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    Joshua Bessex | The Daily


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    DISPLACED DAWGSLearn about the controversial move from between the 20-yard lines to the west end zone.

    SELLInG tHE StADIumThe UW athletics marketing team builds new campaigns around the new stadium.

    LookInG bACkHusky Stadium has a rich history since it was built in 1920, including (maybe) the invention of the wave.

    A nEW StrAtEGyTake a look in the new football operations building and what it means for recruiting.

    tHE fAn ExPErIEnCEThe Husky Stadium renovations will change the experience for fans and athletes alike.

    SEASon PrEvIEWAfter a disappointing end to 2012, the Huskies show potential this season with a strong line up.

    tHE PrEPArAtIonAfter 37 years, one facilities manager retires and passes the new stadium onto his colleague.

    tALkInG HEADSHear from athletes and coaches their thoughts on the new Husky Stadium.

    PUBLISHERDiana Kramer







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    PHOTO EDITORJoshua Bessex


    DESIGNERSLauren Smith

    Lauren Becherer

    ADvErtISInG AnD buSInESS StAffEDItorIAL StAff

    Joshua Bessex | The Daily

    2 Husky Stadium Edition // The Daily Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    The Daily // Husky Stadium Edition 3Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    DISPLACED Dawg packThe story behind the

    student sections big move

    By Kevin Dowd The Daily

    There are plenty of positives for fans to look forward to at the new Husky Stadium. But for the most fervent faction of the UW fan base, the renovation includes at least one unwelcome change.

    After decades of having the best seats in the house, the Dawg Pack and the Husky band are on the move. Instead of occupying the area between the 20-yard lines on the north side of the stadium, the students will now sit behind the west end zone, filling up the lower bowl of the stadiums closed end.

    The move was driven by money. Students pay $99 for their season tickets. The UW is now charging $950 for season tickets in the vacated student section on the north side nearly a 1,000 percent increase in revenue per seat. The change, according to Assistant Athletic Director Carter Henderson, will generate between $4 and $5 million for UW Athletics this season.

    Its kind of an unfortunate reality for us, Henderson said. I dont think there was anyone in our department who would say we wanted to move the students. It literally was a make-or-break deal where we could not have moved forward with the project financially unless we made this move.

    Only four schools in the Pac-12 Arizona, Arizona State, California, and Oregon State sit their students on the 50-yard line. But the UW is now the

    only school in the conference to have its student section located entirely behind the end-zone, with zero sideline seating.

    Junior Evan Carl said that he understands the reasons behind moving the students from midfield. But that doesnt mean hes pleased with it.

    A lot of the other programs dont really have it like that, so it kind of makes sense, he said. But it does kind of suck that theyre selling out the students.

    To make up for the move, the UW athletic department has been working in concert with a group of students called the Dawg Pack Advisory Committee to make the student game-day experience as memorable as they can.

    That includes a stadium entrance devoted solely to students and specialty, lower-priced concessions in the student-section area of the concourse. The advisory

    Above: With the reconstruction, the Dawg Pack was moved to the lower bowl behind the west end zone. Right: The former Dawg Pack was located between the 20-yard lines on the north side of the stadium.

    Joshua Bessex | The Daily

    File photo | The Daily

    Joshua Bessex | The DailySee DAWG PACK, page 5

    4 Husky Stadium Edition // The Daily Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    committee is also trying to link stadium concessions to students Husky Card dining accounts.

    Michael Kutz, the ASUW President-elect, has worked closely with the advisory committee since the stadium renovations were officially announced in 2011. This year, hell serve as the committees co-chair.

    I think well definitely have some hurdles to overcome to make sure the experience is as good as it was before, when we were on the fifty, Kutz said. But I think there are ways we can have a really positive student experience even if were in the other section.

    Henderson emphasized that the west end-zone seats to which the students are moving are not the same west end-zone seats from the old Husky Stadium.

    Thanks to the removal of the track, the front rows of the student section are within 10 feet of the field, closer than any other seats in the building.

    Weve encouraged people to reserve judgment until we get in there on Aug. 31, Henderson said. I think people will still be a little upset theyre not on the fifty, but I think it will be on the back of their minds and second to what a great experience this really is.

    As for the players? If backup quarterback Jeff Lindquist is any indication, they wont mind the move one bit.

    I think it will be sweet, Lindquist said. When we score touchdowns in that west end-zone and jump into the fans and stuff, its going to be really special.

    Reach Editor-in-Chief Kevin Dowd at Twitter: @KevinDowd

    Above: The new Dawg Pack, along with the UW band, lls the entire lower bowl behind the west end zone directly behind the goalpost. The band will have full access to the eld for half-time shows.

    Joshua Bessex | The Daily

    DAWG PACKfrom page 4

    The Daily // Husky Stadium Edition 5Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    What are you most excited for in the new Husky Stadium?

    Dawg on Husky staDiumthoughts

    Compiled by Thuc Nhi Nguyen / The Daily

    DEfEnSIvE CoorDInAtor JuStIn WILCox

    I know everybody in our department the players, everybody involved is so excited to get in there and even more so, the fans. Its going to be such a cool experience for them, and our guys feed off of that. Its just the way it should be, on Montlake. The new one is something else.

    SEnIor SAfEty SEAn PArkEr

    The fans. We do it all for them. Theyre constantly giving us their efforts out there. We just want to have a good time and we just want to reap the benefits of having them there.


    Its the best venue in college football and for us to be back in that field. On that field, working out, its inspiring for a lot of those guys.

    SEnIor quArtErbACk kEItH PrICE

    Just coming out of that tunnel and our Dawg Walk. We havent had a Dawg Walk in over a year, so Im anxious.

    SoPHomorE LInEbACkEr SHAq tHomPSon

    The locker room. Thats going to be our new home, where we keep all of our stuff. Its big, everyone has their own space. Its beautiful.

    SEnIor CornErbACk GrEG DuCrE

    Were back home. Its beautiful. First home game, I know its sold out, Boise State, our rematch. Its going to be a very loud crowd.

    6 Husky Stadium Edition // The Daily Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013

    File photos / The Daily


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    The Daily // Husky Stadium Edition 7Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    8 Husky Stadium Edition // The Daily Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013


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    A new fi eld, a new pitchWith a renovated stadium comes a fresh marketing campaign for the Huskies

    Marketing campaigns

    The Retake Montlake campaign is a 31-day countdown for August to prepare for the launch of the new stadium.

    The year-long Committed campaign began in April and is focused on giving fans customized photos for social media.

    By Joe Veyera The Daily

    After nearly two years of construction and a season spent in CenturyLink Field, theres no bigger storyline surrounding UW football this season than the reopening of Husky Stadium. This fact hasnt been lost on those charged with deciding how to market the team to potential ticket buyers and sponsors.

    In the months leading up to the home-opener, the athletic department has rolled out a pair of campaigns aimed at building excitement and interest for the season. Carter Henderson, assi