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How to write & Read News Reports. Learning Goals. To identify the parts of a news report To identify bias To identify writing style To identify audience and purpose To write an informative news report. What is a news Report?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The parts of a News Reports</p> <p>How to write &amp; Read News ReportsLearning GoalsTo identify the parts of a news reportTo identify biasTo identify writing styleTo identify audience and purposeTo write an informative news reportWhat is a news Report?A news report is a special form of writing that follows a very specific structure. Today we will learn the necessary parts of a news report and look at the type of writing required. </p> <p>Why do we read News Reports?To be informed about our communicate and the worldTo help us make informed decisionsTo learnTo be persuaded To be entertained5w 1HNews Reports answer the 5W 1HThey are based on factsThey are to be unbiased </p> <p>Who, What, Where, When, Why and How</p> <p>the Inverted Pyramid structure...LeadBodyConclusionReading a News ReportThink about the following:Purpose: Why was the article written? To persuade, to entertains, to educate or to inform.Audience: Who is the intended audience? The language and purpose should help you determine a specific audience.Bias: to be in favour or against one thing, person, group or event. Not to tell all aspects of a story BiasAsk yourself the following questions to detect bias:Whose point of view does the article focus on?Who are the reporters sources?Are both/all sides of the story told?Is the language loaded to make the reader believe a specific point of view?Each news report must also include the following parts:MastheadHeadlineBylineDatelinePhotoCaptionQuotationLead</p> <p>Lets take a closer look at each part1) mastheadThe masthead is the largest font on the page It states the name of the newspaper Capital letters are used on all words</p> <p>2) Headline The headline is one sentence that summarizes what the news report is about. The titleIs written in present tense Ex. House Passes CORRECT House Passed - INCORRECTIs the second largest font on the page</p> <p>3) BylineThe byline states the reporters first and last nameThe byline should be located before the actual reportCapital letters must be used for each name</p> <p>4) Dateline-States the date that the story is published in print-Is written in words not numerical form</p> <p>5) Photo-Needs to be clearly related to your news report--Should be appealing and encourage people to read the article</p> <p>6) Caption-Is located directly beneath the photo-Tells the reader what is seen in the photo-Is written in present or future tense CORRECT: plans to swim</p> <p>7) Quotation(s)-Are statements given by people connected to the news eventFor example: an eye witness, the investigating officer, a neighbour etc. -Must use double quotation marks around the words that are being spoken and the punctuation-Must include the speakers first and last name-Must explain who the speaker is in relation to the story</p> <p>8) Lead-The lead is the first sentence of your news report-It must include the 5 Ws and summarize the main ideas of the report-The lead must be specific-Needs to be indented</p> <p>When writing your news report-The tone must be factual and informativeNO opinions of the reporter are allowed-Specific details must be included to make the story clear-The language must be formalNO slang or short forms, it should sound academic-Write in third person (told from someone who was not involved)NO personal pronouns : I, we, me, our-Include short paragraphs 3-4 sentences in lengthAfter the car accident, Police Chief Joe OMalley said Jane is very lucky to be alive, we have never seen such a demolished vehicle before.Quotation marks around the spoken wordsExplanation of who the speaker is and how they are connected to the storySpeakers first and last nameHow to write a quotation:</p> <p>PRACTICE: See if you can identify each part of a news report!Practicing reading news reports will help you later in the unit when you read some news reports!</p>