how to use ifttt?

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How to use


Go to Google Chrome

Type ifttt.com

IFTTT homepage

Lets create an account

Click Sign up

Enter your Email address

Enter your Password

Click Create account

Welcome Page

Go to your email account.Confirm your account.

Click Confirm your account

Click My Recipes

Created recipes will appear here

DO Recipes run with just a tap

Published Tab

Favorites Tab

Click Browse

We can browse and use published recipes by others

Search a published recipe

Click Channels

Some channels you can use

Search for channels here

How to create a Recipe?

Click My Recipes

Click Create a Recipe

IFTTT statement appear

Click this

Choose a Trigger Channel

Or search for the channel

Lets try Facebook

Click Facebook icon

Click Connect

A new window will appear

Click Okay

Click Okay

Click Okay

Click Done

Click Continue to the next step

Choose a Trigger

Triggers have definitions to guide you

Lets choose New photo post by you

Click Create Trigger

Trigger appears

Click that

Select an Action Channel

Search for Twitter

Select Twitter icon

Click Connect

Click Authorize app

Click Done

Click Continue to the next step

Choose an Action

Choose Post a tweet with image

Click inside the box

Click this icon to select an ingredient

Click dropdown arrow

Select an ingredient

Select CreatedAt

See example format

Click Add Ingredient

Check your ingredients

Click Create Action

Check your Recipe Title

Click Create Recipe

Recipe created

Tools you can use

Turn Recipe off button

Check Recipe now button

View Recipe logs button

Edit and Delete Recipe or view its log

Take note the reminder

Lets check if the recipe works

Go to your Facebook account

Click Add Photos/Video

Locate the photo/video you want to upload

Select the photo

Click Open

Add caption

Click Post

Photo is now posted

Lets check our Twitter account

Photo is posted also on Twitter account

Lets try using published recipes by others

Click Browse

Type facebook evernote

Click Search

Recipes created by others

Choose this by clicking it

Click Connect

Click Authorize

Click Done

Click Add

Recipe created

Click My Recipes

We now have 2 Recipes

Lets try our recent recipe

Go to your Facebook account

Go to your Facebook account

Type whats on your mind

Click Post

Facebook status posted

Go to Evernote

Facebook diary was created inside Evernote

Facebook status was automatically saved

Challenge!Happy Learning!Create your own recipeusing IFTTT automate youronline activities.