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  • INSTAGRAM Tips & Tricks

    Nicole Siscaretti @SparklyNicole

  • Hi, Im Nicole. Blogger Social Media Educator Etsy Shop Owner Digital Entreprenuer


    First Instagram post: 12/19/10

  • Why Instagram is different

    Be seen: !Users post less frequently, most posts are seen !No algorithm (or minimal involvement) !Users typically follow fewer accounts

    Engaging: !Easy & normal to engage with people with like interests !Hashtags make all the difference for posting & searching

  • Consistency.



  • Where do followers come from? ! People that knew me from other places online

    ! Liking & commenting on photos

    ! Giveaways

    ! Photo Challenges & Surveys

    ! Collaborations

    ! Others mentioning me in photos

    ! Providing value others cant

    ! Posting content regularly & using hashtags

  • Growing your following !Engaging with others

    !Like & comment on others photos regularly

    !Time consuming but worth it

  • Recent Changes

    !Paid scheduling & managing multiple accounts with Hootsuite

    !Landscape and portrait photos now available

    !More ads and better suited to user

  • Taking quality photos on a budget


  • Photo Apps Snapseed editing colors & fixing light PicFrame excellent for collages Rhonna Designs text & stickers Phonto text & your own fonts Lenslight light effects Squaready any photo into a square

    Search the App Store & Google Play for new & popular apps. Strive to be unique.

  • #

  • Tips for Hashtags

    Start your own

    Participate in others

    Identify the following types of hashtags in your niche: Broad Pinpointed Popular Popular in the niche

  • Hashtag Tips

    Only hashtags you add will count.

    Added to timeline when photo was posted, not when hashtag is added.

  • Hashtags

    Use caption for research.

    Use another comment with hashtags to

    hide them.

  • Spam or nah?

  • versus

  • How many hashtags can I use?

  • Creative Content Everyday life

    Behind the scenes Out of the ordinary Photo Challenges

    Surveys Featuring followers (with permission & caution)

    Contests (following Instagrams guidelines) Quotes Facts YOU!

    Entertain the lifestyle that compliments your audience.

  • Photo Challenges

  • Surveys

  • Effective Giveaways


  • Dos & Donts of Instagram

    Do follow as many people as you can keep up with. Dont post blurry photos. Do keep it positive. Always. Everywhere. Do unfollow if you dont enjoy someones content. Dont post too many photos of one thing. Dont ask for shoutouts or follows. Dont ask What app is that? or other irrelevant Qs Do direct people back to Dont buy followers or likes. Dont be bummed out by unfollowers. Do block those who write offensive things.

  • The First 100

    An experiment using all the tips and tricks Ive given today

  • Did I make it?...

  • Takeaways

    Research and identify relevant hashtags.

    Like great photos in relevant hashtags.

    Schedule time to be active on Instagram.

  • Questions Nicole Siscaretti @SparklyNicole