hutch times volume 28, number 1 times volume 28, number 1 ... i am still working with our poetry...

Download HUTCH TIMES Volume 28, Number 1  TIMES Volume 28, Number 1 ... I am still working with our poetry teacher Samar this year, in 2016. ... Poetry is a flute playing

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  • hutch times october 2016

    HUTCH TIMES Volume 28, Number 1 written by hutch school students and dedicated to our families, volunteers and supporters

    HUTCH SCHOOL nurturing hearts and minds

    Hutch School is a uniquely supportive learning environment for K-12 school-aged patients and family members who are temporarily living in Seattle while undergoing serious medical treatment

    at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, University of Washington Medical Center, and Seattle Childrens Hospital.

    Hutch School is a place of hope, a place where kids can be kids, and a place where children feel safe and protected.

    Hutch School Belief Statement

    1100 Fairview Ave. N., H-SCHL Seattle, WA 98109-1024 206)667-1400


    Student Poetry Ask Laurie

    Classroom Highlights Field Trips!

    Blast from the Past Quotable Quotes And Much More!

  • classroom updates

    hutch times october 2016

    Middle School News

    Poetry: In a recent lesson, Middle School poets were asked to tap into their senses to create a poem that described a favorite street from their community. Please check out Kezlins poem on page 14.

    Letter to a Hero: Rodrigo paid homage to his hero, soccer great Lionel Messi, with an excellent diamante (page 10). In addition to his poem, Rodrigo also wrote a letter to Messi, incorporating what he learned about the components of a friendly letter. Way to go, Rodrigo!

    Science Focus: Salmon: What better place to learn about salmon than right here in the Pacific Northwest? Students learned about the different spe-cies of Pacific salmon, a salmons life cycle and threats facing these fish. The highlight of the unit was our visit to the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, where students experi-enced firsthand a salmons return home to Issaquah Creek.

    Math: 4th grader Kezlin mastered her multipli-

    cation facts and is now beginning to multiply 2-digit by 3-digit numbers.

    Patterns, sequences, and logic patterns have also been a focus of middle

    school math.

  • classroom updates

    hutch times october 2016

    Middle School News

    Word Up! Students used a word wall to collect im-

    portant words from our class novel, Jerry Spinellis Loser.

    Characterization: Our novels protagonist, Donald Zinkoff, comes to life with this life-size character map, created by Kamea and Bradley. Students identified important character traits and supported their find-ings with specific examples from the novel. Nice work, Kamea and Bradley!

    Music: Give me a beat! Students created

    their own music in a recent music les-son. Wes, our music maestro, taught

    the students how melody, rhythm, and tempo play a role in music.

    Students then improvised, creating music on the fly.

    Top 5 List: Top 5 Wrestlers of All Time


    1 Sting Brock Lesnar Jesse Ventura

    2 Brock Lesnar

    Goldberg Nick Bockwinkel

    3 John Cena

    Roman Rains The Rock

    4 Randy Orton

    Sting Roddy Piper

    5 Andre the Giant

    Randy Orton Ric Flair

    Please be sure to read for at least 30 minutes every day after school!

    Remember to bring a water bottle to school.

  • classroom updates

    hutch times october 2016

    What is going on in the High School classroom: We are learning all about the Presidential Election in History and we are now days away from electing a new president. We went from learning the candidates and what Jacob knew from the internet about the candidates. The internet sort of mocks the candidates, like when Trump said he was going to build a wall and the internet blew up about that. Now we have explored the campaign season and the election, learning about things like: voter behavior, campaign financing, the electoral college, the history of voting rights, the candidates and their values, and the debates. We watched all four debates, including the Vice Presidential Debate, and we explored the topics and issues that are important right now and techniques of persuasion. In Math, we are learning how to use postulates and theorems to write proofs and we have been using a compass to draw circles, lines, angles and bisectors. In English, we have been reading short stories from around the world, writing poetry with Sa-mar, exploring narrative writing (which you will experience in Jacobs story about living through a tornado warning) and expanding our vocabulary through Word Power Made Easy. Our next literature circle will include reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. In Music Jacob is learning how to play the ukulele and will be doing voice lessons with a new Hutch volunteer, Cecilia, CC who came to us through the Healing Music Project. Brenda comes weekly for Science and they are exploring the life of cells, DNA and strawber-ries, and learning how a cell splits off into a similar cell.

    Highlights from the Primary Class: Mystery box Poetry with Samar and Music with Wes A field trip to MOHAI to see an exhibit of toys from the 1950s to 1970s Learning all about salmon for science A field trip to the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (see Ryker and Issacs articles) Parkour (see Mias article) Friends departing, and new friends arriving Reading and responding to the magazine Time for Kids Making our own alphabet books to practice handwriting and learn new vocabulary Building, sculpting with clay, and playing Hiss during Choice Time Construction Challenges: creating a structure with a team using only sticky notes Collecting and recording data, practicing computation strategies, and tackling

    Problem Pouncers in math Reading a fun and favorite book: Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke Learning about the job of President of the United States, how elections work, and

    what it means to live in a democracy Journal writing, recount writing, make-believe story writing, and writing for Hutch


  • Moments Captured

    hutch times october 2016

  • hutch school happenings

    hutch times october 2016

    A Memorable Poetry Event By Kasey, 2

    nd Grade, Washington

    At the end of last school year, Hutch School had a poetry event. My Mom, Grandma and Aunt came to watch our school. We had good pizza and pink lemonade. At the end we had cake. I was not first, but I was okay with that. I was shy at the begin-ning, but I got over it. It was super fun. I had a microphone like everyone else. I stood on a stand. I am still working with our poetry teacher Samar this year, in 2016. Samar is a super nice poetry teacher. At the end of the event, I got a round of ap-plause from everybody.

    Salmon Hatchery Field Trip By Ryker, Kindergarten, Washington Stuart was our guide at the salmon hatchery in Issaquah. He showed us the life cy-cle of the salmon. He showed us the eggs and the salmon fry. Stuart explained that there were pink salmon, sockeye, rainbow trout and steelhead salmon on a poster of the fish. We all looked into the window to see the salmon swim by getting ready to climb the fish ladder. One fish jumped. All of us watched the fish swimming in the river. We fed fish food to them. We threw the fish food into the water. The fish jumped into the air and splashed us.

    The Amazing Salmon Hatchery By Issac, 3rd Grade, Arizona When we went to the salmon hatchery it was awesome to look at the salmon. There were a lot of interesting kinds of salmon. My favorite was the sockeye salmon. When we were there, the water in the river was all muddy because of the rain, and that made me sad. Then we went to a little aquarium and we saw eggs and fry. The sad thing was that some of the eggs were white, because that meant that they were not going to live. We were really excited to feed the salmon, but not that many salmon ate the food that we threw into the tank. We saw some predator footprints on the bridge, and I learned that deer can be a predator of the salmon. What I liked about the salmon is that they dont all look the same. Some were really small which made them look cute, and some were big. I know that male salmon have very cool kipes, like male sockeye. It was amazing to see all the different fish at the salmon hatchery.

  • hutch school happenings

    hutch times october 2016

    Ask Laurie (Hutch School Social Worker Laurie responds to questions from Hutch School students) Question. There have been so many changes in my life; having a sick family member, moving to a huge and different city, and living in a small room with no privacy. I am really nervous about being at a new school. How can I make friends and feel like I am fitting in? Answer: You have asked a very important question. This is one of the most com-mon concerns that I hear from Hutch School students. At a time when you and your family are experiencing stress from all the changes, feeling connected to people at your new school can help a lot. At Hutch School, you already have so much in common with all the other students. Everyone here has moved. Everyone has a patient in their family. And everyone is feeling somewhat nervous about all the changes in their life. When you walk in the door at Hutch School, you already fit in! Here are a few ideas for making friends at Hutch School:

    Work hard to remember names of your classmates Offer to help someone Ask questions about where they are from and things they like to do Sit by someone new at lunch Ask someone to play a game with you at recess

    Here are some sound words of advice from Jacob, a current 10th grade student at Hutch School: Give it some time. Get to know people individually. Making friends c