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1. Increase Literacy Utilizing Active Engagement Cyndy Amrhein, Reading Specialist Beth Cipriano, Assistant Principal Erin ODore, Second Grade Teacher Sanders Corner Elementary Loudoun County Public Schools 2. To demonstrate the importance of keeping students actively engaged in their learning. To provide ready-to-use active engagement strategies and activities in your lessons from Day 1. Objectives 3. Is this how you begin your week? 4. Thats me! Getting to Know Each Other 5. Ron Nash Students thrive and grow as active learners in ways they do not when they are simply passive observers. 6. The needs of students are my priority. Engaging students in meaningful literacy learning is what I strive to achieve with each lesson I prepare. Estill Beth Estill 7. SOLAYPAMOOh my! 8. What is Active Engagement? Why teach this way? 9. Paired Verbal Fluency 10. Using Music 11. Lets Move Hand Up, Stand Up, Pair Up Square Up Other uses for music Erins playlist 12. Oxygen to the brain. Administration Look for 13. Feathered Friends Clock Buddies Famous Pairs Learning Partner Grouping Ideas 14. Turn and Talk Talk is the bridge that helps us make connections between what we know and what we are coming to know. ~ Booth, 1994 15. Body Sort 16. True/False Fiction/Non-fiction Yes/No Problem/Solution Fantasy/Real Show Me Pocket 17. First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg 18. Read Aloud Lesson Fan-n-Pick Gallery Walk 19. Closing remarks Greater Washington Reading Council Annual Conference December 3, 2013 Exit Ticket Knew/New


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