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    Internatiemal Comiress of Medicine.

    The Sixth International Congress of Internal Medicine will take place at Basle (Switzerland) on August 24th-27th, 1960, under the Presitrency of Sir Russell Brain, London.

    Principal subjects of discussion at the Congress will be Patqlogenesi~ and treatment of Oedema; Enzymic Regulations in the Clinic. Panels: Interstitial- Nephritie---Nephrosis~Duiretics Diagnostic Value of the Enzymes--Therapeutic Indications of the Enzymes; Serolog~y in Rheumatic Diseases; Instruction in Internal Medicine. Lectures on subjects of free choice Seventy leading internists from all over the worlg will take part in the main scientific progran~me by reading their papers or joining in the panel discussions.

    Official languages will be German, French, English, with simultaneous translation for the principal lectures. Programmes and registration forms for the congress may be obtained from the Secretary, Steinentorstrasse 13, Basle 10 (Switzerland). Registrations should reach the Secretary if possible by April 30th, 1960.

    Diploma in Obstetrics.

    The following have been slleces~ful in the recent examination : Dr. S. Ahmed, Dr. B. N. Chakrabgrty , Dr. R. N. Jariwala, Dr. S. H. M. Logan, Dr. G. F. Mirza, Dr. M. L. O'Flaherty, Dr. L. C. P~tel, Dr. T. F. Shaw.

    The following canclidates were duly admitted Licentiates in Medicine and Midwifery on 1st April, 1960, having pa~sed ~he Final Examination in Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery of the Conjoint Board of Ireland : - -

    L. J . Ctements, M. Davy, M. M. Jadwat, S. Kissoon, D. J . O'Brien and Tai Hon Li.


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