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    Mrs Schleininger Who Sues

    for Annulment Marriage Will Push the Case


    Recounts the Events of Her Wedding Night When She

    Says She Was Drugged

    BY RUTH BARZE- I Special to The Eventnn World

    ZJUULINGTON N J Sopt 30 In- credible


    as It may seem It was throus1 the assistance of my own patents Mat Arthur Schlelnlncor was enabled to vv sd me absolutely against my will

    I This statement was made to an Even- ing


    World reporter this morning with great posltlveness by Mary Uroueh- or Schlelnlnser tho bride In spite of herself According to the romnrkablo- fltory of her love troubles which arcnot unlike thoso of an eighteenth century heroine and are told In her complaint In her suit for annulment of mariago the girl was drug ed with wine In tocr parents home at Xa 930 Tremont Ave- nue Xtew York on the nlpht of Sopt 7 and then on ithe pretext of being al ¬ lowed to join her llance at s me len dervous was taken at midnight to St Marys parish house and forced Into

    marrlagc with her rejected locr The girls earnest account of her de-

    votion ¬

    to Alfred Tranke with whose parents here she has taken rfugc and ot the persecution of her father and mother and Arthur SchlelnlnBcr tho roan sUe says they forced her to murry singularly pathetic

    I could bear It nlltbls hateful mar- riage


    and the trouble It has brought to Alfred and bin parents and me were It not that my very mother naIl father bave turned against me Tho thought that they were ready to sacrlOce my happiness is unendurable And the hor- ror


    of realizing tlJat the tie that binds roe to the man I loathe separates me from tho man I love has driven me road

    To begin at the beginning tour j ears ago whan I was seventeen I tell in love with Alfred Franke one year my senior We had lived near each other in New York and hAd been fribnds alnca childhood and our engagement was quite a matter of course

    My father and mother knew Alfred well and mads not the slightest objec- tion


    to our attachment His parents bad been fond of me for > ears and were delighted at the prospect of our marriage wbloh It was agrxed by both families should talto place as soon as Alfred was oUo to provide for us I

    I continued to work in the Metro- politan


    Lite Insurance Company wheN- I am still employed as recording cjerk and Alfred srew mora and moro t uc- eessful in hla mm eying All went so well that a good many months ago Oct 12 was settled on as our eddln day

    Schleininger Appeared Then trouble came This man

    Jgohlelnlrvser whom I have always de- tested


    beean bothering mo with his at- tentions


    He called Incessantly Ho showered me with Invitations that I s > s- tdmatlcally refused He even dogged mo on my way 10 and from work until I was nearly crazy

    E But he found favor with my people HU father is more or less wealthy He promised my mother that If she could Cit me to marry him she should havo- a considerable bonus and my father should be placed advantageously In the echlelnlnscr ohcoso business

    The more I rebelled against Qilm tho snore fiercely she Insisted that I shouldmarry him You can Imagine what homo life became under these conditions Tho constant noggins vvoro on me BO that I became a nervous wreck and to es ¬ cape the torture I accepted Alfreds lathers invitation to visit at the Kranke borne in Hollls L I

    I stayed there three weeks but the trouble at home constantly proved upon soy mind and Sept 7 I decided to go borne and make peace with iriy people 3 arranged with Alfred that he was to eril for nsc early in to evening andtake me bock to Hollis

    Tired and Weak < J When I reaced our homo In

    fomibrldse who should be there but I9chlelnlngeri I wutlredwcakllnd-eart sick and It seemed to me that tho frlo realized my need for they were Strangely conciliatory Th y pretended to make up They oven consented tomy marriage Alfred But they pro- longed


    tihe discussion late into the evenng When Alfred called for me they

    turned him away without knowl- edge


    telling him 1 hot left the house And when I despaired of his coming Ihery proposed my going to meet h> jl1

    f r6 lif f

    k Jfia d t I U-

    ro 3 J

    h k LJ-P< C 1J


    me events are only vague In my mem- ory


    Sent for Pistol A cab was called and SchWnlncer

    put me In As we were drhlnc off he stopped the cab and called to a boy In the strecl to KI to hs house he ivM near at No 779 Tlnton aenue to t- his pistol

    We had driven only a tow blocks when he turned t me suddenly And screamed Say that jou will marry rne1 Sas it quick or Ill lay > ou acorpse at my fe t-

    His manner was so fiercely dnter mined that I was terrorized I must lae crlnee l before him In the ex-tremity


    of tho moment I was forced to consent

    We stopped before SI Mans parish house Schleininger sent In two men whom I do not remember hnvJnc ever seen to wake the priest They rome out tiftcr considerable time Rasing they had had some diuculty In ucrsuadlnc the priest to marry me a Prote tant to- n CntJioVc nut we went In and were married bs Father Carr I was too un- nerved


    to make any protest Stories Differ

    It is at this point ilint Miss Dreu h- ers star differs BO markcdl > from the account vhcn bs the priest and SOhlcin- Inser They both Insist that the girl not onlj consented to the wedding but requfctcd that the ceremony ba p r form J and thanked tho priest eftusevo- lS at the conclusion

    Father Carr sajs that while he nt first hesitated about marrying the couple nt- so late nn hour the consented when the r told him thnt rjiu must bo married before a mnn waiting for them around t1 f wrllr with a gun supposed to be



    Free Shows For Little Ones of

    Schools and Asylums Knights of Columbus to Be There To


    Today the Irish Industrial Pair nt Madison Square Garden was thrown open to the children of the orphan asylums and parochial schools of New

    York City In accordance with the custom when schoolchildren are In- vited


    In large numbers the majority of the amusem ents Inside are also thrown open to the little one tree

    The Knights of Columbus will be the guests of the fair onlsht and It prom ¬ ises to be the biggest turnout of the order since their grand ball in the garden last winter Every member or every lodge In New York City haa re- ceived


    on Invitation to attend and large delegations have signified their Intention ot going to take part in the service fnat will be held In honor ot the order

    The Republican leaders of the city are completing theirplans for S mon- ster


    turnout on Monday night and Chairman HaJpln has personally taken charge of th gathering of the clans and tho Q O JP will be well repre- sented

    The rank and file of the Democratic party will also have a night set aside for them next week The leaders had their turn lost Monday night and now ithe followers will have their own turnout

    Alfred Franke caught her nnd married her himself Pettier Carr sajs that ho tad no knowledse Miss Breucher was not a Octhollc-

    Sohlelnlnger explains his going armed In tho cab bv sa> 4ng he parried his rc- Aolver to jjiot at hlmsulj fion TrarU who was lajtnir ten nun armed DUI Franko sijs no an r dlij urovo nil nllW that he was i Hollis aslecn In bed nt that lImo of nlKit

    The priest bleised ui sajs the girl and we wsnt out Into too nght and I

    felt I was cursed for life I was eo weak and ill that Sdilelnlnger put mo



    Police Descend on Meeting at 145 A M and Arrest Hotel Owner for Excise Violation

    Prisoner Is Set Free

    Deteolives from the East Twentv- soooml street staMon forced their vvav Into the Metropolitan Hotel kept by- Qustav Bach at No 273 Third avenue early thia morning and found eighteen men and seven women In the dlnlns room They placed Bach under arrest for vloratlnc tho excise law

    I When tie las arraigned Oater In Yorkvlllo Court before Magistrate Wahle several men who were present when the raid wafl made appeared an witnesses for him Among them was Capt Conrad Stoev n of tho New York Schuetzen Corpfc en old friend of the Magistrate

    Hello captain exclaimed the Mas- tstrate are you mixed up In this caseT

    I am replied Capt Btoeven as a nrltnen The roeetlna thcee detecjlvos broke into was a business icsilon of the Sohuetten Corp We had been In sea Mon ilnce 9 oclock and it was 11J when the detectives came

    How about tine women who were there Are they members of the Scnuetzen Corps 7Osked the Mnsls- tnxte

    No but they are members of our families

    Case ti dismissed exclaimed the Magistrate You detectives have not to be more careful theso ex- cise


    arranta- Bacti and liU Schuelxcn Corps friendi

    left the courtroom in triumph

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