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  • 1. Immigration and Labor Movements Change America Objective: To Cover the social changes that take place during the early 20 thCentury

2. Division of Labor

  • Workers begin to specialize in one task
  • Division of Labor made work faster and cheaper
  • Unskilled or low skill workers did most of the work
  • Salaries were low

3. Cities Grow Larger

  • By 1900 half of the nations people lived in cities
  • Mass transit systems are developed
  • Crowding in cities leads to problems
  • Not enough clean water
  • Garbage, Rats and Diseases spread
  • Lack of police and fire protection

4. Old Immigrants

  • Immigrants prior to 1880 called old immigrants
  • Came mostly from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany
  • Many knew how to read and write and speak English
  • Most were Protestant

5. New Immigrants

  • Immigrants who arrive after 1880 were called new immigrants
  • Came mostly from Poland, Russia, Greece, Italy, and Austria-Hungary
  • Many could not read or write
  • Most were Catholics or Jews
  • Between 1880 and 1914 22 million new immigrants arrive in America

6. Why did they come?

  • 1. to escape poverty
  • 2. They believe America was land of opportunity
  • 3. For Religious freedom and to escape persecution
  • For many first view of America was the Statue of Liberty

7. Immigrant life in America

  • Lived in Crowed Tenements
  • Many faced prejudices
  • Americans were angry because Immigrants kept wages low
  • Americans pressure Congress to act
  • Congress creates quota system

8. Causes leading to Labor Unions

  • Work Conditions were extremely poor and dangerous
  • Low Wages few earned more then 16 dollars a week
  • Long hours
  • By 1890 1/5 of children worked 14 hr days

9. Labor Unions

  • First Union Knights of Labor 1869 first union to allow Blacks, and Women
  • American Federation of Labor (AFL) made up of several smaller unions
  • By 1904 AFL had over 1 million members
  • Goals of Unions: better pay, less hours, better work conditions

10. Union Tactics

  • Include collective bargaining--
  • Mangers and workers meet to solve problems
  • Strikes --
  • When workers stop working and walkout and protest

11. Striking for better conditions

  • 1892 Homestead workers went on strike over low wages
  • Management refused to talk
  • And hired arm guards
  • Workers and guards fight
  • Union failed to win better salaries


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