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  • 1. How To Teach Your Horse Tricks -2 SimpleTricks

2. Owning a horse and being able to ride on it is indeed wonderful. But what most equestriennes enjoy is being able to teach a horse some tricks. Whether young or old, intelligent or somewhat challenging, any horse can actually be trained. And how to teach your horse tricks is simple for as long as you have the patience and you make an effort to relate to the horse well.The first simple trick is the hand shake. All youll need are treats for the horse. The first thing you do is to tap the front leg of the horse, either right or left. Automatically the horse will lift its leg as a reaction to the tapping. So you catch the leg afterwards and shake it, then you give him a treat or a rub to let him know hes done something good. Repeat a couple of times while saying shake as you shake his leg. Warning though, if he does it without you asking 3. to do not give him a treat as he is to know that he should follow your commands only.The second trick is the smile. How to teach your horse tricks like these will only take some patience and a horse brush. Notice that when you feed a horse it purses its lips and opens its mouth, showing his teeth. Now what you do is to hand in the brush pretending to brush his teeth. When he opens his mouth say smile as it is the cue word. Then you brush or pet him as a reward. Do it repeatedly and make him smile by opening his mouth wide by yourself to make him understand further the smile action. Smile with him when you say smile, as horses are very observant with human action more than verbal communication. 4. Now that you know how to teach your horse tricks such as smile and shake hands, its time to have him meet and get acquainted with your friends.For More Free Information Please Visit


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