hungarian folk-music. collecting folk-music in the past

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  • Hungarian folk-music

  • Collecting folk-music in the past

  • Hungarian folk-music is the name of those compositions which are present in the Hungarian culture complex with specific features.Today, over 1000 folk-songs are well-know.In 1889 Mr. Bla Vikr started collecting the Hungarian folk-music. Be-fore that there had been only unimportant collecting movements. Later Bla Bartk, Zoltn Kodly and Lszl Lajtha followed in Vikars steps.

  • Thank to them, today we can listen to these folk-songs and folk-musics and they didnt get lost. Moreover they systematized these songs. Its due to them that the system of classification of Hungarian folk-songs was developed. It was proved that this work had been complex.

  • They collected and systematized about 40000 songs. Today we know about 300000 folk-music used in Bla Bartks and Zoltn Kodlys own compositions. Kodly also introduced this kind of music in the education which is called Kodly method.Bla BartkZoltn KodlyLszl Lajtha

  • Collecting Folk-music today

  • Affter the golden age of collecting folk-music other people searched for music, and today it is present mainly in Transylvania.

  • Relations of Hungarian folk-music

  • Bartk and Kodly compared Hungarian folk-music with other folk-music. They found old style of music in central Asia and in Turkey. On the contrary Hungarian folk-music doesnt have relations to Finno-Ugrian.

  • Written by:Bartha Istvn Fodor Mtys