How to schedule emails on outlook

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How to schedule emails on outlook

How to schedule emails on outlookSafebytes software

You can select the times that you want emails to go out. This gives you the leeway to prepare materials and meet specific time schedules. Some companies use it for marketing purposes, when they know that there are certain parts of the day when respondents are most likely to read their messages. Therefore, they do the early preparation of the emails and then schedule them to go out at the specified times. This article gives you an overview of the steps that you can take in order to achieve this. The emails that have been delayed are held in your outbox, but will then immediately go out at the allotted time.

The process and proceduresYou need to decide first whether you are going to delay a single message, a series of messages or messages of a certain type. For a single message, you simply go into the message itself and click on the options tab. Drill down to more options and then select the option to delay delivery. This will then open up a dialogue box with multiple delivery options. For example, you can select that no delivery should be made, before the time that has been specified in the check box. Make sure that you accept and save the changes. After that the message will move to your outbox; waiting for the correct time in order to go to the sent box. In cases where you are using a POP3 account, it is expected that the Outlook program will have to remain open until the message can be sent. Otherwise, it might hold the message until the next time you open the computer.

If you want to find out the type of account you are using, you should first go to the tools menu. Click on the account settings. Look for the email tab and drill down to the column lists. This will tell you about the types of accounts that are currently configured in your active Outlook profile. The other method that you might use is to go to the tools menu and then click on the option to configure the Rules and Alerts. Add a new rule. At this stage you can select a template box or start with a Blank Rule. Make sure that you check the messages after you have sent them. On the conditions term, look for the options that best describe the kind of scenario you envisage. The final stage is when you will get a confirmation dialog. Once you agree, the rules that you have set will be applied to all the messages that you schedule for sending out or actually send out.

The Different Rule DescriptionsYou can have a great number of configurations to suit your needs. For example, it is possible to differ the emails by only a few minutes. In some versions, you have to ensure that the rule option is turned on or else the email will ignore the instructions it contains and send the emails normally. You should also note that when you set the email options back to default, you may have to recheck the rules to ensure that they are not lost.


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