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This is my final presentation project for my Power Point class. We could pick any place in the world where we want to visit and show why we want to go there. I want to travel to Iceland because it has the most amazing scenery, wonderful people, and the Blue Lagoon is there!


  • Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 1
  • Located in the North Atlantic Ocean Reykjavik Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 2
  • Geography and Climate Population: 321,857 (As of January 2013) Island is about the size of the state of Kentucky Climate: Mild Coastal Climate Average High in July 76 degrees F Average High in January 32 degrees Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 3
  • Average Temperatures in Reykjavik 80 70 67 60 50 50 40 40 30 48 36 50 Highs 35 Lows 27 20 10 0 Autumn Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour Winter Spring Summer 4
  • Land of Fire and Ice One of the most volcanic regions in the world Creates awe-inspiring, breath-taking scenery Geo-Thermal Activity Lots of geo-thermal pools around the island 100% powered by renewable resources Geo-thermal energy and power Hydro-Power Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 5
  • Discovering Iceland Huge Spa and Hot Springs Fan Stumbled upon the Blue Lagoon Further research showed the beauty of the landscape Co-worker toured Iceland Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 10
  • Southern Iceland International Airport 25 miles to the capital, Reykjavik Golden Circle Thingvellir National Park Gullfoss Waterfalls Blue Lagoon Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 11
  • Thingvellir National Park Geysir Strokkur Erupts about every 5 minutes Part of the Golden Circle Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 12
  • Golden Falls Gullfoss Europes most powerful waterfall 105 foot double cascade Beautiful rainbows sparkle through the mist on a sunlit day Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 13
  • Geothermal Spa The Blue Lagoon Located in a Lava field on the Southwestern Peninsula (Reykjanes) Most Popular Tourist Attraction Great for skin Relief for Psoriasis patients Great for stress relief Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 14
  • Blue Lagoon Beauty Treatments Treatment Duration Price Silica Facial (Mask & Massage) 60 minutes $93.39 (EUR 70) Silica Facial (Mask & Cleansing) 75 minutes $100.06 (EUR 75) Facial Deluxe (Pampers Hands/Feet w/ Massage and Blue Lagoon Cream 90 minutes $146.75 (EUR 110) Iceland_Tara_WendBarbour 15