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DIALECTICA 377 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE ZURICH, AUGUST 1954 Second International Congress of the U.I.P.S. Secretarys Office : International Forum of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Room 20d, Zurich 6 Zurich, Date as per P. 0. stamp. Dear Sir, In our first circular letter, i t was announced that the International Congress for the Philosophy of Science, Zurich 1954, had been recognized as a regular, second congress of the International Union of the Philosophy of Science. 1. Ref . this first circular letter In this letter i t was established that the Congress will take place from Monday 23rd. to Saturday 28th. August 1954, in Zurich. We would advise you also that the Board requests all speakers to arrange their papers within the framework by the following themes : a ) Discrimination of tendencies in the philosophy of science today, showing possible differences and similarities among these. b ) The importance of the philosophy of science to scientific research. 2. Notification of the delivery of papers We are very glad that notification has already been received of more than 1000 papers to be delivered. Unfortunately, i t has not yet been possible to communicate directly with every contributor ; but this will be remedied during the coming weeks. In general we would remark that some notifications appear not to show adequate regard to the themes fixed by the Committee. The Scientific Chairman cannot acknowledge papers, whose subjects fall outside the scope of the themes arranged: it can be promised neither that there will be sufficient time for such papers to be delivered, nor that such papers would be admitted into the Publications of the Congress. 3. Organisation of the Congress Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pauli (ETH, Zurich), there will be a symposium to discuss fundamental questions of physics. 378 DJALECTICA A further symposium will probably be held under the chairmanship of Prof. Jean Piaget (Paris and Geneva), to discuss fundamental questions of psychology. Further details will be announced in the third circular letter. Two types of lecture are recommended for the Congress : a) Introductions for general discussions, b ) Short reports on special subjects. The closing date for the receipt of such papers has been of necessity fixed a t the end of March 1954. The Scientific Board has to examine each paper submitted, in order to confirm that it covers one or the other of the subjects laid down by the Congress Committee. 4. Condifions of attendance The price of tickets for those participating has been settled a t Fr. 35.00, for those attending a t Fr. 25.00. The tickets of actual participation are valid also for other official arrangements, and they entitle their holders to receive the Publications. These Publications, of papers, or reports on discussions, will appear after the Congress. The third circular letter will inform you of the conditions concerning the payments. 5. The Honorary Comrniftee This will be presided over by Dr. Philipp Etter, Bundesrat, and will consist of the following gentlemen : Dr. Philipp Etter, Bundesrat. Dr. E. Vaterlaus. Member of the Cantonal Government and of the Dr. E. Landolt. Mayor of the City of Zurich. Prof. Dr. H. Pallmann. President of the Swiss Schools Advisory Board. Prof. Dr. h. c. Favre. Former Rector of the Swiss Federal Institute of Prof. Dr. W. Gut. Former Rector of Zurich University. Dr. H. Koenig. Director of the Federal Office of Weights and Measures. Prof. Dr. W. Pauli. ETH. Prof. Dr. J. Piaget. Sorbonne, Paris ; Director of BIE, Geneva. Prof. Dr. J. de Beaumont. President of the Swiss Society for Natural Pater Dr. M. Roesle. President of the Swiss Philosophical Society. Prof. Dr. W. Saxer. President of the Zurich Society for Natural Prof. Dr. A. Stoll. Sandoz Ltd. President of GEP. Ing. Hans Boveri. Brown Boveri Ltd. Baden. Dr. K. Miescher. Director of the Experimental Laboratory, Ciba Ltd. Federal Parliament. Technology, Zurich. Scientific Research. Scientific Research. DIALECTICA 379 T. Schwob. Director of Tavannes Machines Co. Dr. C. Seippel. Director of BBC, Member of the Swiss Schools Advisory C. Veillon. Founder of the Charles Veillon Award. W. R. Corti. Honorary President of the Pestalozzi Childrens Village Prof. Dr. W. H. Sch0pfe.r. Former President of the Society for the Dr. H. Weilenmann. Director of the Volkshochschule (Peoples College), Board. Foundation. History of Science ; former Rector of Berne University. Zurich. 6. The third circular letter This will contain details of organisation and research reports ; and i t will be forwarded to you towards the end of March. THE CONGRESS BOARD. CONGRESS BOARD F. Gonseth, President. B. Eckmann, Zurich ; P. Nolfi, Zurich (administrative council). P. Bernays, Zurich, Vice-President. A. Pfluger, Zurich. R. Nevanlinna, Zurich. P. Finder, Zurich. K. Durr, Zurich. Frau M. Ernst-Schwarzenbach, Zurich. D. Brinkmann, Zurich. E. Walter, Zurich. F. Kroner, Zurich. E. Specker, Zurich. R. Meyer, Zurich. M. Altwegg, Zurich. S. Widmer, Zurich. W. Boesch, Zurich. A. Ostertag, Zurich. A. Ostrowski, Basle. H. Guggenheimer, Basle. A. Mercier, Berne. W. A. Johr, St. Gall. P. Rossier, Geneva. S. Gagnebin, NeuchMel. F. Fiala, NeuchGtel. M. Joray, Bienne. PS. We should be grateful, if all the people who have announced a lecture, would send us the principal thoughts of their paper, so that the scientific Board of the Congress can include the themes in the programme.


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