moody

International U.K . ISO

9001:2000 Certified by ICT Australia and

New Zealand . The In-House R & D of the Company is recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology , Department of Science an Industrial Research (DSIR) New Delhi

What is Invert SugarInvert Sugar is an aqueous form of equimolecular ratio of Glucose and Fructose. The product is made by catalytic hydrolysis of natural sugar (Sucrose) into monosaccharide, followed by decolourization deionization and finally vacuum evaporated to desired concentration. It is around 20% sweeter than table sugar. THE CHEMICAL REACTION OF THE PROCESS C12H22O11 + H2O(Sucrose) (Water) Enzyme & Resin

C6H12O6 + C6H12O(Glucose)


The sweetness Intensity profiles of Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose are different. While Sucrose has a lingering taste, the sweetness intensity of Fructose reaches its peak relatively in short period and diminishes quickly. Because of this property of the fructose sweetness, Invert Syrup helps enhancing other flavors in the products.

Invert Syrup - A TRIPLE REFINED product which has almost no impurity since the refining process removes all impurities. To make your products more pure and also to make it more safer for Consumption for our valued Customers, our product is refined using 5-Micron Filters and is Hydro Boiled. We make exemplary efforts to remove all impurities whether

organic or inorganic present in normal Cane Juice or Sucrose Solutions with the use of Enzymes & Resins .

Properties of Invert Sugar

SweetnessMedium Invert Sugar (50% inverted sugar) has an increased sweetness of 10% when compared to pure sugar. This extra Sweetness can be of benefit in fruit flavored drinks where around 20% less Carbohydrate Sweetener can be used as against usage of Ordinary Sugar.

Humectancy/MoistnessInvert Sugar has a high affinity for water, for which it is used to maintain the product moisture, extending the acceptable Shelf Life of the product.

Invert Sugar can be used in place of Glycerol for additional benefits of Sweetness and flavour


Crystallization Control

INVERT SUGAR is used to slow down and minimize the Crystallization (the major problem area faced by food & beverage industry), thereby extending the shelf life of the products.

Flavour EnhancementThe Fructose in invert sugar syrup has a Natural fruit flavour. So it enhances the natural flavo products.

Water Activity Reduction/ High Osmotic PressureHigh water activity makes product liable to microbial spoilage & shorter Shelf Life(making the product unfit for human consumption, this point is being ignored by most of the manufacturers). INVERT SUGAR increase the Osmotic Pressure much more than sucrose. Water is present but with a higher Osmotic Pressure which thus inhibits microbial growth in products increasing the shelf life.

Freezing Point ReductionA low freezing point is important in ice cream and frozen desserts. The affinity for water of Invert Sugar prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the product like Ice Cream, Cocktails, Filling, Topping, etc.

Preservative EffectINVERT SUGAR has a lower water activity than that of sucrose, and so can be used to give a greater preservative effect and hence increased shelf life by retaining the high quality of the product .

Application of Invert Sugar in Various Industries

Beverage & Distillery Industry Bakery & General Industries Tobacco Industries Honey Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Food Processing Industries Ice Creams Herbal Cosmetics

Kinds of Invert Syrup

Product SpecificationBrix pH Specific gravity Colour 74 (Kusum Pure) 4.45+/-1 1.36 Colourless to off-white 80 (Kusum Gold) 4.45+/-1 1.36 Colourless to off-white

Inverssion Ash % Solubility

95-99% 0.25 Totally soluble in water/Glycerine/Glycol

95-99% 0.25 Totally soluble in water/Glycerine/Glycol

Kusum Pure( 74 Brix Colourless ) A Versatile Ready to use sweetener for all kinds of formulations where colour matters. It is being widely used in Industries like: Pharmaceuticals (Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic) Distillery Industry Tobacco Industry Beverage Industry

Kusum Pearl An all Purpose Ready to Use Sweetener for general applications. It is our most widely used product being used by industries like: Bakery (For Baking Purpose) and (Domestic Applications) Food Processing Industry

Kusum Gold ( 80 Brix Colourless , Honey Colour ) A higher solids invert syrup being used where minimum water is required to be added to the products and the maximum preservation effect of the invert sugar is to be achieved. It is being widely used in the Industries like: Herbal Cosmetics Sherbets, Squashes, Concentrates For replacement of Honey in Products

SummaryISIL has its manufacturing and R&D facilities at Malanpur

Industrial Area, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh).ISIL holds In-house Research & Development Status with

Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi.ISIL also holds Tripartite Agreement with National Research

Development Corporation and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for the Technology Transfer of Invert Sugar Syrup.

Some of our Clientele

Problems with Crystal SugarDissolving of granulated sugar by simple agitation is a slow

process.Conventional agitators cannot dissolve high concentrations of

sugars at ambient temperatures.Heating the water to aid solution adds to costs and is energy

inefficient.The cooling process further adds to costs and process time. Crystallization of the syrup can occur during heating/cooling. Incomplete solubilization can lead to sedimentation or even

blocking of vessel outlets.

Benefits of Invert SugarSweetening power Ready-to-use Easy handling/mixing Easy automation Safe and stable microbiology High concentration No dust Texturing ability Easy weight control Suitable for soft drinks, syrups, marmalade, chocolate, bakeries, sweets

Invert Sugar Syrup: Commercial Benefits1. Increases productivity 2. Decreases water treatment process :for sugar syrup use 3. Eliminates sugar syrup making process line 4. Decreases operational cost: 5. Enhances natural flavour 6. Decreases flavour consumption 7. Value addition to your product 8. Lots more to be experienced..

1. Water Treatment Process adopted by carbonated drink manufacturersTreatment (Coagulation Tank)


Water (Pump)


Reduction of Alkalinity Hardness

Retention Tanks

Killing Bacteria

Sand Filter

Water Polisher

Micro filter

UV Lamp

Desired Water Quality

2. Sugar Syrup Making Processadopted by carbonated drink manufacturers

Invert Sugar, A Healthy OptionDuring the past decade the market trends have changed considerably challenging the dominance of sucrose as a major carbohydrate sweetener. A wide range of new and more desirable carbohydrate-based sweeteners have emerged on the scene to keep pace with the advances in food technology. These sweeteners have tremendous applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The most important among them is invert sugar, an equimolecular mixture of glucose and fructose. Invert sugar is a valuable sweetener in food and pharmaceutical application because of its functionally more desirable properties. The use of invert sugar in India is limited mainly because of the lack of awareness about its usefulness and its poor availability. The process for the enzymatic production of concentrated invert sugar using immobilized technique, has been developed by the Food Technology and Enzyme Engineering Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre . This process ensures safety for human consumption of invert sugar.

Invert Sugar, A Healthy Option (Contd).The conventional method of manufacturing invert sugar involves acid hydrolysis of sucrose, the popular and cheapest sweetener in India. However, such acid hydrolysis has a low conversion efficiency, high energy consumption and thus high cost of production. The acid-hydrolyzed product also contains impurities introduced by uncontrollable parameters during inversion, which is not fit for human consumption The said conversion can also be achieved by enzymatic action of inverts on sucrose with a conversion efficiency of almost 100 per cent without the inherent disadvantages of acid hydrolysis.

Ours is a hybrid technology for manufacturing invert sugar syrup making the syrup most suitable for human consumption .

Invert Sugar Syrup A Nutri & Cost Effective Sugar of the Millennium

Packaging :300 kg per barrel

50 kg per can


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