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One of the greatest joys in life is giving of yourself, your time, your talent, and your money to support others. The very fabric of our society was created on the belief that it is our duty to support one another in times of trouble. On this basis, I offer you some philanthropic inspiration to get you started.


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2. 'What we do for ourselves dieswith us.What we do for others and theworld remains and is immortal.' 3. Love is the light that can alwaysilluminate a world grown dim and giveus courage to keep living and working.Love is possible, and we are able topractice it because we are created inthe image of God. 4. Charity. To love humanbeings in so far as theyare nothing. That is tolove them as God does. 5. The life of a manconsists not in seeingvisions and indreaming dreams, butin active charity andin willing service. 6. The simplest acts of kindness are byfar more powerful then a thousandheads bowing in prayer. 7. Toadventure isto findyourselfwhole 8. There is no exercisebetter for the heartthan reaching downand lifting people up. 9. Do not act as if you hadten thousand years tothrow away. Death standsat your elbow. Be good forsomething while you liveand it is in your power. 10. When we givecheerfully andacceptgratefully,everyone isblessed. 11. Every good act is charity.A man's true wealth is the good that hedoes in this world to his fellows. 12. Hebrew word for"charity" tzedakah,simply means "justice"and as this suggests,for Jews, giving to thepoor is no optionalextra but an essentialpart of living a just life. 13. No one has ever becomepoor by giving. 14. Those who are happiest arethose who do the most forothers.