how well do you know htf

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How well do you know HTF. Start>. Created by Marissa the all powerful. What dose HTF stand for?. Highway Trust Fund. B. How the fudge. C. High Tech Fiber. D. Happy tree friends. Correct!. Yes all those things stand for htf , but the one were going for is Happy tree friends. Next>. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How well do you know HTF

Who was the first htf? A. FlippyB. ShiftyC. FlakyD. CuddlesWhat dose HTF stand for?Highway Trust FundB. How the fudgeC. High Tech Fiber D. Happy tree friendsCorrect!Yes your right! They are very gory I dont recommend that you dont let children watch it.^^; Next>

NopeNo Rainbow was a great fan htf but it was not my first.