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Learning Mandarin as a foreign language is not an easy task because there are so many alien elements to the language. Here we will put forth a teaching alternative to help students to overcome their fear and make the learning process easier. Teaching with a blog is like putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together for our students. Furthermore, the blog empowers students to share the teaching and learning experience. They will take on the ownership of the blog and make the learning become a very personal experience. We will demonstrate some of our teaching and share our experience. Specifically, we will look at how the blog can enhance all four skills effectively. We will also discuss how we can achieve this under the pressure of teaching commitments. Finally, we will examine how teaching with a blog lends itself well to the future of flip learning and online schooling. Presenters: Hannah Hayes, Mphil, QTS (blog: Emily Preston, MA, PGCE (blog: Contact: Website (coming soon!):


  • 1. Teaching Chinese with a Blog?Effective?Practical?Hannah HayesEmily Preston17/05/2013

2. OutlineBlog- the home of studentsMandarin learningExtend and enrich learningthrough interactivity on the blogEmpower students: giving studentstheir own blog! 3. A few questions 4. Mother Tongue 5. Foreign Language?! 6. Teaching=???Focus=??? 7. Uses of ICTcomputers? iPad? 8. BlogOne Stop Resources 9. Dictionaries and flashcards 10. 11. 2) Interactive learningfilmssongsgames 12. Games! More Games! 13. songsSingingChoiceTeachingAssessment 14. Friends 15. , How to say sorry! 16. Songs Database 17. English tunes 18. Stories/filmsOnce upon a time 19. ESLvideo 20. Authentic materialsMotivate andinspire! 21. 3)Students blogs Success: To Achieve 22. Nick was singing Kan Guo Lai 23. Alexander Johnstones Blog 24. Importance of typing Chinese! 25. 26. + divide/seperateconfused; tangled; disorderlylarge headporphritesvariety of elm with small seedspowderget angry, furiousThe name of a river in Shanxi Provinceto tell, instructaromatic, perfumedmisty; foggyshrimpZokor: a burrowing rodentsweet smell; fragrance 27. Give it a Try 28. www.taigongeducation.cominfo@taigongeducation.com blogs


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