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<ul><li> 1. Inspirational ScenesBy Mickella Swaby</li></ul> <p> 2. Brainstorm Of My 3 Films !All find something out at the end whichkeeps audience All Have A Sense of their seats Of thrill InspirationSAW 3DTarget al films Audience from15 upwards 3. Hard Candy ! Sneak Peak 4. Denotation + Connotation Den: Some sortOf Scene off online chat between two people one wants to prove their not a baby and the other wants to meet up Con: both identities are hidden which is building up tension also the persistence of the blue person gives the thrill of something bound to happenBlue is the older manRed is the younger girl (14) 5. Denotation + Connotation Connotation : Shes Constantly Challenging him 6. ConventionsHARD CANDYSecretsTortureSuspense Mind Games 7. Target audience-Lots Of profanityused- Violent scenes are shown 8. MaincharactersJeff: Jeff is a photographer who seemsto have a hidden past that he doesntwish to discuss he seems to be middleclass due to he lives out the cityHis house out ofthe city Hayley: 14 year old who seems innocent but isnt as which is apart of her plan 9. Representations of characters It met the conventions ofMystery , Suspense due tothough out the whole movie I Glasses, Suit show hes awas at the edge of my seat not Grown Intelligent man whoknowing what was going tohas Jobhappen next Short hair , no make-up gives the impression she aint seen as an typical teenage girl 10. Music + LightingGets BrighterLighting is calm in most scenesbut when something is about totake place the light either dims orgoes brighter Dim/BlurNormalLighting 11. Mood and Atmosphere After drugging him &amp; tieing him up She takes his jacket and wears it which brings confusion and builds a suspicious mood The Mood is curious the audience is curious to know whats going on an the man is curious to know what she got planned for him 12. Saw 3d Trailer l1oCG6IVXE 13. Denotation + Connotation Denotation: A Man trapped onto a machine Connotation: Man trapped onto a moving machine equals danger also how did he get there would run through the audience minds Den: People looking amazed, shocked and scared Con: The fact that people looked shocked and amazed shows that something abnormal is happeningDen: Young Girl Tied upCon: by her facial expression shedoesnt know how she got therealso the fact that this is happeningpublicly is abnormal 14. Conventionsrevenge Betrayalsecrets SAW 3DdeathtortureMysteryTragic 15. Target audience Too MuchViolence Torturescene toogory 16. characters The scene I choose there aint main characters due to they dont appear back into the movie Young girl: is portrayed as promiscuous whos been mind gaming two boys for money Jigsaw: hes blunt no emotion just explains whats going to happen 17. Music + Lighting Found out somethingLighting is bright throughout thelighting remainsscene even when somethingthe samehappens it remains the sameMusic /soundis both nondiagetic anddiageticNormalLighting When Jigsaw appears audience automatically knows someones going to die horribly lighting remains the same 18. Mood and Atmosphere In the beginning of the scene everything seems normal so the mood is calm Jigsaw turns up an a sense of tension arrives and suspense builds up 19. Audience in thefilm reflect how usthe audience feelsso the mood is nowpanic / not knowingwhats going tohappen nextAn as expectedsomeone dies so themood has gone backcalm but still onsuspense of whatsgoing to happen next 20. Rush hour 3 Trailer 21. Denotation + Connotation 22. Conventions Sense of humour Mystery RUSH HOUR 3Secrets violence 23. Target audienceUnaccompanied children ofany age may watch. APG film should notdisturb a child agedaround eight or olderThroughout the movie nogory scenes are showne.g. blood. However, parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger or more sensitive childrenViolent scenes also someprofanity used. 24. Representations of characters Jackie Chan: Lee is a detective who a generally a good guy however he has a secret of being a brother to a wanted criminal Hes represented as determined to get the job no matter what , where or whos involved Hes probably middle classChris Tucker: Carter is also Cop whos good friend s withLeeHes seen as laid back doesnt take things seriousHes status middle class 25. Music + LightingMusic in this scene was on theshow and people singing so therewas no effectLighting changes throughoutthis scene from blue to purpleetc. which shows that nothingsettle anything can change atany minute 26. Mood / AtmosphereA performanceis going onatmosphere anmood is calm A sense ofMood is settle due to information of suspicion ofwhy hes behind the curtain is revealedwhat hes up too 27. We the audience now know whats going on which makes the mood settled but still expecting the unexpectedThrill now builds up dueto the audience knowssomething that castdont know( dramaticIrony)Suspense builds up due to thecops plan backfired so theaudience is left not knowingwhats going to happen</p>