“If you can manage safety you can manage anything” An old DuPont maxim

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  • If you can manage safety you can manage anything

    An old DuPont maxim

  • AgendaIntroductionThe key area for operational HSE improvementPerformance Measurement using KPIsLeading versus lagging indicatorsMethod for developing indicatorsClient caseLatest research

  • About us

    A company dedicated to enhancing Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) in the industryMore than 20.000 of our clients employees are currently working with our tools & methodsOffices in EU, USA, India and partners in Pakistan, Qatar, UAE & other GCC countries

  • We offerAn HSE solution suite includingConsultingIndustry best practicesHSE knowledge databasesSoftware modulesTraining & Coaching

    which results in a set of embedded behavioral changes, process improvements, operational philosophies and improved results.

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    Utilities & energyAbengoa BioEnergyAircraft Fuel SupplyECNGasunie Maasvlakte Oil Terminal NoordgastransportNRGWaternetMetal & ConstructionArcelor Mittal BAM ENCI Rtgers/VFT Waste Attero ARN AVRIndaver Twence Van Gansewinkel Food CargillChemicalsAkzo NobelBayer Systems (Resina) Borealis DSMDomo PropyleenGivaudan Hexion Indorama (Eastman) Johnson Polymer Johnson Matthey Linde Gas Neville Norit Parker Sabic MSDShin Etsu Tessenderlo Thermphos TronoxClients

  • Key area of improvementHuman InteractionAd hoc dynamic processesConversations, meeting, emails, excel lists, etc used to run the companyIf the consequences of failure are severe these processes are key and complex because:Dependent upon negotiation and commitmentInvolvement of several department/specialistsAudit trail needed for regulatory requirementsContext needed for decisionsStructure and participants change over timeNew area of (IT) expertise called Human Process Management

  • Human Process ManagementIt captures question, context and decisionIt reduces the amount of outstanding or forgotten itemsIncreases the speed of human processes because status and roles are clearProof of compliance is made easy

  • Safety processesOccupational Safety

    PTW (Permit to Work) process powered by PERMITCLIQ (De)isolation process powered by LOTOCLIQ Emergency Management process powered by PEOPLETRACKER Incident Management process powered by INCIDENTCLIQ Production Staff Information Handover process powered by SHIFTCLIQProcess Safety

    Management of Change process powered by CHANGECLIQ Data Integrity Management process powered by EQUIPMENTCLIQ

  • Guideline

  • Current KPIs

    LTI restricted Work Case # medical treatment # near miss # spills # behavior observations, # Quality observations % safe behavior HSE barometer/dash board (mix of above) # external environmental complaints # process safety incidents # audits on contractors # TRAs performed # accident free days % sickleave % regulatory requirements met

  • Are the result of an event (past)Indicate whether goals are metThese indicators are hard to influenceExamples: # LTIs/month, Monthly CO2 emission

    Organizations managing solely on the basis of Lagging KPIs are reactiveLagging Indicators & Metrics

  • Are aimed at the future (early warning)Have an influence on Lagging-indicatorsThese indicators are more easy to influenceExamples: % safety tasks finished before deadline

    Organizations that also manage on the basis of Leading KPIs are proactiveLeading Indicators & Metrics

  • HSE Performance Measurement

    Lagging indicators

    Near-miss: Lagging/Leading

    Potentially Leading indicators

  • Lagging vs leading KPIs

  • Method for developing KPIsSelectRisk Control SystemsDefinedesired outputDefineLagging indicatorsDefine most importantprocess-parts of RCSDefineLeading indicatorsManagement of ChangeInstallation operates well/ safe after every change# production or safety incidents as a result of a change% MoC/Actual changes% studies/changes% tasks done within deadlineExample for MoCChange reported?Safety study performed?Tasks done?

  • Based on real operational bottlenecks (investigate at the shop floor!)Understand the relationship with: HSE-risks Other company goals (efficiency, effectiveness)Realisable: Measurable and cost effectiveRepeatableCan be directly or indirectly influencedSuccess Criteria for HSE KPIs

  • Use of KPIs

    KPI: Completeness off the filling in of the Permit to WorkResults:

    The ceiling in the improvement was tracked down to one issue: the signing in of of the general PTWIrritation at workplace by administrative hassleCustomize procedure and started "field audits

    Veiligheid prestatie indicatoren

  • iBanxKPI Questionnaire 2009End Results iBanx HSE B.V.December 2009

  • General

  • HSE Processes

  • Ranking the answers by processIssues:Which problems have the highest impact on HSE performanceKPIs:Which Indicators, related to the operational problems, when improved, have the greatest influence on HSE performance

  • Permit to work processTop Issues:Permit is not correctly completed (description unclear, ineffective measures etc).Permit is not completed in full.Safety Measures as indicated are not carried out fully.Top KPIs:Percentage of correct work permitsWork in PTW is same as actually carried outPercentage of correct work permitsCorrect measures are indicated on PTWAll signatures presentPercentage of work performed according to measures on permit.

  • Lock Out Tack Out ProcessTop Issues:Unclear whether work area is safe before work starts.Unclear what the correct isolation points are.Lessons from incidents are not fully being incorporated in working practices.Top KPIs:First itemIncidents (near miss) caused by isolation that was wrong or incompleteIsolations lists not as-builtNumber of jobs interrupted because of insecurity about isolation safetyShift leader/operator oversight in what needs to be isolated.Percentage of correct templates for relevant tags.

  • Management of Change ProcessTop Issues:The MoC process is bypassed: the process is perceived to be too difficult, too labour intensive, too long. Documentation after change is not as-builtEmployees are unaware of the definition of a change. Top KPIs:% MoC request / total amount of changesPercentage of documentation that is not As-Built within x weeks after startup.% MoC request / total amount of changes

  • Questions?

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