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While we can tak about "Being the Goat" what does it take to create an environment that allows for goats to thrive in your organization?


  • 1. Improving Goat Production Michael Ducy Chef @mfdii

2. What the What? A goat is tied to a silo of radius x with a rope of length y, what is the grazing area of the goat? 3. Never make a bet with a drunk American in Amsterdam. 4. Silos 5. The Goat 6. Goats are Intelligent 7. Goats are Multi-Purpose 8. Goats are Multi-Purpose 9. Goats are Multi-Purpose 10. Goats are Multi-Purpose 11. Goats are Multi-Purpose 12. Goats are Multi-Purpose 13. Full Stack Developers 14. Full Stack Operations 15. Full Stack OpsDevOps 16. Full Stack DevOpsDev 17. The Goat and the Silo 18. The Goat and the Silo 19. The Goat and the Silo 20. The Goat and the Silo 21. The Goat and the Silo 22. Silo of Goats 23. More Goats 24. More Goats and Operations Workers 25. Improving Goat Production Foraging Crops Frequent Continuous access to water Improved Housing Buck Exchange/Rotation 26. Foraging Crops 27. Foraging Crops Free food for goats Plantable in places not used for (human) food production Encourages good health in the goat herd 28. Foraging Crops for DevOps 29. Foraging Crops for DevOps 30. Foraging Crops for DevOps 31. Access to Water 32. Access to Water Different requirements based on feed Grazing goats consume less water Only ~10% of water loss may be fatal 33. Access to DevOps Water 34. Goats and Fences 35. Goats and Fences 36. Goats and Fences 37. Improved Housing 38. Improved Housing Improves health conditions Protects from predators Keeps goats protected from themselves 39. Improved DevOps Housing 40. Improved DevOps Housing Dont skimp on kit Create the space for how your team needs to work Cheaper to deal with upfront 41. Buck Exchange/Rotation 42. Buck Exchange/Rotation Helps breeding by spreading DNA Prevents problems associated with inbreeding 43. DevOps Exchange/Rotation Helps spread knowledge Prevents myopic view of business Should include business roles Should include outside opportunities as well 44. Summary Plant the seeds to allow your goats to graze Give access to the water goats need Improve their housing to make happier goats Rotate your goats to keep them fresh 45. Be the goat.