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    2016 ANNUAL REPORT The transformation of the electric power industry continued to unfold and take shape in 2016. Throughout the year, IEI focused on understanding and advancing the central trends driving the transformation through its major initiatives, including:

    ¡ Completing the Key Trends Driving Change books; ¡ Hosting Powering the People 2016; and

    ¡ Launching the National Dialogue Series

    Lisa Wood Executive Director

    Message from the Executive Director

    The key components of the industry’s transformation — energy grid digitization and optimization, distributed energy resources integration and management, changing customer preferences, and an increasingly clean fuel mix — didn’t change in 2016. Yet, the contours of these trends are evolving rapidly, with technology; policy; and regulation all playing important roles. IEI’s executive dialogues, meetings, books, reports and issue briefs helped to define these contours. We look forward to continuing our work with you on these important issues in 2017.

    -Lisa Wood, Executive Director, Institute for Electric Innovation & Vice President, The Edison Foundation


    The Edison Foundation

    IEI Book Series: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry, Volumes II and III In December 2016, IEI released Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry, Volume III. The third and final book in the series features 20 essays by electric and technology company executives that focus on three key trends driving the transformation underway.

    Rate and Regulatory Reform: Essays by Commonwealth Edison, NorthWestern Energy, SunPower Corporation, and Xcel Energy discuss the importance of regula- tory reform to enable innovation and grid modernization, while ensuring safe, afford-

    able, reliable, and increasingly clean energy for customers.

    Data Analytics: Essays from Comverge, Ecova, Entergy, Georgia Power, IBM, Nest Labs, Powerley, and TROVE Predictive Data Science point to how advanced data analytics are enabling new operational capabilities, improved grid management, and new energy services that benefit customers.

    Grid Modernization: Essays from CenterPoint Energy, Enbala Power Networks, Florida Power & Light Com- pany, Gridco Systems, SCE, SMUD, and Sunverge Energy describe how the smart grid is the critical platform to integrate renewable and distributed energy resources, deliver information and communicate with customers, and enhance reliability and resiliency.

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    Institute for Electric Innovation 2016 Annual Report

    IEI National Dialogue Series In 2016, IEI launched the National Dialogue Series, a new initiative focused on critical industry topics. IEI held three in-depth dialogues to address these issues. Between 24 and 30 energy and technology company senior executives participated in each conversation. Following each meeting, IEI published 10 key takeaways available at

    Digital and Distributed Grid - July 20, Columbus, OH

    AEP hosted this dialogue focused on: the drivers behind a more digital and distributed grid; how the growth in distributed energy resources (DERs) is changing the role of the grid; and, what the future may look like. Key takeaways include:

    ¡ Electric companies are investing in software and analytics aimed at greater visibility into the distribution system and seamless integration of DERs.

    ¡ One key to a successful power sector transformation is clearly articulating to regulators why technology and software investments make sense for both today’s customers and the energy grid.

    Data Analytics and Access - September 27, Houston, TX

    CenterPoint Energy hosted this dialogue focused on using data: to create customer value; for advanced grid management and DER integration; and on the grid of the future. Key takeaways include:

    ¡ Electric companies must continue to invest in new capabilities and work in close partnership with technology companies, because the potential of advanced data analytics is still largely unrealized.

    ¡ Electric companies need to incorporate advanced data analytics to develop insight into customers’ needs and wants for the next generation of energy products and services.

    Clean Energy Future Through Partnerships - November 10, San Francisco, CA

    Pacific Gas & Electric hosted this dialogue focused on: distribution grid management; clean energy integration; and energy storage. This dialogue also included venture capital executives, who offered their take on the conversation. Key takeaways include:

    ¡ Flexible energy grid platforms are the future;

    ¡ Storage is viable today and may scale faster than solar; and

    ¡ The electric company’s role is to facilitate the best solution.

    IEI Book Series (continued) In June 2016, IEI released Volume II, which features 13 essays by electric and technology company leaders, policy mak- ers, and other stakeholders. The authors in this volume provide their unique views in three key areas: innovating with customers; smart storage, smart cities, smarter grid; and the transition to our energy future. What these newer trends show is that the power grid is a critical building block to more innovation with customers, with communities, and with technology.

    To download Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry Volumes I, II and III, visit:


    New Customer Services


    Modernize Grid

    Connect DERs

    Transition Rates


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    Institute for Electric Innovation 2016 Annual Report

    Powering the People March 17, 2016, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC

    Powering the People, IEI’s signature event, is an annual celebra- tion of innovation in the electric power industry. In March, Power- ing the People featured TED-style talks and dialogues with electric and technology company executives, policymakers, and other key stakeholders focused on emerging trends shaping the future of energy, including:

    ¡ Digital & Distributed Grid. What are the challenges and opportunities as the grid integrates and enables more DERs and new devices in homes and businesses?

    ¡ Individualized Customer Services. A more digital grid allows for the increasing customization of energy services. How are utilities creating individualized services such as 100% renewable energy offerings to meet customer needs?

    ¡ Smart Cities. Collaboration among electric and technology companies, municipal leaders, and others is critical for smart cities. How might utilities create new streams of value?

    IEI Executive Dialogues In June, members of the IEI Management Committee and the IEI Technology Partner Roundtable, and other invited electric indus- try executives gathered in Chicago at the EEI Annual Convention for two private meetings to discuss the next frontier in customer energy management, and technologies for managing a dynamic grid and DER integration. Key takeaways include:

    ¡ Energy companies are embracing the role of the complete energy integrator to better manage and leverage customer energy resources to meet grid needs.

    ¡ Data analytics are at the center of DER integration and digital grid management and can enable new utility-provided, customer-centric products and services.

    ¡ The on-going transformation of the electric power industry, largely driven by technological capabilities, presents an opportunity for electric companies to become regulatory entrepreneurs by responding to customer needs and providing solutions.

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    Institute for Electric Innovation 2016 Annual Report

    IEI Reports and Issue Briefs Each year, IEI produces reports and issue briefs to help paint a vision of where we are today with regard to smart energy infrastructure, clean energy, and customer solutions. These documents are available at

    Electric Company Smart Meter Deployments: Foundation for A Smart Grid

    In October, a new report by IEI found that electric companies had installed 65 mil- lion smart meters, covering more than 50 percent of U.S. households, as of year-end 2015. Deployments are projected to reach 70 million smart meters by the end of 2016 and 90 million by 2020. The report also provides examples of using smart meter data today to improve grid operations, integrate distributed energy resources, pro- vide customer services, and support innovative pricing.

    IEI also produced Smart Meters At A Glance — an infographic that provides easy to understand facts and figures on how the more than 65 million smart meters installed in the U.S. are helping to build smarter energy infrastructure, improve visibility into the grid, and connect DERs.

    IEI Technology Partner Roundtable Snapshots

    The Technology Partner Roundtable Snapshots provide an overview of each member technology company and summaries of some of their specific projects with electric companies. To date, IEI has produced snapshots for: Nest, Silver Spring Networks, Stem, and SunPower. IEI will develop a Snapshot for each Technology Partner Round- table member company by mid-2017. These Snapshots are a tool to effectively com- municate innovative electric company-technology partnerships to customers, regu- lators, and other stakeholders.

    Top Ten Things You Should Know

    In September, IEI released Grid Mo


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